Bit short, but my muse has settled that this is the end of the journey! Thank you all for the faves and follows! :)

Emma smiles down at her husband who's sleeping soundly. Pushing up from her elbow, she walks across the hall to Ellen's nursery. Last night was her six month birthday, and Killian and her decided to let Ellen sleep in her own room.

Oddly enough, her baby daughter slept throughout the night. Only stirring once at seven in the morning. It's now nine and her princess is kicking her legs, cooing away in her own baby language. Emma lifts her from her crib.

"Good morning, Elle." Emma switches her to her other arm. "You want some breakfast?"

After feeding Emma in her rocking chair, she glances behind her to see Killian watching her and Elle. "Hello, beautiful."

Emma smiles up at him, walking over to him with Elle in her arms. She reaches for her dad, becoming quite the daddy's girl as of late. He takes her in his arms, humming down at her. "Are you being a good lass for your beautiful, mum? I didn't hear you much last night, little love. I missed you."

Emma goes into the kitchen to make her and Killian some coffee. It's been a long six months, only having been back at the station for about two months now. Every time she's away from Elle, her heart dips. Then she comes home and her heart is content. And full.

"Grandma and Grandpa are picking you up soon for your play date with your best mate Neal," Killian tells Elle, smoothing back her dark hair and planting a gentle kiss against her head.

Killian never thought he would be able to fall into the father role so smoothly. It took him some adjustment and a lot of help and advice from David, Snow and Emma. Even Regina gave him some advice to soothe Elle throughout the night.

Emma slides his black coffee over to him. Ever since having given birth to Elle, Emma has taken a liking to lots of sugar and creamer in her coffee. Probably comes to the fact that she sleeps very little and works all throughout the day. Nonetheless, coffee has been a blessing in her life following the birth. She loves her little girl more than anything in the world, right besides Killian and Henry.

Snow knocks lightly on the door and Emma lets her mom in. "Where's my special girl?"

Killian gives Snow a kiss on the cheek, handing over Elle. Emma reminds Snow about Elle's eating schedule and everything else she needs to know for the short weekend. Killian finally convinced Emma to go with him to a small cottage on the edge of Maine for a weekend. With the baby and both of them working, Killian figured they could use a small vacation. Even with them only being a couple of hours away from Storybrooke. Emma gives Elle multiple kisses, telling her she loves him before Killian gently takes her arm to let Snow go. Snow reassures Emma that she has nothing to worry about.

Emma and Killian drive to the cottage in comfortable silence. The quiet moments have been too far and in between. Henry has been staying with Regina for the most part, complaining that he hears Elle cry too much during the night. He rarely even stays on the weekends, but he does make sure to hang out with Emma and the family throughout the day.

Arriving at the small cottage along the water, Killian lets out a sound of contentedness. Emma helps him bring in the luggage, and they decide to go for a stroll along the coast. Walking hand in hand, Emma leans against his shoulder. Since they're out of Storybrooke, Killian was forced to wear his prosthetic hand. He was none to happy about Emma's reminder of him to wear it. The thing was a bloody pest; he liked his hook just fine.

"It's weird not hearing cries or screams," Emma laughs lightly.

Killian smirks at her, giving her head a kiss. "Oh, there will be lots of screams tonight. Coming from you while-"

She slaps her hand over his mouth. "Got the jist, tiger. No need to go into any gory details while there's people around."

"Then they should be minding their own bloody business."

They stand against the edge of the dock, looking into the distance. Here, with Killian, Emma finds herself remembering the times where she thought she would never be where she was with him. She remembers holding a knife to his neck the day she found him amongst all of the corpses. Back then, she could have sworn she would never fall for a man like that. Yet, she did. He somehow managed to wiggle himself into her stubborn heart, and for that, she would ever be grateful.

"I love you, Killian."

He gives her hand a tight squeeze, a squeeze for of promises of a happy future. With him and Elle and the rest of their family. "But I love you most."