"Exos. Bounty hunter from planet Torren. Found guilty of ten counts of treason and wanted on fifteen different planets. You have been brought before this council to face judgement." The tall figure, hands held in front of him, restrained by a pair of Plasma-cuffs, looks up at the creature sitting in the chair. The brim of his cowboy-like hat covered most of his eyes and his bandana covered the wicked grin on his face. He took two steps forward, his boots clicking on the durable steel floor of the Intergalactic Conquest Council. They were the leaders of a mission fifty planets strong. Their mission was simple; collect resources for colonization. Water, Oxygen and other requirements for living were stripped from planet after planet. Why this involved him, he had no clue. But Exos kept his chest puffed out and his head held high. He gave a nod towards the elderly looking alien sitting in the gold throne, saying "Yea. What about it? What's my charge now?" The elderly alien looked down and said "Punishment? No, we did not bring you here for punishment. We are passing judgement indeed, but your sentence will be no punishment." Exos took a few steps closer, cocking an eyebrow. The elder smiled and sat back in his chair. "Good. Now that I've caught your attention, this is your sentence. The council has set its eyes on a new planet. A planet in the 6,892nd galaxy. It is full of resources that we need for our next colony. However, there is one… unexpected obstacle. This planet has protectors unlike anything the council has seen. Guardians of red, blue, yellow, green and pink color. They are known around the galaxy as "Power Rangers". They pose a threat to our mission. So! We would like you to go to earth and bring this task force to us. From there on, we will take care of them." Exos rubbed his chin, thinking. "Hmm… And how do you expect me to do that? I ain't got any of my weapons OR my bandits. I'm alone and weaponless." The elder stood up and said "You're Bandits will be freed from prison to help you with your mission and your Eon Hand Cannon will be given back to you. We have made some modifications to your weapon to help you combat the rangers. Now enough blabbering! What do you say?" Exos looked down, thinking things over. He gave a smirk, looked up at the elder and said "I say you've got yourself a deal."