Both of them stare each other down. Seth pulls out his Delta Blaster and aims it at Chris. "Chris. This is your last chance. Lay you're weapon down and come with me." His words were slow and threatening. The voice of someone who had exhausted all other options. Chris narrowed his eyes and pulled the trigger on his weapon. A bang rang throughout the air, sending a blue shot zooming towards Seth. The Red Ranger pulled his trigger as well, shooting his gun off. The two bullets raced towards each other, colliding mid-air. Both boys see this and are shocked for only a split second. Chris snarled and started firing. He fired shot after shot, spinning and flipping to get different angles. Seth was just as skilled as Chris. The Red Ranger jumped and spun through the flurry of bullets, dodging every shot. When it came to the final shot of Chris's attack, he held out his Blaster and fired a shot right at the blue blast. Both shots collided and bounced off each other, going in separated directions. Chris, upon seeing that they matched each other shot-for-shot, threw his gun on the ground. Putting up his fist, he dashed towards Seth. Seth fired a few shots at Chris, but the Blue Ranger rolled on the ground, causing all the shots to soar overhead. Using the momentum of his roll, he spun and jumped back on his feet, racing towards Seth at the same speed. Jumping in the air, he brought a closed fist down towards Seth. Seth threw his blaster on the ground and held his forearm up, blocking the attack. Chris, however, did not slow down his assault. Driving Seth backwards, he let loose punch after punch. Seth kept blocking each blow, quickly and strategically making it look effortless. Chris threw a punch and Seth took advantage of it. Grabbing the Blue Ranger's wrist, Seth brought a foot up to kick Chris square in the chest, sending him stumbling back. Chris re-gained his footing just in time to block another kick sent in by the Red ranger. However, Seth had come with more than a kick. Once his first kick was blocked, Seth quickly switched legs mi-air, sending his other foot racing towards Chris. Thinking fast, he ducked under the kick, getting on the other side of Seth. Chris came in for a back fist and Seth had the same idea. Their two forearms collided, each boy pushing against the other. The two of them struggled, letting out straining grunts.

"Give up! You can't win!" Seth said, pushing harder against Chris's arm. The boy in blue pushed back with more force. "Never," He hissed, starting to over-power the Red Ranger. Chris, pushing farther down on Seth, started winning, his strength increasing with each passing moment. Seth's eyes began to dart back and forth, looking for an escape route as he tried his best to push back against Chris. Seeing that, because of his pushing, Chris was getting off-balance, he got an idea. Bringing his knee to Chris's abs, Seth rocked onto his back. Grabbing Chris's wrist and rolling, using the knee for leverage, he flipped the blue ranger up and over himself. Chris flew through the air for a second before skidding on the rooftop. He skidded across until he hit a metal chimney. Seth stood up and held out his hand. "Power of Red! Come to me!" Chris looked up at Seth, his eyes widening in amazement. Seth's hand began to glow red and an object started to form. First it formed a handle, then it came down to a long, curved blade. The object now in Seth's hand blinked red a few times before glowling brightly. The glow lasted a few seconds before dimming, revealing the object in Seth's hand. It was a bowie knife, the edge of the blade colored a red. Seth spun it in his hand, looking at Chris. The blue ranger slowly stood up, pointing at the knife. "H-how did you?" Seth tilted his head and said, "A little trick I picked up while training. While we were together, AS A TEAM! Chris, this fighting is nonsense! There's no sense in beating each other senseless. We're supposed to be a team!" Chris slammed his fist on the ground and yelled at Seth. "FOR THE LAST TIME! I WILL NEVER BE ON A TEAM WITH YOU!" Chris felt a surge of power course through his veins and he rushed at Seth. The red ranger rushed at Chris as well, his knife blade wet from the pouring rain. Seth reared back and slashed at Chris. Chris ducked underneath the blade, hitting Seth's legs. This caused the red ranger to lose his balance and tumble forward. However, he rolled and was back on his feet in one swift movement. Chris and Seth both turned around at the same time and ran back towards each other. Seth came at Chris with stabbing and slicing motions. Chris ducked and weaved with each slash, trying to get a good shot in at Seth. Seth decided to throw in an extra move and it worked. He jumped in the air and spun around. Sending a kick at Chris, the bottom of his heel made contact with the Blue Rangers chest, sending him skidding back on his feet. Chris's head popped up just in time to see Seth jumping through the air. His knife blade was sticking out, aiming to come down over Chris. Bracing for impact, Chris crossed his arms in an "X" formation, protecting himself as best he could.

When the knife reached Chris's arms, it was met with a "Clink" sound. A bright blue flash had started to dim and two objects were in Chris's hands and along his arms. Chris opened his eyes and got a short look at the objects. Two blue blades ran up his arm all the way to his hand. A blue handle was in his hand and another, smaller blade was jutting out from the end. So, these are my weapons? Bladed Tonfa's? Sweet! Chris shot a look at Seth before bending his knees. Lifting up with his arms, he threw the Red Ranger off of him. Seth recoiled back, but was right back on his feet. Chris smirked and said, "Well. I guess now the fight is even." Seth squints under his mask and says, "It was never even." Chris smirked, saying smugly, "I know. I had you beat from minute one." With that, the two boys rushed at each other once again. Chris, upon getting into close quarters with Seth, spun around in the air. Bringing the bladed part of his weapon in a diagonal sweep, He aimed them right at Seth's chest. Seth held up his knife, blocking the two blades. Chris pulled back only to come at Seth again, slicing in an "X" shape. Seth ducked out of the way and got behind Chris, kicking him in the back. Chris stumbled forward and Seth ran towards the Blue Ranger. Expecting this, Chris simply spun around and landed a kick right across the side of Seth's face, sending crumpling to the ground. Seth got up slower than usual, but Chris was already upon him. Putting his foot on Seth's side, he pushed the Red Ranger to the ground. Chris snarled and jumped into the air. His twin Tonfa's were crossed in an "X", the blades aiming to come right down on Seth. The Red Ranger held up his knife and the two weapons collided. Chris used gravity to push down on Seth, but the Red Ranger was fighting back hard. Gritting his teeth, Seth put a hand up to the back of his blade, pushing back. Chris kept trying to push down on Seth, but the Red Ranger was fighting back too hard. The two of them struggled back and forth, one trying to overpower the other one. Chris knew he needed a new strategy. So, he began to press downward with the Tonfas, letting each blade get on either side of the knife. Chris gathered all of his strength and in one quick movement, twisted his Tonfa Blades like a pair of scissors. The pressure of the Tonfa's mixed with the strength of the Blue Ranger was too much for the Knife. A clanging sound was heard on the concrete, the knife blade snapped in half. Chris pulled his weapons away and stood over Seth. A bolt of lightning flashed in the sky and thunder roared as Seth looked at his broken weapon. He looks up at Chris, sadness in his voice. "Chris… Why did you?" Chris cut him off with a snarling reply. "Go to hell!" With those words, Chris hooked a fist around and it connected with the side of the Red Ranger's helmet. As soon as it did, the Red Ranger's hands fell to his side and his head went limp. Knocked out cold. Chris got off the Red Ranger as the suit dissipated, turning into red sparks that floated into the air. Seth lay there on the ground unconscious. Alive, but unconscious. Chris's suit began to glow a blue before dissipating into blue sparks. He crumpled to the ground, his body beaten and bruised from the fight.

He looked over at the unconscious boy, taking deep breaths as he admired his handy work. Maybe when Seth wakes up, he'd have learned a thing or two. Chris sat there in silence, letting the rain wash over his head. And he would have heard it too, the clinking sound of the round object rolling towards him, if it wasn't for the sound of the rain. But he didn't realize what it was until it hit his foot. He looked down, his sapphire eyes focusing on the round object. It was only when he realized it was a grenade that he scrambled to his feet and dove for cover. The explosive burst open, releasing a thick smog of some kind. He held his forearm up to his mouth and stood up. As he breathed, he began to feel dizzy. He stumbled his way over to where Seth was laying. However, through the smoke, he saw another shadow next to Seth's shadow. The shadow was slender, having a feminine figure. The shadow bent down and picked up Seth, jumping off the building and out of sight. Chris's heart began beating and he tried to run after the figure that had taken Seth. "No…" Chris said weakly, collapsing to the ground. As he breathed in and out, it became harder and harder for him to keep his grip on reality. Soon, his whole world spun into deep, eerie blackness.