Episode 1 "Captured"

It's was a normal day in Norrisville High with kids exiting school at the end of the day. Though it shouldn't really be called normal with all the crazy robots and stanked up monsters roaming around, so let's just call it peaceful. Walking out the school doors was our protagonists Randy and Howard talking about the Ninja. Well, Randy was talking about the Ninja while Howard was just making smart aleck remarks.

"Hey Howard, have you heard the rumors about the ghost boy in a city called Amity Park?" Randy asks with curiosity starting up a new conversation.

"No, never. And why bring that up now?" Howard answered.

"Well, for some reason he seems to be getting more attention than the Ninja," Randy said with a hint of jealousy, "There are a lot of blogs and rumors about this guy all around the internet."

"Yeah, what would you expect? He is a "ghost boy" and ghosts don't exist." Howard said. He just doesn't get why Randy would care about something like that.

"I know but it's getting to me for some reason." Randy said sagging his arms.

"It's probably your big ego feeling outshined." Howard said feeling as if he solved the mystery.

Location Amity Park "Casper High":

"So Danny, how's your Ghost hunting going so far?" Tucker questioned. Right now, the "professional" Ghosts hunting teens were conversing after meeting up at the end of class. The three friends Danny, Sam and Tucker are walking down the hallway to their lockers. Lucky enough they didn't run into the school's star athlete and biggest bully, Dash.

"Not so good, for some reason the ghosts seem to be working together and I just can't catch them." Danny replied with a look of depression. Catching the 2 or 3 ghosts was easy enough for him, but trying to fend off over 5 was a difficult task doing it by himself.

"I know exactly what he's talking about. Danny asked me to help him a few days ago with a sweep of the city, but when we got into a fight with Skulker and a few other ghosts, even with my help he got beaten badly." Sam added. It was pretty tough fighting those ghost with Danny.

"Thanks for the encouragement Sam," Danny said sarcastically, "Anyway It's nothing to worry about- I'm just having a bad week, that's all. With all this homework piled on top of me, I just can't focus on hunting ghost right now." Just as he finished talking about his current status, Danny and his friends heard the school bell ring, signaling the end of school.

Sighing aloud Danny began to speak again, "Well, I guess I'll see you guys later. I have detention with Mr. Lancer for sleeping in class." Danny said to his friends. Honestly, he was already used to be called to detention by Mr. Lancer- it was almost like it was a part of his school day. So, with leaving his friends to go to the detention room, Danny felt his ghost sense activate, seeing a blue mist coming out of his mouth. Gasping at the inconvenience of time, he turned back, running to the school exit. Well, it's not like he wasn't used to ditching detention too.

Bursting through the doors Danny looked up with his eyes squinted in anger. 'It's Skulker! What does he want now? Whatever, I'll just make sure to pay him back from before.' Danny thought angrily. Running behind a dumpster, he transforms into his ghost form- Danny Phantom- and flies up to meet Skulker.

"Hey Skulker! You'll get sent back to the ghost zone this time! And I'll make sure that happens since you don't have our little goons with you!" Danny said with confidence in his voice.

"Ah! It's the ghost child. I've been looking for you! You just made my job all the more easier!" Skulker said enthralled with a deep menacing voice.' I've been looking all over this town for this welp! Now he just comes out of nowhere and presents himself, how generous.' Thought Skulker.

"What do you mean by that!?" Danny screamed with irritation throwing a Specter beam at Skulker which he easily dodges.

"Hahahahaha, you'll find out soon!" Skulker answered shadily, "NOW!"

"What?" Danny questioned dumbly, but before he could even react, ghosts came out of the buildings and he was trapped in a glowing net. Crashing to the ground he yelled in pain while Skulker went down to meet him, "Ugh! Let me out! What the heck is this!?"

"Now that I have my prize, it's time to give it to my client." Skulker said laughing under his breath. Lifting up his arm, a small hose came out while he pointing it towards Danny who struggled to get out of the net. A second later green gas was flying out covering his face.

"Wha- What is… this?" Danny questioned in a sleepy tone as his eyelids felt heavy. 'Damn, it how could let this happen… to… me?' Danny asked in his mind before he was left unconscious. Skulker picked up the net swinging it over his shoulder while laughing and flying off into the horizon.

"Sit tight welp, It's time to bring you to my client." Skulker chuckled, "Oh, what I wonder what they'll do to you…"

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