I do not own "The Girl Who Could Fly." I'm just a big fan of the book.

Handle With Care

The grey girl is empty.

Have you ever felt as empty as she does?

A hollow heart

A full stomach

Crumbled (by what?)

The helicopter is loud.

Its volume crushes her

Like the thing


It's nothing.

(But where are the rainbows?)

(What rainbows?)

Her parents are bright

Bright until they see her grey.

The fog disperses their happiness.

(But Dr. Hellion…)

Bella smiles all the same.

(Where have all the colors gone?)

I'm stuck with a drain. I'm officially tired of writing, so I wrote this in an attempt to feel less writer's-blocky. It isn't working well, but at least I wrote something. This is probably the only freestyle poem I've ever written.

-MiaulinK (The Exhausted)