Author's note: I'm terribly sorry for not working on this story...I've been thinking of where to go next, and now that I know what to do...ENJOY!

The next morning Mr. Monty wasn't there. Mr. Stephano was however...and he made life heck for Violet and Klaus. An announcement suddenly came on, "It's a sad day for Snicket Middle School, as we've lost one of our will be missed Mr. Montgomery." Violet and Klaus looked to each other in shock.

"We know it was you!" Violet screamed at Mr. Stephano.

"But how could it have been?" Mr. Stephano asked eyes shining bright. "I was at home all night."

"Well we do know, and we'll find a way to tell the princip-" Klaus stopped realizing that that wouldn't work.

"Speaking of the are to go there...IMMEDIATELY!" Mr. Stephano roared. The two Baudelaire children, defeated went to the office to talk to Principal Squalor...knowing it would be fruitless to try to tell her the truth...she was in on it, and they all knew it...