[You Interviewing Amalie]

"So, you want to hear my opinion on the Elders… do you?" She hissed while twirling her plasma pistol. "I have two words that best describe my 'opinion' on them…"

She stopped twirling and flung it up into a firing position.

"Heeeshtest Moostesht… which 'roughly' translates to… Fuckers Mother…"

She glared at you then resumed twirling her pistol with one finger.

"I hate them… every fiber of me… hates them… and what they did to my 'friend' only adds to my hatred for them."

"To think they would turn the greatest advantage we had against them… to think they would do 'that' to my 'friend'… what they did to him…"

She hissed furiously, revealing her fangs dripping in venom, which fell to the floor and released a tiny cloud of toxins.

"A thousand years swimming in 'acid'… while being burned alive… as their bodies are feasted upon by fire ants… is not 'nearly' enough punishment for them!"

=Chapter 6, The Plan=

(The Commander's PoV)

'How did this situation dissolve so quickly?', was the question he was asking himself as he stared down at the lines of MEC units aiming at his Sharks, not counting the 'mini tanks' as he dubbed them, having flanked his sharks and aiming multiple laser sights on them, and the strange 'flying' units that were shining spotlights and reading weapons as well, or the three Sectopods that had stepped in behind to cut off whatever semblance of retreat he might have had.

And of course, that did not count the two Major Sectopods that were watching the small group.

He tried to come up with some counter plan to the situation, but not even two seconds into formulating a plan, did he suddenly notice the three Sectopods aim at him and launch a small salvo of AA missiles directly at him.

He barely had enough time to dodge them before flying down to ground level to avoid more locking onto him. Instantly he flew in the middle of his Sharks who were aiming their weapons in whatever direction they could cover.

[Commander, tell me you have a Plan B!] Central said.

[I'm trying Central… they aren't exactly giving me any options…] He replied, looking through the eyes of his seven operatives to learn all he could. [We're completely surrounded from all directions besides down, they even have me stuck on lock down with those missiles! I can't even see the field now without using my operative's perspectives.]

"Well… hope you're enjoying the view…" Puppy muttered nervously, trying to keep her hands steady while the Sectopods watched her.

For several seconds, he waited for plasma fire to occur, yet only silence reigned as all the mechanical units simply aimed and waited.

Then he watched through Hawkeye's Perspective as he watched the two Sectopods marched forward two steps.

[Although he has learned from countless 'centuries' worth of battles… the Commander of XCOM seems to have 'forgotten'… the first rule of warfare… 'Never underestimate your opponent'!] One Sectopod declared in a calm yet sarcastic tone.

[Terminate… Obliterate… the probability of you falling for that… was only a minor… 12.7 percent chance of success.] The second Sectopod declared, moving its frame up and down as if it were chuckling.

He watched both Sectopods, unable to figure out if they were being manipulated externally, or if they were AI's. [Who the hell are you?]

[We are… as we told you who we are…] The first Sectopod declared proudly. [I am E.C. 1! I am a strategical database for all battlefield formats great and small, my function is to plan all operations in advance based on all information I have gathered, and coordinate my overall strategy for any operation with my partner unit.]

The second Sectopod stepped forward to address them now. [This unit's designation… C.X. 2.] It said. [My function… execute all tactical planning and implement tactical maneuvers based on all tactical information stored within my database, in conjunction with E.C. 1's strategies.]

[Indeed, according to the data we had on you, and based on the terrain reconnaissance you would have performed… we estimated that with an 87.15 percent chance of success, that you would use the buildings to your advantage, remaining safe and allowing you to pick off our vast force without revealing your much smaller numbers, while providing you ample cover and protection. To that end we determined the best course of action would be to draw you out with a very miniscule display of numbers, and once we had lured you all to ground level, drive you away from the easily accessible buildings by 'destroying' your entryways into them.]

[The probability of a successful maneuver occurring was within a 95.87 percent, with a 4.13 percent chance for deviation… Your deviation to this course of action… was predicted with a 'zero' percent chance of change.]

[Quite so, but we knew that numbers 'alone' would not be enough to tempt you, so we drew you out using signals that would get your attention, far enough away from the buildings that you would be 'forced' to leave to investigate. Upon confirming that all your squad were visible, we revealed ourselves to sow small chaos and give you a false sense of security and superiority, as well as give you eyes on your primary objective. Once done… all we had to do was ensure you followed us to this location, destroying any alternative path that you might use to deviate from the course we wanted you to take.]

[The probability of this plan failing was a 16.42 percent chance with additional factors given, including but not limited to… weather variation, squad number limitations, field unit composition, weapon type variation, additional tactical knowledge previously unknown to us, and additional weaponry unknown to us… Removing those factors reduced the probability of this plan failing to… 6.05 percent chance, with the only factor being… you realizing our strategy… Without this factor, the probability of this plan failing is… '0' percent.]

He simply stared at the Sectopods, unable to believe that these two 'machines' had predicted his original strategy to a note. Not only that, but conceived of every possible scenario, played out every possible strategy, and had counter contingency plans.

[Impossible…] He muttered openly. [You could not have planned this far… we barely heard about this tip… four hours ago! You couldn't have planned this much in such a small span of time!]

[Oh, that is where you are wrong… once again.] E.C. 1 declared, taking a step forward to intimidate them. [We have been planning this for quite a while… you see, the Elders are frustrated with your 'escape'… and are tired with the 'delay' to their plan. The 'Grand Design' must continue, and for that, they need 'you'. So, to that end, they have gifted 'us' with the knowledge, and 'power' to capture you. Our task is a simple one… bring you once more to them, by any means necessary!]

[These guys really like to talk.] Central muttered.

[Perhaps Central, but something is wrong with this picture, why are they 'talking' and not 'acting'?] Amalie interjected. [I may have talked about acting while 'pretending' to be their slave, but I certainly 'acted' when I had the chance.]

[She's right… they have us right where they want us, surrounded and no way out, completely at their mercy…] He said, noticing how they Mechanical Units did not move once the entire time, maintaining their circle and keeping the Sharks stuck. [So, what are they waiting for? Demands?]

"I don't know Commander, but if you have a plan… I'm all ears…" Sharptooth whispered.

The first Sectopod took step forward and moved its main body closer to the group, forcing them all to aim at it. [Well as much 'fun' as this has been… we have a job to do… collect you and return you to the Elders… but there's a problem. You were caught too easily, while our plan was carried out precisely as planned…]

[The probability of you being the Commander, based on your current performance is only… 22.89 percent.]

[Quite so… we know based on our intel on you, that your mind and body are currently split… your mind residing inside of a machine called a 'Gremlin'… but as we can see… there are 'three' Gremlins. We could 'theoretically' take all three and determine which has your mind… but…]

[There is a 72.45 percent probability that you may have changed Gremlins, based on this probability, we cannot take any of these machines. There is also a 74.56 percent chance that you are using this Gremlin merely to 'communicate', your mind reverting from the Gremlin and returning to your body.]

[You have got to be kidding me…] He muttered to Central. [The reason why they haven't done anything is because they think I may have transferred Gremlins or be using a proxy Gremlin to communicate?]

[I say take it as a compliment, they give you that much credit.] Central replied.

[In any case my friend, that deception won't last long, you need to use it while you can!]

[So… just to be sure 'you' are who we believe you are…] E.C. 1 said, turning to C.X. 2.

C.X. 2 stepped back toward the building behind it, and raised a large antenna from its main body.

[Commander, we're getting som… -bzzztz- can… me?]

[Central?] He said over their coms. [Central, Amalie… Avenger come in! Can anyone read me?!]

[There… now that we have temporarily severed your communications… we can begin our 'test' against you.] E.C. 1 declared, stepping forward and circling his group, aiming his four AP plasma cannons at his sharks, while they continued to aim at him. [Since we do not wish to anger the Elders with failure… we will determine if you are who we 'believe' you are. We will give you a 'chance' to escape… we will establish a perimeter in this city, and your task is to escape.]

The Sectopod paused in its circling to aim its front at them.

[But just so that the playing field is 'fair'… we will give you… 'temporary' access to our unit's information… just so you know what it is you are going to deal with.]

[And why pray tell, would you be so gracious as to allow that knowledge?] He yelled. [You might as well be handing me victory keys if I know what I'm fighting!]

Silence followed as everyone waited the AI's answer, the Sharks keeping their trigger fingers ready, weapons ready to fire at the slightest command, yet the Sectopod merely stood still.

[Tell me C.X. 2, what is the probability of our failure to capture the Commander, if we allowed him to learn the information I am 'giving' him?]

[Based on tactical data, strategic knowledge, and all information pertaining to the current situation, the probability of the Commander's squad of seven including himself escaping this city without the information is 3.22 percent likely.] C.X. 2 answered. [The probability of him escaping with the information offered… is 6.47 percent likely.]

[There you go Commander; your odds of escaping are 'doubled' if you accept this generous offer.] E.C. 1 said. [But, by all means… refuse… make it harder on yourself… whether you take it or not matters not. I will allow you to 'hack' into my database to gain the knowledge you wish… but don't try anything foolish… you never know what will happen.]

He weighed his options, these AI weren't fooling around, they were giving him and his Sharks a chance to escape, they were even offering them the information they would need to 'survive' this encounter for free. He could refuse, thinking maybe it's a trick, but what choices did he have? They were still surrounded, the AI's had home field advantage, and so far, they had not made a single mistake.

Perhaps this was part of their plan as well, to gather even 'more' information on him and the Sharks.

But then again… looking around, these two AI didn't seem to 'need' anymore information to make him look like a fool.

[Eagleeye, hack into him… let's see what we can take…] He ordered.

"I hope you are right about this sir." Eagleeye muttered, before giving the hand gesture to his 'little bird' to hack into the Sectopod.

[Not like we have a choice…]

The Gremling flew forward and began hacking into the Sectopod, and seconds later it broke through the entry barrier and he was given access.


He looked at what he could do, there were three options given based on what the Gremlin had found.

Option 1) Access Mecha-Unit Data Files – 100% - Risk = None (Gain information on all Mecha Units)

Option 2) Access Elder's Main Base Location – 9% - Risk = Unknown (Locate the Elder's Main Base for a final assault)

Option 3) Self Destruct all Advent Mecha Units – 8% - Risk = Unknown (Remove all mechanical Advent Units permanently)

[No way… they know where the Elders are?!] He said to them.

"If we had that information… we could end the war instantly!" Sharptooth muttered.

"Look at that third option, we could shut down Advent's mechanical units permanently, forget about your virus that is 'end game' material!" Hawkeye whispered.

"We should take the risk man, so what if its less than ten, think about it, we get that data, we win either way!" T-Rex whispered as well.

"I don't know… it looks like good idea… but that… 'unknown' risk… is it worth it?" Mercy hissed nervously. "I played poker once… those do not look like good odds to me…"

He heard what they were saying, the chances were low, the risk was high, but if they got that knowledge without the AI's knowing.

They could end this war once and for all.

He had a chance to gain something he had 'never' had before, an 'end game' card… all it would take, was a roll of the dice.

But then he looked at the MEC units, the mini tanks, the floating air drones, the three AA Sectopods, and of course… the two AI Sectopods E.C. 1 and C.X 2.

[Download the Mecha data files, don't take the risk…] He ordered.

"What, but we have a chance to…" Falcon started whispering.

[Do it… I can't take the risk… those odds are too high…] He ordered again. [We'll find them eventually… live today, fight tomorrow.]

"Alright… downloading now."

The Gremlin downloaded the data successfully and pulled away, returning to Eagleeye and transmitting him what he found.

[Good choice… if you had tried anything else…] E.C. 1 said with a chuckle. [Well… let's just say… you would have failed regardless, and the outcome… 'your deaths'.]

He ignored the AI and examined the data, trying to learn as fast as he could.

( Advent MEC ) Health = Medium, Armor = Minimal, role = All Purpose Frontline Drone.

( Advent AA Sectopod ) Health = Massive, Armor = Large, role = Mobile Anti Air Tank

( Advent Air Drone ) Health = Minimal, Armor = None, Role = Aerial Scout and Skirmish Drone

( Advent MHW Tank ) Health = Minimal, Armor = Massive, Role = Frontline Multi-purpose Tank Drone

'They have a mobile heavy weapon's tank capable of utilizing multiple weapon classes for any role needed, an aerial scout drone designed to locate and skirmish with enemy forces, and a Sectopod designed solely for the purpose of shooting down aerial units.' He thought quickly, analyzing each unit's capabilities. 'The aerial drone can't take a hit but has great evasion programing, the AA Sectopods can't shoot anything besides air units so they are helpless without supporting units to deal with ground threats, and the tanks have massive armor to protect themselves but any shot that gets through it will cripple the thing.'

[These units are far more specialized than anything Advent has used in the past… these things are designed to work in unison… with great coordination… so 'this' is how they wiped out the South African resistance.]

[Now that you have the intel you need, we can 'begin'…] E.C. 1 declared, and simultaneously all the Mech units began to disperse, with each of the Sectopods moving off with their supporting units. [Our units will deploy throughout the city, and attempt to hunt you down… myself included… if you attempt to call in your 'aerial dropship' to evacuate, it 'will' be shot down… There are twenty AA Sectopod Walkers stationed, and they each have a range of half a mile. And finally, if either myself or my partner AI see you… we 'will' destroy you.]

E.C. 1 took five steps back toward C.X. 2, who remained just as stationary as before, watching him and his squad the entire time, still protected by fifteen Advent MHW Tanks.

[I will give you a five minutes head start to hide from us, during which time our forces will not attack you, but they will make sure to keep track of your location for C.X. 2's long range artillery cannon, once that time frame is up they will shoot to kill… and before you think about it, should you open fire on any of our forces before the time limit expires… our 'hunt' will begin instantly. I suggest you start running 'now'.]

He did not waste a second longer, he gave his Sharks the order to flee, and a second later they all broke into a run, sprinting away from the Sectopod AIs.

(Amalie's PoV)

"Reestablish connection to the Commander!" Central yelled, ignoring Netra who quietly slipped into the command center with a tray, avoiding getting in anyone's way.

"I can't get a signal through, whatever they are doing to jam our signals is still interfering with us!" A deck hand yelled.

"Well keep trying!" He yelled. "Shen, do you have anything?"

"Nothing, all of my alternative signals are being jammed!" She replied, ignoring Netra who slithered past her back, carefully avoiding spilling the tray's contents. "I can't get anything through, nothing, not even LOS transmission is getting through the jamming."

She meanwhile, took the tray and calmly sipped the tea brought to her.

"Well find something that does, we can't leave them down there alone!" Central yelled. "I want the Skyranger ready to pull them out the instant we can re-establish contact."

She glanced at Central before taking another sip.

"You really should relax Central." She muttered quietly.

"Maybe you can be calm while sipping tea, but that's our Commander down there trapped with seven of our operatives, and we just lost contact with them." Central snarled.

She finished her cup before having Netra pour her another. "He also happens to be my species' named Hierarch Father, our 'leader'… believe me, I am just as worried as you." She replied calmly. "However, I doubt they blocked our communications just to kill him or take him captive, if they wanted to do that, they would have done it sooner. My guess… is that they have something 'private' to talk to him about. And they don't want us to interfere."

She smirked as he ignored her and resumed running around the command center, trying desperately to reconnect with the Mission Operatives and her friend. Ten minutes later however, they finally managed to make contact again.

"I've got the Commander's signal again." A Deck hand yelled.

"Patch him in." Central yelled.

The screen on the main viewer changed to a picture of him floating alongside the other sharks at ground level running down an abandoned street.

"Commander, what's going on, we're getting ready to send the Sky…"

[Do not send the Skyranger Central, repeat, do NOT send the Skyranger.]

At that she looked up and payed close attention to what was going on.

[We're facing the pair of AI generals that destroyed the South African resistance cell, and they've surrounded the city and filled it with military drones. We're trapped within a net of AA Sectopods that will shoot down the Skyranger if it so much as appears for a second. These guys are playing for keeps here Central, they challenged me to a game of hide and seek, only the seeker gets to kill, I need a way out of here!]

"Understood we'll scan and see what we can find out." He said.

While the humans were busy doing what Central said they'd do, she paid close attention to what her 'friend' told them.

'Surrounded, trapped… yet allowed to run?'She thought. 'That's not the way Advent works… if the Elders wanted him, which they do… why not just kill off his forces and take the Gremlin? Surely, they know that even if it's not his body, they can use the Gremlin which houses his mind to locate the body? Why run the risk of letting him escape… that makes no sense?'

'No… even if they knew that 'one' of the Gremlins was his… they can't possibly be that naïve or cautious… as to not bother capturing them. Even if the Elders would be upset, some progress is better than none, and showing they have his mind is better than risking letting him escape and have nothing.' She thought, placing her hand on her cheek and 'thinking'. 'If that's the case… what is the goal, what is their plan?'

'Determine if he is who they believe he appears to be… that makes no sense, cutting off our communications alone would have sufficed, once that was done and they knew he was still actively talking without any information from 'us' they could have simply killed off his operatives and captured the Gremlins, eliminate the useless ones, and then locate his body by tracking the Psionic Chip's wavelength from the Gremlin to his body. As I was 'instructed' to do should I capture his mind again… but they did not do that… so… what is the goal?'

She thought about this as she watched her friend on the viewscreen, avoiding squads of Advent MEC units.

(Hawkeye's PoV)

[Turn left here!] The Commander ordered as they bumped into another squad of three Advent MEC units, all of them watching their approach but not pulling out their weapons.

So, they did as he ordered, and turned left to avoid the squad, running down another abandoned street. But not one full minute passed before they encountered yet 'another' squad of MEC's.

[Right, down this alley!] He ordered now, giving them a vision of what Mercy had seen through her helmet lens, an empty alleyway that intersected their street at the halfway point and lead to another street.

So, they all ran toward that alleyway, once more avoiding the MECs and running down the alleyway. However, instead of safety they found they were being watched the entire time by two Aerial Drones which hovered above them, each shining a spotlight and making sure they could not hide from them.

"These guys can't have every single street and alley covered, can they?" He yelled angrily as they left the alley and went right, per the Commander's orders.

They ran down the street and reached a crossroad, and as if to mock what he just said and prove him wrong, they found an Advent AA Sectopod protected by two MEC's and an Advent MHW Tank Drone turn just in time to watch them approach.

"Oh my god… who knew there were so many Advent Units?" Puppy complained as they turned left and ran away.

[This isn't about numbers Puppy, its tactics, these guys are master strategists!] The Commander said. [They've positioned the absolute minimal number of forces necessary to pin us down while covering the most area to prevent us from hiding!]

"How much time is left?" Mercy hissed nervously as they continued to run, watched 'yet again' by a nearby floating Aerial Drone which was guarding the entrance to an alleyway.

[Fifty seconds!]

"We're never going to lose these guys!" Sharptooth yelled as they ran forward, only to be spotted by an Aerial Drone and an MHW Tank Drone.

This was true, they've been running down street after street, down every alleyway, and turning every corner, only to see that they were constantly being watched no matter which way they went.

"Commander, we're running out of options!" He yelled as they ran right, per his order, only to find that upon reaching another crossroad, was another AA Sectopod and MHW Tank Drone.

Ten seconds later he continued to order them forward, but now he gave them precise positions to go to.

[Sharptooth G-15, Puppy L-15, Hawkeye J-15, T-Rex K-15, Falcon P-15, Eagleeye B-15, Mercy D-15!] He ordered with seventeen seconds left.

As one they separated to their positions, watched on either end of the street by MEC Units or the AA Sectopod.

[Smoke Grenade your positions now!] He ordered, following him and acting like Puppy's and Eagleeye's Gremlins by hovering just above him.

Without waiting he grabbed his smoke grenade, popped and tossed it at his feet, and watched as the smoke erupted and spread around him.

[EVERYONE TO A-6, NOW!] He ordered with 5 seconds left.

Without knowing if the other Sharks were behind him or if the ones nearest the called position were safe, he ran to that location, following the highlighted path his helmet visor showed. A split second later he heard a door smash open and ran through right after to find Eagleeye had kicked a door down and was now hiding alongside Mercy out of sight.

Soon after the other Sharks surged in and Puppy quickly closed the door, per the Commander's orders.

[Everyone stay quiet…] He ordered now, and as one they held their breaths, trying to catch them 'quietly' while waiting to see if their deception worked.

The time limit had expired just as the door closed, and immediately they could hear mechanical steps marching and the whirling sounds of hover pads above. A spotlight flew over the door and shone through the crack in the base of the door, but it passed by without waiting.

They gasped for breath after that and panted.

They'd been running nonstop for five full minutes, dashing at max speed to try and avoid being spotted.

Yet everywhere they turned, no matter how 'erratic' the Commander's path, no matter what direction they went, there was 'always' another squad of Advent units watching and in visual range of them.

"Commander… why wait till now?" Puppy muttered. "Why not… do that before… why wait until barely ten seconds left to do that trick?"

[Because… I didn't think about that till now, until then I was trying to find a gap in their surveillance net.] He said. [We barely escaped with that trick, but that trick cost us 'all' of our smoke grenades.]

"Okay, but why waste all of our smoke grenades, why not just use one or two to cover our entrance?"

[Because Hawkeye, that would show them precisely where we are. This way, they can't tell one hundred percent which set of buildings we slipped into.] He said, turning to look at him. [This won't fool them long… and I need time to come up with a plan.]

"Fat lotta good that's done so far…" Sharptooth muttered. "They seem to be reading us like a book."

[Maybe… but it's all we 'can' do right now Sharptooth.] Ignoring her real message.

(Commander's PoV)

[Commander, we just did a scan, and you were right… they have you completely surrounded.] They all heard Central say over the coms. [Twenty Advent Sectopods that we can detect are stationed in two layer rings, each with a large attack radius, and each covering any gap in their AA net. The Skyranger can't get in there as long as those walking garbage cans are still active and moving around.]

[Wonderful, Shen, I'm sending you a detailed schematic on every single unit they've got deployed here, I want to know how much it would take to bring these bastards down!]

[Already on it sir!] Shen declared. [In the meantime, I can give you a general location of where the big walkers are, so you can avoid them. As for the little MEC units, I'd suggest getting to the second level before they spot you.]

[It won't take them long to figure out you ditched them by hiding in the buildings sir, and it will take them even less time to figure out set of buildings you are hiding in, you need to get a move on before then!]

Moments after he updated his map and instantly noticed that one of the AI Sectopods was right on top of them.

[Everyone quiet!] He said.

They did so, and readied weapons just in case.

Seconds passed and then they heard stomping right outside.

[C.X. 2, this is E.C. 1, I have lost visual contact with the target!] E.C. 1 declared loudly. [Probability of situation based on XCOM maneuver used, spotted by aerial reconnaissance drone KT-15?]

[Probability of XCOM forces entering nearby buildings using smoke cover, 99.54 percent likely.]The other AI replied, just as loudly on their very vocal coms. [Further probability examination suggests a 51.89 percent likelihood of XCOM forces splitting up between both buildings.]

[I see, based on your tactical analysis of the situation, what course of action is recommended?]

[Tactical Analysis indicates the correct course of action will be to initiate patrol protocol orders along all routes where units are stationed.]

[And based on this analysis, can we simply destroy the buildings the decrease the areas they have access to?]

[Negative, the probability of accidentally destroying the target is 78.89 percent likely. Destruction of terrain elements is against advice without confirmation lock on target.]

[Very well… begin patrols, remain at your position and await target lock before firing!] E.C. 1 ordered before stomping off and away from their direction.

There was silence before they heard whirling sounds from a hover pad fly past, followed by additional mechanical marching.

[They are still capable of coordinating their forces despite my virus still running through their systems?] He thought while ordering them further into the building. [Amalie informed me that nearly every single mechanical unit was infected by it, hence why they shut them down… given that, these AI must be exceptionally powerful to avoid the virus' effects Big Sister created. Not only that… they can mass coordinate this many forces, monitor them all simultaneously, and issue specific orders in real time while still self-aware of their personal location and actions.]

[How the hell do I combat 'that' level of command and sophistication?]

As they moved through the building, walking through destroyed walls to reach other sections without being spotted, avoiding the windows all the while, he continued to try and analyze the situation. Yet each time his Gremlin came back with an 'unknown' answer to his question of how to get out of said situation.

[Well first step to getting out is destroying those AA Sectopods, but how without revealing our location?]

"Commander!" Sharptooth said, getting his attention and switching to her visor's vision.

They had just turned the corner of a hallway and walked into the remains of a caved in room, where buried under heaps of rubble, was another abandoned Advent Sectopod, similar in design to the first one they found.

"You know… seeing the active ones again, I can honestly say I love these deactivated Sectopods a lot more." Puppy said in relief.

It was just as disabled as the first one, and had lodged itself between two floors, with enough space for them to climb up.

Seeing the Sectopod gave him an idea.

[Amalie, you know about these more than anyone, is there a way we can activate these Sectopods and reprogram them to work for 'us'?]

Amalie was quiet for a moment before replying.

[As a matter of fact, yes, this model of Sectopod was designed for routine patrolling and control of an area. They aren't heavily armed, but they can still probably take down those AA Sectopods without any trouble, since they themselves aren't armed to combat anything besides air units. As for reactivating them, they are equipped with backup generators, that probably are still working since they must be activated manually before operating. If you can interface with one prior to reactivating it, you can reprogram it to target a 'specific' enemy.]

[That would also distract any nearby patrols allowing you to building hop Commander without being spotted.] Shen added. [I can upload a program to Eagleeye's Gremlin to allow him to hack into those things, and reprogram them from my end!]

[Just so you know my friend, for every Sectopod you activate and use for this purpose, the fewer my daughters will be able to recover later on and use for our own purposes.]

[Its better than dying here waiting Amalie…] He answered.

This was his best option right now, because trying to take down a Sectopod that couldn't shoot back, was not any easier or quicker than dealing with a normal Sectopod that 'could' shoot back.

And that was of course without its escort providing protection or without being spotted by said escort.