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I - Dobby

"Harry Potter must stay where he is safe. He is too great, too good, to lose. If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger." Dobby squeaked, jumping on the bed to emphasize his point to Harry.

"Why?" the raven-haired wizard whispered back. "What danger will I be in? Hogwarts is the safest place for me." The small house elf shook his head emphatically jumping again on the bed causing the headrest to smack the wall behind him with a dull thud.

"Dobby, listen to me. Stop jumping and sit on the bed." Harry hissed towards him causing the weird creature to stop startled by the shift in the boy. He obeyed silently, as was a House Elf's prerogative when given an order by a perceived better whether part of their household or not. "Explain." Was the only word that escaped the wizard in response to Dobby's submission.

"There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make the most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year," whispered Dobby, suddenly trembling all over. "Harry Potter cannot return to school this year, Dobby must help the Great Mister Harry Potter Sir," he continued, still visibly shaking from the admission. Harry stopped for a second to contemplate what the House Elf had told him.

"Dobby, I will be returning to Hogwarts even if I'm in danger it is still better than here. Anywhere is better than here," he replied in no uncertain terms to the creature.

"No, Harry Potter Sir cannot be goings back. It is NOT safe. Dobby must keep him safe." Its head lifted at this and it puffed out it's chest as if this was the greatest honour it could perceive.

Harry paused for a second to carefully construct his response. "If you want to keep me safe Dobby, why don't you tell me about what will be threatening me?" This was possibly the worst thing Harry could have said as it jumped off the bed and began smacking its head against the chest of drawers next to Harry. "Dobby. Sit," Harry hissed again and to his satisfaction the elf obeyed once again. "Obviously, you can't tell me that then." He stopped watching the tiny creature for a second before continuing, "Why don't you help me then. You managed to get in here without anyone knowing and earlier on it was you who caused that stick to fly at Dudley wasn't it but you don't have a wand do you?"

"No House Elves not be having wands like wizards we use our hands," at this point its small mouth curled into what could best be described as a grimace though was probably as close to a smile as the creature could get. "Dobby can help the Great Mister Harry Potter Sir by teaching him how to live." And with that it disappeared with an audible Pop.

And with that Harry collapsed onto the bed and quickly fell asleep exhausted after negotiating with the crazy being.


Two days later and Harry was beginning to think the whole occurrence was a hallucination brought on by the lack of food he was getting from the Dursley's. That was at least until he was awoken by a very energetic elf jumping on the foot of his bed. "The Great Harry Potter Sir must be getting up now," The voice squeaked "Dobby has brought Tipsy to save you Sir." And with that Harry noticed the other Elf in the room. It was the same size as Dobby was but was obviously in much better condition than the strange elf. It wore a yellow dress and a pair of mismatched socks both different sizes, the only similarity being their horrifically neon appearance one green and the other orange.

"Tipsy and her family have served the House of Potter for generations Master Harry," the timid elf said in a voice barely more than a whisper. "Tipsy should not have left her Master alone for so long but whiskers told us Master Harry needed us to leave him." She grimaced before continuing "Whiskers was wrong. Tipsy will be helping you now Master Harry." And with that she held out her hand to him.

He took it, and was suddenly jerked forwards. Opening his eyes after the horrible feeling of being shot through a hosepipe had stopped he realised he was standing by a large cast iron gate. There was nothing behind the gate that he could see and looking over his shoulder all he could see was the rolling expanse of countryside behind him. One thing was for sure, He was not in Surrey any more. "Where am I Tipsy?" he asked staring out over the open fields behind him incredulously.

"Master Harry is at Potter Manor. He just needs to see it." Came the reply from beside him.

"And how should I do that? I know I've got bad eye sight but I don't think I could miss a house in the middle of all these fields." He asked again confused as to what Tipsy could be meaning. "And don't call me Master just Harry is fine ok Tipsy?"

"Touch the gate and look. Look, past the enchantments and you'll see it." She replied nodding towards him.

He did as he was told reaching out and touching the cold metal of the gate with his eyes closed. 'I need to see; I need to see Potter Manor' he thought to himself trying to do as the Elf said. He opened his eyes and involuntarily took a sharp intake of breath.

It was not what he was expecting at all. A gravel path spiralled towards the building twisting between rows of brightly coloured flowers, it had been perfectly upkept and looked to be perfectly in bloom with so many plants Harry's only thought being that he didn't know there were this many different plants. Then there was the actual house, no house wasn't the correct word. It was more like a small mansion.

"Potter Manor has been the main residence of the Potter Family for generations. There are 3 Stories, 7 Bedrooms not including the Master Bedroom on the top floor that is." She began taking his hand and practically dragging him towards the front door. "On the first floor there is a kitchen, dining room, conference room, library and family room. Second floor houses the bedrooms and has the head of house study. Top floor is the master bedroom. And lastly the basement contains a large wine cellar, training room and specialty duelling court. Outside we have several large greenhouses, the main gardens a full size quidditch pitch as well as the garages housing the family's car collection." With this Tipsy opened the large oak doors and stepped through. Harry stopped at the boundary still in disbelief of all this happening to him.

He stepped through the doorway and instantly dropped to the floor in agony. Pain coursed through his body, as if every single punishment he'd ever got from the Dursley's was being dished out in one go. Every fibre of his being was aflame and he let out a blood-curdling scream the likes of which he'd never done before.

He blacked out.


When he awoke, he was still laid by the front door obviously having been left there after his collapse. 'What the hell just happened to me?' he thought to himself still feeling the discomfort of his torture. It was then that he heard a small voice to the left of him. "Tipsy is sorry Master Harry, she was afraid you wouldn't cross if you knew what was going to happen." The elf whispered to him visibly trembling, afraid of what might happen to her.

"What the hell did just happen?!" he groaned attempting not to sound as broken as he felt.

"Unfortunately, that is the only way to go about that sort of business I'm afraid. Horrible nasty little bit of business core binds, been a while since I've seen one though" a new voice sounded from one of the walls "anyway now that that is over with let me be the first to welcome you Harold to the residence of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter." The painting smiled at this point as applause echoed from all of the many paintings in the entrance hall.

"Core bind?" Harry asked the man in the painting, not understanding a word of what he was saying.

"Yes child it seems someone wants to keep you weak. Well that just won't do will it, no leader of this House will be kept from reaching his full potential." The painting nodded fervently as if everything should now be falling into place for the young wizard.

"So what'll be happening now then? Tipsy told me she'd be training me?" Harry replied scrambling to his feet and finally taking note of who he was in fact talking to. On a small plaque underneath the painting in question were the words Charlus Potter – Baron of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter.

"Yes boy you will be being trained, but not solely by the House Elves of House Potter you will also be being trained extensively by yours truly. Its time someone taught you all about your family, as well as making you worthy of the title of Baron Potter." Charlus told Harry with a smirk playing on his painted lips.

And thus began the extensive training of one Harry James Potter, and for the next three weeks his days consisted only endless lessons. Tipsy and the other Potter House Elves taught him the various House Elf magics; Apparition, Wordless Magic and most importantly Wandless Magic (Which Harry had taken to much quicker than either of the others). And then there were Charlus' lessons on things varying from etiquette to family magic and political necessities that a Lord would have to deal with in the magical community. On top of this he had been put on an advanced course of potions to combat the malnourishment that came as a result of living with the Dursley's for so long. This and the hours of physical training he was being forced to do meant that he was always dead on his feet when his day was finally over.

His favourite part of this training came in the form of Charlus' ramblings about the history and traditions of the Potters. According to Charlus the Potters were one of the oldest magical families in Britain, able to trace their lineage back to before the founder's time. They had always worked from the shadows and although they were not always known to be in power they were usually the figureheads behind the leaders of the magical and muggle world, and because of this the title of Baron Potter was always respected by almost everybody in the government. This meant that Harry would most likely have to go into politics in his later life as was expected of him but this suited him completely. After so long being forced to do endless tasks for his relatives and never having his own choices being in a position where he had to defer to no one was rather inviting to the young wizard.

After 3 weeks of this constant training regimen the change in Harry was considerable. Due to the potions treatment, he had grown to an acceptable height for someone his age, still not the tallest person around but he would no longer have to look up to everybody around him and most would have to look up to him now! As well as this his skinny malnourished look was gone too. He had filled out quite nicely even if he did say so himself, he had muscles now not overly large ones but his body was quite toned now, and the originally faint outline of his abs was steadily getting less faint with every passing day. His posture had bettered so he now stood and moved with a regal grace expected from a member of a respected magical house. His dancing skills were now 'acceptable' according to Charlus who was now a lot less afraid of the Last Potter making a fool of his house at any coming balls or parties.

However, it wasn't just the physical aspects of Harry that had changed drastically. After the removal of the bind on his magical core Harry's magic had come into a realm of its own. Where once he had had trouble lifting heavier objects like people using magic, he now could cause any one of the cars in the Potter garage to fly around with minimal effort – wandlessly no less – as well as this he had also come to find he had several unexpected abilities. Charlus had explained in detail to Harry that he had the ability to communicate with animals, it was supposedly a family gift that was selective in who had the ability. It was called Omnilingualism and meant that if he tried hard enough or had specific need of a language then he would be able to use it as if it was his own mother tongue. Not only this but he also found that he was a Polymorph, a lesser version of Metamorphmagus which meant he could change small features like hair colour, eye colour, hair length etc. however he couldn't change things like body index, size or shape. From what he had experienced and from what Charlus told him they believed the bind was previously allowing him to use around 25% of his total abilities, add this to the new powers he seemed to have accumulated meant that for once in his life Harry did not feel powerless. In fact, he was anything but.

Today was a big day for Harry, Charlus was apparently teaching his last lesson and supposedly his most important one yet. Harry's power level was now becoming large enough that it required an early teaching of an ancient Potter tradition. The Potters were known for many things but their original claim to fame and riches came in the form of their crafting abilities, and although they had grown to much larger things than the humble Potterers of old there was still one tradition that was taught when a scion was at an acceptable power level.

Harry followed the instructions told to him by the old painting, heading into the Potter Library and pushing the previously unknown entry code into the runes on the war table in the middle of the room. He looked to both sides of himself and saw a small opening behind one of the bookcases to his left. Pulling the bookcase out of his way he stepped into the circular room and looked in awe at the sheer volume of materials in front of him. He was expected to stay in this room for 3 nights, only after that time would the door reopen and if he hadn't finished by then the family magic wouldn't accept him. All his training for naught, the Title of Baron Potter would be unclaimable.

So he set to work.


3 nights later Harry emerged from the small room to the raucous applause of the library's paintings as well as the entire force of Potter House Elves. He lifted his arm and the room fell silent.

His new wand, crafted by his own hands much better suited to him this way. Crafted by his own magic it paired to him perfectly and the materials it was made of perfectly encaptured his newly acquired power. Yew and Ebony woods perfectly moulded into one flawlessly cohesive unit, Nundu heartstring wrapped around a single Thunderbird tail feather made up the core both powerful cores by themselves and together they stabilised but allowed for incredible amounts of magic to be channelled at any one point in time. 11 inches and relatively rigid suited both for his size and magical style. It was much more powerful than his old Holly and Phoenix feather wand but that wasn't the most important aspect of the new wand. This new wand as not a good fit for him like Ollivander's creation. This one was perfect.

Now there was but one more thing Harry needed to do before heading back to Hogwarts in a couple days' time. He was ready, thanks to Charlus and the Elves instruction, to rightfully claim the title of Baron Potter if the Family magic accepted him. Which meant the inevitable trip to Gringotts to attempt not only to claim his Lordship but also to magically emancipate himself from Dumbledore's clutches. The man wasn't bad in passing but he was a honestly shite magical guardian sending Harry to live with his relatives even after learning of the pain they caused him.

No more.

It was time for Harry to come into his own.

For Harry to be free.