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Chapter 2: Homework



I was shocked. After two years of seperation I finally meet Kate, plus she is now going to my school and living in Seattle? What? How? Anyway, I pulled her into a friendly hug as we were both happy to see each other after a long time. We stopped hugging and I looked at her long hair and beautiful amber eyes. Damn, she was even more beautiful now. Oh yeah, did I mention that I had a crush on her since we were in elementary school?

"Kate since when do you live here?" I asked still shocked

"My dad had to start working here in order to get more money, so we moved" She said with a smile on her face. "Anyway, have you seen Lilly?" she added

"She's in the nurse's office" I said

"Why? What happened?" she asked, as her smile dissapeared

"She was.." I stopped as I kinda didn't know how to say it "...assaulted" I finally said

"What?! By who?!" she said shocked

"Remember Garth?" I said.

Garth actually lived in Jasper before, he actually went to middle school with me and Kate, I don't really know why he moved to Seattle. Back then he had a giant crush on Kate and I don't think that changed since. He was her boyfriend for a couple of months but she broke up with him.

He always hated me and bullied me because I was Kate's best friend and I was spending a lot of time with her, but Garth wanted Kate for himself.

But then when middle school ended, I moved to Seattle and he did too, but Kate stayed in Jasper for the next two years. Then Garth started to hate me even more and tried his best to ruin my life a few times, but I hope that he doesn't even consider doing something bad to Winter then I swear to God I will kill him.

"Garth?" Kate asked, like she couldn't believe me "What's he doing here?"

"He moved here after middle school. And now he's going to our school. What a pleasent suprise" I said in a sarcastic tone

"Yeah." Kate said forcing a small smile which dissapeared quickly. I could see that she was still worried about her sister. I couldn't blame her though.

"Hey" I smiled "Lilly's going to be okay." I said trying to light up Kate's mood.

This seemed to make a small smile appear on her muzzle "Yeah?" she asked

"Yeah" I replied "She only had a couple of bruises. The nurse said that she needs to rest for a while. Maybe she'll also get a few bandages, that's all."

Then I heard someone walking up to me. I turned aroud to see Winter.

"Hey Humphrey did you know that Lilly and Kate are in our schoo-" she stopped as she saw Kate "Oh hey Kate" she added

"Hi Winter!" Kate smiled "How's it going?"

"Good, how about you?" Winter asked

"I'm happy that I can meet you and Humphrey again. Besides, Seattle is a really nice city." Kate said

"Yeah, it is. But I liked Jasper more. It was more peaceful and quiet" Winter said "Anyway, when did you move?"

"This summer." Kate said, then she turned to me "Hey Humphrey, can you come help me with homework at my place today? And y'know, watch some Netflix or play some PS4?"

"You have a PS4? Since when?" I asked

"What? A girl can't be a gamer?" she chuckled

"I just don't remember you being a gamer in middle school." I said

She smiled and then I turned to Winter "Hey, is it okay if Salty drives you home?" I asked

She thought for a moment and said "Yeah, sure. Can I invite Lilly over?"

"Yeah It's okay." I said and then I turned around to see Lilly leaving the nurse's office and walking up to us "Speak of the devil" I smirked. I also noticed that she didn't have any bandages at all. Which was good.

"Hey guys" she said with a smile as she walked up to us

"Hi Lilly" Winter said giving her a friendly hug. "So, I was wondering, do you want to come over to my place today and hang out?" she asked

"Yeah, totally" she replied without hesitation

"Okay. I'll ask Salty to give you two a ride." I said as I started walking away in order to find Salty. I also heard Lilly asking who's Salty and Winter replying that he's a good friend of mine.

I walked out of the school and onto the parking lot, to see Salty leaning against his car, drinking a can of Mounatin Dew. "Yo, Salty!" I yelled to get his attention

"Yo, Humphrey." he said as he finished his drink and threw the can into a nearby bin. "I've been waiting for you."

"Wait, why you leaving already?" I asked "School isn't over yet."

"It is, dude" he laughed "This was the last lesson man."

I laughed too and added "Seriously? It went a little bit too fast." I said "Anyway, can you do me a favor?"

"Of course, what is it?"

"Can you give my sister and her friend a ride to my place?" I asked

"Yeah, sure, I can do that. What about you?" he said

"I'm going with Kate to her place." I replied

"Kate White?" he asked "The one you told me about?"

"Yeah, that's her." I said "Alright I got to go now."

"Okay, bye." he said as I walked away. "Wait!" he added "Don't forget condoms!" he said smirking stupidly

I ignored him and entered the building. I walked across the hall to the group of girls. "Alright, Salty's waiting at the parking lot." I said to Winter and Lilly. They looked at each other and then Winter said "Okay, let's go then" she smiled and they walked away.

"So let's go, shall we?" I asked

"Let's go." she said and we started walking through the hall. We left the school and walked to the parking lot. I followed Kate to a yellow 2016 Audi TT.

"Wow, is that your car?" I said, amazed

"Yeah." she said as she entered the vehicle. I followed her shortly after and got into the car. She started the car and slowly drove off. In the rear mirror I saw Winter and Lilly entering Salty's black Mustang. We left the parking lot, and Kate started to accelerate as we entered the proper street.

"So, what music do you listen to?" I said

"Why don't I just show you?" she smirked as she turned the music on. Some aggresive, early Linkin Park-like guitar riffs came from the speakers. Then came a fast paced rap verse, followed by a melodic chorus.

"Nice." I said "What song is this?"

"California Dreaming by Hollywood Undead." she said "It's one of my favorite songs."

"Really? I stopped listening to Hollywood Undead after their first album. They really changed." I said

"Yeah. But I think they changed for the better." Kate said

"They did change for the better." I agreed

A couple minutes passed by and we arrived at Kate's and Lilly's house. She parked her car into her driveway and turned it off. We both left the car, Kate locked it, and then we both walked up to the front door. She reached into her pocket, took out the keys and she opened the front door.

"Wait Kate, I need to call my dad quickly." I said

"Okay, I'mma be waiting in the house." she said entering the house

I took out my phone and tapped 'contacts' I scrolled down the list to find my dad's number. I found it, and called him.

"Hey dad. Do you remember Lilly and Kate? From Jasper?" I asked

"Yeah, what about them?" He said

"Well, they moved to Seattle and they are going to the same school as me and Winter." I said, smiling. I waited a while for a response

"That's great." he finally said

"Yeah, and I'm at Kate's right now." I said

"Okay, what about Winter?"

"Salty gave her a ride home, and she invited Lilly over." I explained

"Alright. I got to go now. Have fun, and be back before 9 PM." he said

"Okay, bye dad." I hung up

I got into the house and there seemed to be no one but Kate in it. She was sitting on the couch.

She stood up as she saw me, and she told me to follow her. We went through the living room and headed upstairs. Kate was going first, so while going up the stairs I had an opportunity to stare at her butt. Yeah, I know I sound like a pervert right now, but you can't blame me for being a male, right? Plus she is really sexy, and I can't wait to-... ehh, what am I thinking, I probably don't have a chance with her anyway.

I followed Kate to her room. It wasn't very big, but it wasn't small either. The room was mostly kept in black and white. The walls were painted white, the floor was covered in a carpet with black and white squares. Her bed was a double bed for some reason and it was in the middle of the room. In front of the bed there was a book shelf and above the book shelf a plasma TV was hanging on the wall. On the bookshelf there was a PS4 and one of the shelfs was full of games. On one side of the bed was a garderobe and on the other side there was a desk with an ASUS laptop on it. There was also a Hollywood Undead poster on the wall. Damn, she really needs to be a big fan of them.

"So. This is my room." she said, putting her backpack on the floor "I know it isn't much, but I like it." she sat on the bed.

"No, I think it's cool." I smiled and sat beside her. "One question though, why do you have a double bed?"

"I just find it more comfortable. Plus I couldn't think of how to fill the space." she said, as she stood up. She took a notebook out of her backpack and sat beside me again, putting the notebook on her knees.

"So, the homework." she said as she opened the notebook and showed me an algebra task "This is what I'm struggling with."

"Goddamnit it had to be algebra." I joked. "I hate it."

"I know, right?" Kate laughed "Anyway, I hoped that you could help me with it."

"I'll try my best" I smiled

After about 30 minutes I finished explaining the task to her "You see, it seems hard at first, but once you understand it, it's easy."

"Yeah! I understand it now!" she said happily "Thanks Humphrey."

"No problem" I smiled "Hey, we have a couple hours to spare, do you wanna watch something."

"Yeah, sure" she said without hesitation.

She stood up and leaned to turn on the PS4. I had another chance to stare at that ass again... and I got a boner. Fuck, hopefully she doesn't notice. She picked up a controller from the shelf and turned on the Netflix app. She logged onto her profile and sat on the bed again.

"So, what do you want to watch?" she asked

"I don't know, you choose." I said as she started to scroll through the list. She stopped at Breaking Bad.

"How about this? I saw Lilly watching it, but I never did." she said

"Hell yeah!" I said happily "I watched it two times already but let's do this."

"Wow, is it really that good?"

"The Best. Show. Ever." I said, causing her to laugh a bit. "Hey maybe I'll get us some snacks?"

"Yeah, there are snacks in the kitchen, in a shelf above the sink." she said as I left the room.

I headed downstairs and walked through the living room into the kitchen which was connected to it. Following Kate's instructions, I opened a shelf above the sink. There were two big bags of Doritos and some salsa. I took the snacks and closed the shelf and headed upstairs again. I entered Kate's room.

"You got them! Put them on the desk or somewhere." Kate said, and as she said, I put the snacks on the desk.

Then she took the controller again and pressed the X button to start the show.

We started at the first episode and ended up binge-watching the entire first season. Even when watching it for the third time, it was still really enjoyable, but nowhere near the experience you get watching it for the first time.

I could tell that Kate really enjoyed it too. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already almost 9 PM, so I sadly had to come back home. "Hey Kate, I have to go." I said, standing up

"Oh, ok." she said, a bit dissapointed "I'll drive you home. I need to take Lilly anyway."

I nodded, she turned off the PS4 and we walked out of her room and downstairs. We put our shoes on and we walked out of the house. Kate locked the house and we entered her car. She turned it on and I told her my address so she could turn on the GPS. It turns out that it's only a 5 minute drive from her house to mine. Which is good.

After five minutes, we arrived at our house. Kate stopped at the side of the road.

"So, see you tomorrow" she said

"See you" I smiled and started to leave the car "Wait!" I heard her say

"Can you tell Lilly that I'm waiting for her?" she added

"Sure thing" I said and walked back home.

Me and Lilly entered Salty's car, he turned on the engine and left the parking lot.

"Wait, Winter you never told me your friend's name" he said

"I'm Lilly." Lilly said, as she shook Salty's paw.

"Nice to meet ya." he said "Hey, are you Kate's sister?" he added

"Yeah, you know her?" she asked

"Humphrey told me about her. He has a crush on her, y'know?" Salty asked with a smirk

"Yeah, I knew that. I knew that for the past few years" she chuckled, causing Salty to laugh as well.

A couple minutes went by, and we finally arrived at my and Humphrey's house. We said bye to Salty as we got out of the car and he drove away. We started to walk to the house but then Lilly noticed Humphrey's BMW.

"Whose car is this?" she asked

"Humphrey's" I replied

"Wow. It's awesome." she said

"Yeah, I know. Sadly, he doesn't let me drive it." I said


"Cause I'm not 16." I explained and she nodded in response.

Anyway, I reached into my pocket to take out the keys. I opened the house and we walked in. We took a shoes off and headed into the living room. Inside it, there was a couch which had place for three people to sit on it. In front of it was a coffee table, and there was also a TV hanging on the wall, below it there was a small shelf which had a PS4 and there were games inside the shelf. Beside the PS4 there were also two controllers.

Lilly sat on the couch and I turned the Playstation on, "You wanna watch something?" I asked

"Sure" she said

I took a controller and sat on the couch too. I turned on the Netflix app and then I asked "What do you want to watch?"

"Hmmm... have you watched Breaking Bad?" she asked

"Yeah, I've watched it with Humphrey. Great show." I said

"Yeah, then how about Better Call Saul?" she said

"Sounds good." I was about to play the show but then I said "How about some popcorn?"

"Some popcorn would be great." she smiled and I walked to the kitchen. I took a popcorn bag out of one of the shelfs, and I put it into the microwave. I turned on the microwave and I also took a bowl from a shelf. I waited for a while and then I took the popcorn out of the microwave and I emptied the bag into the bowl. I took the bowl and headed bag to the living room and I placed the bowl on the table.

I sat down on the couch again and I turned on the show.

We watched the first five episodes, but then we got a bit bored.

"It's good, but not as good as Breaking Bad was." she said

"Yeah, good point." I said "Do you want to play something?"

"Yeah, why not."

"How about COD: Black Ops 3?" I asked

"Sure." she smiled as I turned on the game. I handed her the second controller as we decided to play multiplayer on split-screen. I picked Team Deathmatch and it quickly found us a full lobby.

Soon, the match started loading.

"Let's pistol up those bitches and show 'em who's boss." Lilly said with a smirk as the game started.

"Good Breaking Bad reference." I said, causing Lilly to laugh.

In the match, I did pretty good, with 15 kills and 6 deaths and being third in the table, but Lilly... Lilly was slaying them like a monster. She finished the match as the best player in the match with 31 kills and 1 death. Yes, she had a 31 kill streak.

"Damn... You should play with Humphrey sometime." I said

"Yeah?" she asked

"Yeah." I replied "He plays as good as you."

"Worse than me" she corrected "No one's better." she laughed, and I laughed too

"Anyway, I'm sure we'll do a 1v1 someday. Or a 2v2, me and you versus him and Kate." she said

"Good plan" I smiled and gave her a high five.

We played a couple more matches until it was almost 9 PM.

I walked into my house to see Lilly and Winter playing a game of Black Ops 3. They didn't see me however, so I decided to prank them. I slowly and silently walked behind them and then I grabbed them by their shoulders. They both screamed and Winter even fell from the couch, causing me to laugh really hard.

"You dick!" she yelled as I kept laughing

Lilly stood up, laughing a bit "You could've killed us." she said

"Yeah, sure." I chuckled

"Anyway, Lilly, Kate's waiting for you outside." I said

"Oh, OK." she said as put on her shoes. "Bye Winter, see you tomorrow!" she said as she left the house.

"So?" Winter asked me, which got me a bit confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Did you do something with Kate?" she asked, and I instantly knew what she was thinking.

"What? No! You fuckin' pervert" I laughed jokingly punching her in the shoulder.

She laughed and then she walked upstairs to her room.

I was about to go upstairs too when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I got two notifications one was a message from dad. It said: "Hey I'll be back home by 11 PM. Sorry, I have to stay longer at work"

The other notification was a friend request on Facebook. I opened Facebook and saw a friend request from: Kyle Alvarez. I tapped on his profile and looking on one of his photos, I recognised him as the guy I met in the cafeteria today.

I opened up the Facebook Messenger and decided to text him

H: hey

K: hey whats up

H: nothin much. anyway, how did you find me on fb, i dont remember telling you my last name

K: i recognized ya by ur profile pic

H: k

K: hey do u have a ps4? if yes do you want to play something?

H: yeah, add me to friends my nick is Humphrey1

K: wow, really creative

K: but yeah, I'll add you

After a while I turned on the console and saw a friend notification from: mrheisenberg737

H: mrheisenberg737? is that u

K: yeah

H: i suppose you've watched breaking bad

K: yeah, it was cool cause ya know, I used to live in ABQ and it was filmed there so i recogized some of the places

H: cool. wanna play bo3?

K: yeah sure

I invited him to the match and to the PS4 party. I noticed that he had the maximum level on Black Ops 3, same as me. Soon, we found a lobby and started slaying all the other players.