Episode I

A small room is shown, the room is completely dark apart from the center where there is a circle glowing red with a hooded man sitting in it chanting an unknown language. In front of him a small portal opens up and from it a black goop rises out of it and the man still chanting brings a bottle and opens it. The goop then enters it and once he puts the cork in he stops chanting. The portal then closes and the man rises to his feet, his face is completely darkened preventing his face from being seen.

"Soon the empire will be mine and then the world will fall," said the hooded man in a low pitched voice.

The scene then changes, the capital city of Japan is shown. It is noon, the season is spring, the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. In the streets the people were having a festival as this was the day that Aku was destroyed. But inside the Imperial Palace the Imperial family was busy with something else.


The scene then changes to a dojo inside the palace, two people in kendo gear are sparing with wooden swords. One was wearing black kendo gear the other was wearing white kendo gear. They then clash swords, the one is black is trying to overpower the one in white. The one in white then breaks the clash by pushing the one in black back staggering the fighter. The one in white then sweeps the one black's legs causing the fighter to fall on their back.

"That'll be enough for sparing," said the man in white. He then removes his sparing helmet to reveal himself to Jack. His hair now has some gray in it and still sported a top-knot. He helps his opponent onto their feet.

"You need to stop trying to overpower your opponents with strength alone," said Jack.

His opponent then removes their helmet reveal the fighter to be a girl with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

"It won't matter, you always win father," said the girl.

"Ashi you our doubting yourself," said Jack. Ever since his daughter was eight he had been teaching her the same lessons that he learned when was being prepared to fight Aku. He's training her because of when she saw him kill bandits that tried to murder him, herself, and her mother who has passed away one month ago.

"Then how am I supposed to defeat an opponent who's stronger then me?" Ashi asked while stomping her foot in frustration.

Jack then puts his hand on Ashi's shoulder and says, "You need to keep an open mind in battle. You need to observe your surroundings and your opponents. I faced many enemies who were physically stronger then me in the future. But I managed to defeat them by using the lesson I am trying to teach you."

He then brings her to the balcony overlooking the city.

"One day you will become empress and it will be your duty to defend our people from anything that may one day threaten us," said Jack.

Ashi then looks at the city contemplating what she was just told. She then closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

She opens her eyes and says, "Yes father, I'm sorry I was just frustrated with loosing to you all the time."

Jack then chuckles and says, "One day you may very well beat me, but now training will have to end. Three of my daimyo's have come to spend the celebration with us along ."

Some time later Jack and Ashi have gotten back into their regular clothes. Jack was wearing a dark blue kimono with an orange shoulder pad (That thing the Emperor had that desplayed the symbol's of his empire) that displays the symbol of the empire. Ashi was wearing a black gi that had the empire's symbol on it in white on her arms. She had her hair in a top-knot as well.

The two are then approached by four of the palace guards.

"My Emperor the daimyo's wish to see you," said one of the guards.

"We were just about to meet them," said Jack.

Another guard then says, "Some of your daughter's friends have come to see her."

"It's okay father you can go see the daimyo's without me," said Ashi.

They each leave with a two guards. Jack is brought to the daimyo's. The three were sitting around a table with a teapot on it along with some wooden cups. On one end of the table sat daimyo Akihiro, he wore a red gi and possesses a serious look at all times. The top of his head was bald and his hair was completely gray. To his left sat daimyo Hisato, he wore a light blue gi, has dark brown hair, and has a smile on his face. To the right of Akihiro was daimyo Takeshi, he wore a black gi, has brown hair, and always has a calm look on his face.

"Ah emperor it's good to see you," said Hisato.

"Glad you made it," said an unenthusiastic Akihiro.

"We've already prepared some tea my lord," said Takeshi.

"Thank you my friends," said Jack as he sits down.

They each take a cup and raise it to the air and Jack says, "To a new tomorrow."

"To a new tomorrow," the daimyos repeat.

All four of them then take a sip from their tea and then coughing is heard from Jack. His eyes are squinting and he has his hand to his throat.

"Wh-what was in that tea," said Jack weakly as he rises to his feet.

The three daimyos then stand as well. They all stare at Jack and have a hand on their swords ready for a fight.

"You have been poisoned my lord. This is something I had planned for a long time. I will take your empire, crown myself shogun, and conquer the world. I used a poison that even you couldn't detect," said Takashi.

"Where did you get it," demanded Jack,.

"The poison is darkness from the Pit of Hate. I summoned it into this world," Takashi replied.

"Takashi has been gaining the support of the daimyos here in the southern part of the empire," said Hisato.

"The daimyos of the north will join us after your death willingly or through conquest," said Akihiro.

Hisato then walks up to Jack who is having trouble standing up and mockingly says, "You can't even stand up, killing you should be easy."

Jack then unsheathes his sword and slashes Hisato. Blood is splattered and the daimyo falls to the floor dead but not without letting out a scream before he fell. Two guards then enter the room with their swords drawn and pointed at Jack showing that they have sided with Takashi. Jack stands up and breathes heavily and prepares to fight.

Palace Hallway

Meanwhile Ashi and the other two guards were walking down the hall. She noted that they've been walking for a while and feels something is wrong. The city's bell is rung signifying that it is now noon. The two guards then walk behind Ashi and draw their swords. One of them tries to decapitate Ashi but she ducks and kicks her into a wall and grabs guards sword. The second guard then attacks Ashi by making several slashes at her. Luckily Ashi is able to block each one and locks blades with the guard. The guard is physically stronger then Ashi and is pushing her sword toward her. Ashi then remembers what her father told her about not relying on strength alone in a fight. Ashi then breaks the lock by pushing herself back and then jumps over the and slices him in the back. The attack was deep enough to kill the guard.

She goes to the female and grabs her by the collar of her armor's undershirt and says, "What is going!?"

The female guard then says, "Shogun Takeshi wants you and the emperor dead."

Ashi gains a surprised look on her face and then knocks out the guard and races to her father.

Jack is currently engaging the daimyos and the two guards. Despite being poisoned he has managed to hold his own in the fight. One of the guards tries to attack Jack from behind but he manages to step out of the way and the guard accidentally kills the other guard. Jack then decapitates his would've-been killer and then runs out of the room to an indoor balcony looking over the palace entrance. Akihiro charges at him and makes several attacks toward Jack. Jack then sheathes his sword and disarms Akihiro by grabbing the arm holding his sword when he swung it again causing him to loose his grip and is then thrown off the balcony. Akihiro dies from the fall.

Takeshi then enters the room and calmly says, "Impressive. You've managed to survive longer then most humans who have drank the poison. But it will still kill you even if I don't."

"I may die today, but I will take you with me. I know that Ashi will rule the empire well," said Jack defiantly.

The two then resume their fight the sounds of their swords clashing with each other is heard by Ashi who enters the room where Akihiro fell to his death in and sees the two above her. They have now locked blades with Jack's back facing the balcony. Takeshi then removes something from inside his gi and then...BANG. Jack looks down and sees some sort of early gun pointed at his gut. Smoke was coming from the weapon and blood was in the spot that it fired at.

"You're a demon Takashi," weakly said by Jack as he fell off the balcony. He is quickly caught by Ashi who he has been taught to "jump good." (Jumping so high up you look like you're flying)

She looks up at the daimyo and grabs the Sacred blade (The katana that could destroy Aku) from her father's gi. She was about ready to attack Takashi but was stopped by Jack.

"You need to get out of here (Coughs) Ashi," said a weak Jack.

Ashi complies and runs through the main door and gets on a horse with her father and races out of the city before any of the guards get them.

Sometime has passed and the two are in a forest outside of the city. Jack is lying down underneath a tree and is coughing heavily.

"Father I can get you some, help you'll make it out of this," said Ashi worriedly.

"No I won't," said Jack weakly "Even if I recover from the bullet the poison will kill me and I don't have much time." He begins to cough up a dark substance, it was the poison he drank.

"No I can't loose you father. I've already lost mother," said a sobbing Ashi.

"There are times were we must go on without the guidance of our parents Ashi and your time has come. You must go to the city of Edo (Tokyo). Takeshi could only get the daimyos of the south to aid him. The daimyos of the north will convene their and discuss what to do. You must lead them and defeat Takeshi," said Jack.

"I'll do my best," said Ashi still with tears in her eyes.

Jack then weakly raises his right hand and wipes away her tears and says, "Your mother and I have always loved you." Jacks hand then falls to the ground, his breathing stops, and his eyes close. Samurai Jack is dead.

Ashi gets up wipes away her remaining tears and a serious look is brought to her face. She unsheathes the Sacred blade and looks at it.

"I will avenge you father," said Ashi.