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Odin, The Allfather, ruler of Asgard and wielder of Gungir. Father of the Crown Prince's Thor and Loki but also father to a third son and Prince. Youngest of the three Princes of Asgard he was stolen from his room just moments after his birth and missing for nearly 900 years.

Some say the Allfather never got over the loss of his youngest son and became weaker as a leader. No longer was he the feared defeater of the Frost Giants, but a saddened old man broken by the loss of a child.

Centuries went by and slowly the third child faded from the forefront of the Asgardians minds as Prince Thor and Loki made names for themselves. Even the Princes themselves moved, Thor focusing on becoming King, and Loki his magic and keeping his brother out of trouble.

Life moved on in the realm Eternal just as it moved on in the other realms.

(Alfheim 900 Years ago)

Deep within the enchanted forests in the home world of the light Elves, a small village laid embedded into the mountainside surrounded by trees reaching into the clouds and rivers running down the mountain.

Home to no more than a hundred, it was quiet and out of the way, no travelers had a need to venture this deep except for the occasional warrior on a quest. So it came as a surprise to many of the villagers when the cry of a baby broke the silence of the night.

"Hiruzen, we should go see what's wrong."

"There is nothing wrong Biwako. Just travelers that have a fussy baby, that's all." Hiruzen, the leader of the small village said to his wife rolling onto his stomach.

"In the middle of Woods?" Biwako sat up shaking her husband's shoulder. "No, you go see what's wrong. Someone might need help."

Hearing the stern tone Hiruzen sighed into his pillow. He wasn't going to get back to sleep unless he went and checked.

"Yes, dear." Rolling out of the bed he had shared with his wife for as long as he could remember he grabbed his black robe hanging on the door and lit a torch before leaving the confines of his warm cottage venturing out into the cold winters night.

It had been a white winter as it always was in Alfheim and the farther he got from the cottage the colder it seemed to get. He passed the gates to the village and nodded to the two guards standing watch. The village was far too small and out of the way for bandits to care about but there were still quite a few things that no one wanted entering the village so all the able-bodied men took turns guarding the gates.

Pulling the robe tighter to ward off the falling snow and cold temperatures Hiruzen trudged into the woods following the cries of an infant. The sound seemed to echo through the trees and he sped up his pace moving as fast as he could through the snow and the dark.

After another ten minutes, he was finally closing in on the origin of the cries. Breaking through the tree line where the forest met the river the old elf's eyes widened at the golden cradle trapped on the edge of the frozen water.

Biwako was right. Something was very wrong. The rivers around their village had never completely frozen over before even during the harshest of winters.

Shoving his torch in between two stones he reached out for the crib carefully placing his feet on the driest and rocks he could find he pulled the gold basket from its icy prison with a loud crack and struggled to stay steady the sudden extra weight knocking him off balance.

Finding his footing he huffed and began pulling the heavy crib up the bank leaving a large trail leading from the river as the crib sank into the ground.

At least it's quieted down. He didn't know why the infant had stopped it's screaming but he was glad. All that noise would attract predators and he hadn't brought his staff with him.

Once he deemed the crib a safe distance away from the river he decided to take a look at what he was dealing with.

"Oh my," He whispered peering into bright blue eyes that reflected his curiosity back at him. "What're you doing out here, little one?"

Reaching out he lifted the infant from the cradle with one arm. Once he had the bundle tucked into his arm he turned and started back towards his village leaving the cradle behind. He wouldn't be able to carry the entire thing back to the village. Even getting it the short distance to the bank was a struggle leaving him out of breath and his back aching.

Small arms escaped the cocoon of blankets and grabbed at him as they began their trek back to the village. Deciding to indulge the kid Hiruzen let him grab hold of his index finger. His mistake.

"Ow!" Yanking his hand away he stared down at the blonde bundle who was starting to tear up again having lost his plaything. "You must be Asgardian."

Given his looks and the golden cradle as well as the superior strength even as an infant it made it quite obvious the boy was from the Realm Eternal. But that begged the question of what was an Asgardian child doing lost and alone in the middle nowhere? And where were its parents?

"Hiruzen! What is-oh?"

Looking up from the infant in his arms Hiruzen sighed when he saw his wife running through the snow wrapped in her own robe. He could tell just by the look on her face that he was going to be raising this baby with her.

The slight tilt of her ears and the joy sparkling in her gray eyes couldn't have been anything less than a sign that she was already enamored with the orphan.

"Does he have a name?"


Biwako shook her head and held her arms out for the child. "The child, does he have a name? Your ears must be failing you in your old age." She teased.

"I'm only ten years older than you," Hiruzen said handing the baby over. He hadn't even bothered to check the cradle for a name. I'll go back in the morning.

"Are you calling me old?"

Staring at his wife who was looking at him with a raised brow no doubt waiting for him to try and talk his way out of the mess he was in Hiruzen sighed hanging his head. "Of course not dear. But I think the more important matter is getting the boy out of this weather. He maybe Asgardian but he is still a child."

"Yes, you are right." Biwako agreed turning her attention back to the squirming bundle in her arms. "I hope he will like his new home."

"New...Home?" He had known it was coming but there was still that small chance. And it seemed his wife needed a reminder. "Biwako we can't raise this boy. He already has a family."

"That is most likely dead." Biwako hissed at her husband careful not to raise her voice lest she frightens the poor child. "Only one thing could freeze a river like that and with him being all alone out here, it is too big of a coincidence. Do you not think so?"

She's not wrong. A Frost Giant could freeze a river and the Asgardians and the ice creatures did not have the best relations. In fact, the two race hated each other. "It wouldn't be a stretch for a Frost giant with a grudge to attack an Asgardian family."

If the family wasn't traveling with a warrior capable of matching a Frost giant they would have fled deeper into the woods trying to escape. It actually made quite a bit of sense if he was right in his assumption.

"Very well, let's get him home." Hiruzen placed a hand on the small of his wife's back and picking his torch back up before leaning in to guard her and Naruto against the worst of the winds. "I'll come back tomorrow morning to fetch the cradle. And check for a name."

(One Week later)

"Hiruzen," Biwako started but he held up a hand.

"I know Biwako, I know." Hiruzen leaned back in his favorite chair letting the warm heat from the fireplace slowly thaw his frozen toes. Seven days he and the other men in the village had searched for the Asgardians family who the newest addition to his house truly belonged to and had found nothing.

Looking to the golden cradle sitting on his couch he closed his eyes listening to the soft cooing of the child inside. "Have you thought of a name?"

Biwako nodded a small sad but also happy smile taking over her features. "Naruto,"

"Maelstrom? A strong name." Hiruzen nodded. It was a good name one Biwako had said they would name their first child. Before the healers had discovered she could not birth an heir some three hundred years ago. His family had urged him to find another wife, a woman who would give him a strong heir but his heart belonged to his beloved Biwako.

"Do you mind?" She asked coming to stand behind his chair setting a hand on his shoulder.

"No, I don't mind." He answered reaching up to cover her petite hand with his larger one. "You wanted to gift our first child with that name, and now you have."

Hearing the quiet sniffle behind him he smiled but stayed quiet squeezing her hand in comfort. She was finally getting the chance to do the one thing she had always dreamed.

"You're going to be a wonderful mother, Biwako."

Behind him, the sniffles grew and he felt his own eyes burn. Standing up from his chair he circled the piece of furniture and wrapped his wife in his arms.

"We finally have a family."

And so for the next nine hundred years, the lost Prince of Asgard grew up under the watchful eye of two Elves unknowing of his heritage for centuries until his two brothers and their friends wreaked havoc upon the lands surrounding his village in one of their many "glorious" battles.

(Alfheim present day)

"Naruto, are you sure this is the right choice?" Biwako followed her son as he walked through the house gathering what he would need for his journey. "We could write a letter instead."

"Mother, no. The Crown Princes and their friends took the stone and we need it back. You've seen what's been happening. Everything is dying and if not stopped soon that death will spread to the village and what will happen then? What will we tell our friends? Sorry, but your home for the past thousands of years is ruined and we have to leave?"

Turning around as he was about to leave the small cottage he called home for the past nine hundred years Naruto pulled his adopted grandmother to him wrapping his arms around her. "I will be fine. I'll head straight to Asgard get the stone and be back before you know it."

Looking up at her surrogate son Biwako smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. Since the moment she and her husband found the boy she knew he would be different.

Different from the other Elves in the village due to his Asgardian heritage.

Different to other Asgardians who were raised in Asgard surrounded by gold and advanced technology. Learning how to fight and attending banquets and parties in the castle.

Her boy would stand out like a thorn and not because of his mannerisms. He may have Asgardian blood running through his veins but he didn't look the part. She had been to Asgard and had seen the men and women who were the protectors of the nine realms. They were perfection personified as some called them. Long fine silk-like hair that shined from hundreds of years of care, unblemished skin touched only by the finest oils. Dressed in shiny armor and actual silk that was supposed to be as soft as clouds.

No, her Naruto was nothing like the people he had been bred from. His skin wasn't soft from expensive soaps and his hair was cut short (Thor Ragnarok trailer haircut) and perpetually dirty thanks to centuries of work in the fields around the village. His cloth pants and leather tunic were quite nice but they weren't the shiny armor Asgardians were known for.

"You shouldn't worry, Mother." Naruto grinned and puffed his chest out exaggeratedly trying to ease her worries. "I have faced perils more dangerous than talking to the Allfather."

"You mean your little adventures where you disappeared for years at a time, only to come back and give excuses about where you went?" Biwako raised an eyebrow. She had never condoned her son's little getaways but had allowed them. Her Naruto was a free spirit. Keeping him cooped up in the village his entire life would have

Naruto grin fell at the disapproving look he was getting but still felt better at getting her to stop fretting over his upcoming trip. "If I told you of all my adventures you would lock me in a tower as if I was some helpless princess."

Shaking her head Biwako ushered her boy out the door. "Keeping them a secret only makes me worry more. Now, go before I change my mind and lock you in your room. It's no tower but it will hold you."

Walking down the stone path connecting their cottage to the streets he spun around and walked backward waving as he went. "I will be back in two days at the most. I prom-"

"Heimdall?" Biwako gasped as Naruto vanished from view behind a wall of energy reaching into the sky farther than she could see. The gatekeeper must have seen what the Princes had taken if he was summoning her son with the Bifrost.

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