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(Heimdall's Observatory)

Falling to his knees at G-Force speeds Naruto had never been more grateful for his Asgardians genetics. "My body would be a puddle right now if I was born an elf."

"Naruto of Alfheim," A large booming voice from behind him announced. "I am Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost."

"I know who you are," Naruto said getting to his feet and to his displeasure stumbling a few steps before catching his balance. Not the best first impression. Especially when he was coming to demand something of the King. He couldn't be allowing himself to be seen as weak.

Heimdall stepped forward his golden armor clanking as it shifted with his body. "I have been expecting you, Naruto."

"I kinda guessed that when you summoned me straight from home. A little warning next time would be preferable." Naruto rolled his shoulders his blue eyes narrowing as the all-seeing all-hearing Asgardian drew closer to him.

Tensing as he stood face to chest with the massive dark-skinned Asgardian Naruto didn't look away forcing his eyes to stay steady refusing to move from the amber orbs that radiated with power. He wouldn't show any more weakness, not while he was in Asgard.

"Come, I have already informed the King of your arrival." Heimdall moved past him and Naruto turned to follow releasing a silent breath.

Staring into the eyes that could see from one end of the Nine Realms to the other was something he was not eager to repeat. It was unnerving, to say the least. Having the eyes that could see the entire Nine Realms stare into your own.

Following after Heimdall, he stepped out of the observatory and almost nearly gasped. If he was a lesser traveled man he would have but he had been all across the Nine Realms and seen many things. From the frozen mountains of Jotunheim to the shrines of Asgardians the people of Midgard build.

But Asgard. It was quite a sight.

Even at the opposite end of the Bifrost Bridge, he could see the tallest towers of the Asgardian Palace shiny brightly underneath the sun.

"I had heard the stories," He muttered underneath his breath shaking his head. But I never believed them to be true.

Through all his travels he had never come to his birth world. As far as he was concerned he was Alfheim, true and born no matter what blood ran through his blood.

"I hear many stories throughout the Nine Realms, some exaggerate its beauty. But it is still a wonder."

I wasn't talking about that. Naruto nodded to the Gatekeepers words but stayed silent. True Asgard was a sight many would gawk and some would swoon at but he was referring to the stories in the less fortunate corners of the Realms. Stories of how the strongest race kept and hoarded rare minerals in their world as others suffered in poverty.

Looking out to the city that seemed to be made of gold he couldn't disagree. But he wasn't here to petition for those less fortunate. Not today. He was here for his village and the people who had looked to him since his adoptive father had passed away. And he wasn't leaving without what belonged to him, even if he had to kick the Prince's asses. I am getting that stone.

(Throne Room)

"Father, if we had known we nev-"

"Silence!" Seated atop his golden throne Odin, the king of Asgard and protector of the Nine Realm stared down to the two boys knelt at his feet.

Thor and Loki.

His boys, foolish as they were.

Behind them, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif stood silently heads bowed. Other than that his throne room was empty, devoid of servants and guards. He did not need the deeds of the soon to be King made gossip that was whispered in hushed voices. Seeding doubt before Thor began his reign as the next King of Asgard.

No, will handle this matter quietly and quickly. Rising from his chair he tapped Gungir to the ground letting the echo break the silence of the room.

"You six have put the lives of the subjects of Asgard in danger, the very people we are sworn to guard as protectors of the Realm. You have failed in your duty, as Prince-" Odin's lone eye fell on his sons before to his subjects. "And as Warriors."

He should have said more. He wanted to say more, to beat into their skulls with his words until they learned. Thor had always been rash but this time his son had gone too far. Loki the more sensible of the two should have known what they were taking yet he said nothing. Why?

"My King," A messenger came through the doors at the front of the throne room and kneeled. Unaware of the tension he had broken between Father and sons. "The envoy from Alfheim has arrived."

"Send him in."

The messenger nodded and rose to his feet leaving the room quickly so not to keep their guest waiting.

"With you leave, my lie-"

"Stay!" Odin growled glaring at the blonde warrior who had spoken. Frandal, friend of Thor. "All of you will stay. The man you have slighted has been courteous enough to come in person to request that of which you took back. You will pay him the same respect."

Watching his sons for their reactions to the command his lips tightened as Thor visibly frowned and Loki eyes darkened hiding what he felt internally. As if meeting the people they will rule is a chore.

They had yet to realize that a Kingdom without people was nothing but empty buildings and land. Buildings could be rebuilt but if people left what were they? Just a family of fools sitting in a golden castle.

He's not ready. He decided as he sat back down on his throne watching his oldest son as the group moved to stand on the stairs three on each side of the throne. A united front to their visitor. It seemed his sons at least remembered some lessons.

Not more than a minute later the same messenger as before entered the bowing once more. "May I present, Heimdall, Gatekeeper of the Nine Realms and Naruto, of Alfheim!"

Heimdall entered first. Large and imposing to even the best warriors of Asgard as he strode across the room to the throne. Odin nodded to his friend and ally but let his attention slide to the figure behind the Gatekeeper.

"You are of Asgard." He stated as they reached the stairs to his throne and Heimdall knelt. Yet the boy stood. Chin high and eyes not on him or the golden walls and floors of the room but on his sons and their friends.

"I am Odin, Allfather, King of Asgard."

Naruto let his eyes stop on the old man on the throne. He had already locked what the six warriors who had potentially dammed his village looked like in his mind. In case he had to find them again.

Not old man, the King. Staring into the eye of the most powerful man in the Nine Realms he felt the same unnerving feeling he felt when he matched Heimdall's stare. But he didn't back down then and he wouldn't now. King or no King.

"I am Naruto, of Alfheim." He introduced himself but still didn't bow. The King cut a formidable figure on his throne, his golden armor shining and the legendary Gungir in his hands. The eye patch separated him from other royal he had met who prided themselves with never having stepped foot on a battlefield, yet Odin had the air of a warrior around him.

It was respectable for a leader to fight side by side with his men but that didn't earn him Naruto's respect.

"Are you not going to kneel before your king?" Looking to the kings right to where the warrior sporting long blonde hair was glaring at him he stared for a second before looking back to the king. A clear dismissal of the eldest Prince.

"You-" Thor stepped forward.

"Silence!" Odin hissed freezing his son in place. This was his throne room, he was still King and did not need his son to speak in his place.

Turning his attention back to the Asgardian born on Alfheim he studied the boy. His blonde hair was cut close to the head, the dark green short-sleeved tunic and brown pants he wore were clean but still looked dirty compared to everyone else in the room. But most importantly, looking past the skin-deep appearances he could see the boy was young. Not even a thousand years, still young by Asgardian standards.

And yet here he stood, in front of the ruler of the Nine Realms refusing to kneel.

The defiance was clear in the boy's eyes so he knew it was just the ignorance of someone raised elsewhere. No, young Naruto made the conscious choice to refuse to kneel knowing what it meant. And he was curious as to why, disrespectful as it was.

Glancing at his son from the corner of his eye he frowned slightly at the anger in his eyes. Thor still didn't understand how to be king. How to let the insults whispered across the Realms slide over him. His son still took everything to personal, too emotional.

Naruto was young and foolish, same as his sons. His disrespect was the actions of a boy and should be treated as such.

"He prides his self on not bowing, my king," Heimdall answered before Naruto could and he shot the gatekeeper and glare.

I can speak for myself. Naruto opened his mouth to do just that but was cut off again by the King speaking.

"Pride, yes that would keep anyone from kneeling." Odin's eye narrowed as the low born boy stared at him. "Why did your village send you to retrieve the stone?"

"I am their leader." Naruto could see the Asgardians were surprised. By their standards and the Light Elves standards he was still young. Barely out of his teen years if they had been on Midgard. They didn't know how he had studied for hours with his adoptive father learning how to care for the village that had taken him in. Didn't know that as the once small village grew larger and larger year by year that he took on more and more duties as Hiruzen grew sick. And they didn't know what he had given up to return home when he learned of his father's passing and take the mantle of leader.

"A leader? Then from leader to leader, if I told you to get back what is yours you must bow, would you?" Odin said and waited watching as Naruto's entire body tensed at the question. He could see Thor smirking at his side and shook his head subtly at his son's foolishness. Thor thought this was the boy's punishment for his disrespect. Breaking his pride.

No, I want to see what kind of leader he is. There was something about this boy, Naruto. He couldn't place it but it made him curious. Show me who you are.

Clenching his jaw Naruto bit down so hard on his tongue to hold it he drew blood. Swallowing the red fluid so no one noticed he slowly knelt until he was nearly down on one knee."

"Stop!" He looked up at the king who was staring down at him unsurprised of his decision. "You were quick to throw away your pride."

"Screw my pride. It's not worth the lives trying to save." Naruto gritted out rising back to his feet. He was being tested. That was nearly as bad as being asked to kneel, he didn't need to prove himself to anyone.

"The stone." Odin nodded to his sons.

Loki was the one who stepped forward walking down the steps and pulling a small purple bag with golden seams from his side and handed it over to Naruto.

Untying the bag Naruto lifted it by the bottom and held his free hand open underneath it catching the small green jewel that fell out. Staring at the small stone he tilted his hand letting it slip from his grasp and fall to the floor where it shattered at his feet sending tiny pieces skittering across the golden floor.

"Where is the real stone!" He growled reaching out and snatching Loki by the collar. "I do not have the patience to indulge you in your tricks."

"Release the prince."

Following the large sword at his neck, Naruto traced the blade back to Heimdall who was staring at him but he didn't release his hold. "I didn't come here to be made a fool of. I want what they have stolen and returned."

"And it will be," Odin assured rising from his throne. "Release my son and we will settle this civilly. You have my word as King of Asgard."

"Very well." Naruto let his fingers uncurl from around the clump of silk he was holding freeing Loki.

Seeing his son freed Odin nodded and looked to Thor and his friends who were staring at the glass pieces on the floor. "Thor, I saw you hand the replica stone to Loki when you entered. Where is the real one?"

The demand was easily heard but Thor shook his head. He didn't have an answer. "I thought that was the real stone, father."

"Someone must have stolen it on our way back from Alfheim," Loki said stepping back closer to the throne. "A glamour charm could have easily fooled Thor. He was never one for magic."

Odin seeing their peaceful talks spiraling again as Naruto's shifted forward ignoring the blade Heimdall had yet to remove from his throat.

"The stones give off an immense power. We will locate and my sons will retrieve it. Right the wrongs they have done to you and your village." The king promised but Naruto wouldn't hear of it.

"Your sons have done enough. I will get it myself."

"You do not possess the time to scour the Nine Realms. We will find the stone, here, on Asgard. And you can be the one to retrieve it. Until then, please, enjoy the hospitality of Asgard. I will call for you once the stone is located." Odin motioned to the Warriors Three. "Lady Sif will escort you to the guest's chambers and anywhere else you wish to go."

Sif shocked recovered quickly and bowed. "It would be my pleasure."

"Then the matter is settled. Thor, Loki, come with me."

Standing still as the rushed conversation ended and the three royals left the room Naruto looked at the dark-haired woman clad in silver armor coming towards him. She was a beautiful woman, truly a goddess worthy of her Asgardian heritage. Yet all he saw was one of the reckless fools who had possibly caused the destruction of his home.

And now I'm stuck with her until Odin finds the stone. Great.

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