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Chapter 4

"Hey Ranma. There you are." Hiroshi called out as he and Daisuke strolled to their currently red haired, pigtailed friend.

"Two sailor scouts in two days?" Daisuke boasted with a face splitting grin while sauntering up to the motionless redhaired girl and wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Ranma, you lucky bastard."

Off to the side, Hiroshi muttered with a shake of his head, "I swear… Sailor V and Sailor Venus are the same person…"

The two boys blinked twice when they noticed Ranma looking downcast. Backing two steps away, they scanned Ranma over, checking for any telltale sign of injuries.

Hiroshi spoke hesitantly, his eyes still searching for any scratches, tears or scrapes. "You didn't lose… Did you?" He didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Daisuke blinked as he took what Hiroshi said in consideration. He snapped, "Damnit Ranma! You better not have lost, Hiroshi bet against you again."

Feeling the redhead's eyes bore into him, he sweated nervously and then defended himself, "Hey, like I said, I swear V and Venus are the same person, and after fighting you once and coming back for a rematch after a single day, I thought she'd found a counter or something you know…" Hiroshi rambled on. "She does have some stronger attacks that she didn't use on you…"

Ranma barked out a short laugh. With bravado, he spoke, "Me? Lose? Of course not!" After the statement, he watched mutely as Daisuke immediately stuck out his hand, palm up, in Hiroshi's direction. The light brown hair boy's head drooped dejectedly and he stuffed his right hand into his pocket to fish out the proper bills. With a grumble and some reluctance he dropped the cash into the smirking boy's hand.

"Hiro, Hiro, Hiro…" Daisuke said condescendingly. "Even after yesterday, you still don't learn."

Hiroshi growled softly and shook his head. His eyes focused back onto Ranma. "Why'd you change to a girl? Does Sailor Ven- er… V… whatever… know?"

The boy turned girl shook his head. "Nah. Just wanted to get her off me. I already beat her and Sailor V has pretty massive stamina so it was either throw her off track or keep going."

His two friends nodded. Left unsaid was the fact Ranma still didn't like fighting girls. Sailor V seemed to be the exception to rule. In addition, Ranma would never rough up any of the fairer sex, only humiliate them.

Hiroshi cracked a sly grin. "Massive stamina, eh? You'd know huh."

Ranma, oblivious, nodded, "Yeah. Massive. I made the mistake of not tying her up one time and even though I was done, she kept going and going."

Daisuke elbowed his friend to stop him from snickering. "What's up Ranma? Did you find out that she's engaged to you? Is that why she attacked you?" He asked with unconcealed amusement. Anything that happened with Ranma was always entertaining, the fights, the adventures, and the drama. Oh yes, the drama's has got to be the best. From one fiancee to the next, along with various rivals in love and sparing. There were love triangles everywhere. Maybe more like love hexagon… A map probably would be better suited to figure out the depths and intricacies of Ranma's relationships.

Ranma's eyes snapped opened and he stared at his friends in shock. "What?" He rubbed his head. "You guys don't really think that's why?" He started to panic and reason. "We've never seen each since back then, so there's no way, right?"

Daisuke made an expression, contorting his face to say 'How the heck are we supposed to know?'

Hiroshi started grinning bigtime and rubbing his hands mischievously, "Ranma, Ranma, Ranma… she's got a secret identity. I bet her identity got engaged to you somehow and when she realized who you were, she went she wanted to test you out or something. You gotta have a boyfriend who can fight youmas. Like that Tuxedo guy."

Ranma stood still. "Right…" He said mumbled despondently, unheard to his friends. "I wish that was what it was..."

Hiroshi turned to Daisuke. "You want to bet?"

"On what?"

"Ranma getting engaged to his 'V-chan.'"

Daisuke rolled his eyes. "C'mon, not everything's like those weird mangas you read..."

"Well, what do you think it is then?"

"I don't know but I'll bet against you."

"Double or nothing?"

Daisuke smirked. "You haven't lost enough money yet?"

"No way! This time I'm totally winning!"

Ranma's eyes narrowed at the transaction. "Would it kill you guys to at least bet on my life when I'm not around?"

"Yes, it would." Daisuke answered shamelessly as he subconsciously rubbed his pocket with his wallet. With a shooing motion at the redhead he commanded. "Do me a favor and go find Sailor V so we can sort this bet out."

Ranma's right eye started twitching and he crossed his arms across his bountiful chest. "And… Where'd I find her, huh?"

"You know that girl that came with Sailor Venus?" Daisuke prompted.

"Huh?" Ranma intelligently mumbled.

"The one with blue hair. You know, kinda looks like Akane?" Hiroshi supplied.

Ranma blinked and made a thinking expression with his face scrunched comically. "I… I have no idea who you're talking about." In all honesty, he had been completely focused on the fight yesterday and today. How else was he going to insult their form?

Daisuke rolled his eyes. "Her name's Ami. She was there to watch your fight with Sailor Venus and was also there during your fight just now."

Hiroshi nodded in agreement. "Yea. We chatted up with her. She told us she went to Juuban High in Juuban."

"Apparently, she said she was checking out the area because she and her mom might move here." Daisuke said skeptically.

"Yeah. I call bull on that. Juuban high is a thousand times better than Furinkan. She's too smart for us. Besides who goes to check out Nerima?" Hiroshi shook his head in disbelief. Nerima was a cesspool of idiots and violence why anybody would voluntarily live there must be a lunatic. Which would make sense. Hiroshi groused mentally, aloud he continued. "And she appeared too quickly with Sailor V even if she ran from the start of lunch. We're like twenty minutes away by train."

Daisuke picked up where Hiroshi left off. "Anyways... we all know youma activity happens in Juuban, for certain. So at the least you could hang around Juuban looking for her." Daisuke put his hand to his chin in a thinking gesture. " With Ami seeming to be Sailor V/Venus' friend, I bet she's friends with her civilian form. So just look for an Akane lookalike."

"Maybe…" Hiroshi theorized jokingly. "She could be a sailor scout too."

Daisuke waved it off. "Nah I doubt it. She's kinda… bookish to be a scout, don't you think?"

Hiroshi shrugged in response.

"Anyways, you could probably find her near Juuban high. I bet she's friends with those other girls too." Daisuke advised.

"The blonde in the weird odangos, the really tall brunette, and the really hot one with long black hair." Hiroshi listed helpfully.

Ranma barely paid attention and was focused on other pressing matters. He decided to rejoin the conversation. "Why should I do this for you guys anyways?"

Daisuke leaned closer to the redhead. "How about I cut you some of Hiroshi's money when I win the bet."

Indignant, Hiroshi replied snappily, "What makes you so sure you're going to win the bet, huh?"

He was ignored and Daisuke continued to persuade Ranma. "Aren't you curious too? I mean it's pretty strange to have two different Sailor Scouts angrily coming for you in two consecutive days? It's pretty random, even for you. Not to mention that there were Sailor Scouts affiliated with each other. Sailor V and Sailor Venus are pretty similar… Same colors, similar name, and from what you said, Venus studied V or something like that."

"That's right!" Hiroshi added. "The only explanation is engagement!"

Irritated, Daisuke smacked Hiroshi on the back of his head. Eliciting an agitated "Hey!" from the dark haired boy. "No it's not."

Hiroshi turned to Ranma excitedly, "You see?" he claimed, referring to polar beliefs of the situation. "We need to find out."

"For science!"

Ranma's friends stared at Ranma hopefully, expecting an answer.

If I could just beat him, just once, I could forget about that bastard forever. Sailor V's words echoed in Ranma's mind. His 'friend,' one of his dear friends hated him. He didn't understand why she hated him but it tore at his heart. I hate him so much… Unnoticed by his two friends, Ranma's shoulder subconsciously drooped and his arms felt heavy. He started to get agitated.

"Look." Ranma said, feeding the eager boy's hopes. "We should get back to school. Lunch's definitely over."

Hiroshi's eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms. "Since when did you care so much about school?" He didn't give a damn about school either and there's no way Ranma cared about school any more than he did. Ranma was pretty much guaranteed an athletic scholarship too so there was no real incentive for him to care.

The accusing question was like an aggravating fly bothering a hungry and sleep-deprived man. Ranma snapped lightly and irritably. "Since I missed so many days with all this… this… crap!"

"Jeez." Unfazed, Daisuke said disapprovingly. "If you didn't want to do it, you could've just've said a simple no."

Ranma sighed deeply. "I'm sorry guys. Didn't mean to. Look, I'm not really in the mood. I'll do it later… maybe. Let's just get back to class." Ranma quickly turned his back and walked off.

"...Hey Ranma." Hiroshi called out. "You're going the wrong way."

Daisuke grabbed Hiroshi's shoulder. "Let's just go. He's probably going to get some hot water."

"But, it's faster if he went to Tofu along the way."

Daisuke shrugged and the two walked off to the school.

"Say…" Daisuke prompted. "Didn't it look like Ranma was really sad about something?"

"I mean I would be pretty sad too knowing I got engaged to more girls when I already have several trigger happy fiancees."

"Several cute triggerhappy fiancees." Daisuke corrected.

"Amen to that. Lucky son of a gun doesn't even appreciate it."

"Also," Daisuke elbowed his friend. "Shut up about the engagement, you're totally wrong."

"I know I'm not the only one who thinks so." Hiroshi rolled his eyes, there was already dozens of theories of what Sailor Venus' relationship with Ranma was. There were more bets and things were going to be even more crazy with 'V-chan.' He dropped the topic. "Yeah, he did seem a bit bothered."

The two boys knew Ranma's emotions were an open book coupled with the fact that he was a horrible liar. Additionally, Ranma was never off put after fights, especially not after winning a fight. It worried the two to the perplexing puzzle as to why their pigtailed friend was so gloomy.

"Hey Daisuke, you seem to be getting it on with Ami." Hiroshi said innocently. "She does look similar to Akane. I remember way back then, you pined over Akane too. And I saw thos… Oh my god! Is that your type? Cute girls with short blue hair?"


"Ow! Hey! Could you stop hitting me?"

Or maybe they weren't so worried.

Ami and Minako were both able to get back to school before lunch ended with time to spare. The fight had been unexpectedly brief and at one point the two of them had shot off faster than her civilian form to follow, so she decided to stay and chat with the two boys. During her chat, she had found her vengeful friend leaping across rooftops back towards Juuban. It was a miracle that she was able to catch a glimpse of blonde hair trailing in the air, otherwise she would have been left behind in Nerima. After the glimpse of her friend, she had to abandoned the two friendly boys who had provided her with ample information about the 'evil' Ranma Saotome. She found an alley and quickly transformed into her Sailor suit and only after yelling for a few moments did she get Minako's attention, who slowed down for her. Along the way back, she observed Minako's despondency and dried tear tracks, signalling Minako's loss. After de-transforming, the distraught blonde immediately went to her next class, refusing to talk to her or anybody, despite having some time left over during lunch. Minako remained callous and unapproachable, a stark contrast to the morning cheerfulness she had exuded.

"It doesn't make sense… Just no sense... " Ami muttered to herself as she sat through class. While the teacher in the background droned on with subjects she already knew about, Ami stared discretely at a photograph in her hand. It was a photo of five figures. She recognized one of them to be Ranma. He, along with three others of the same age seemed to riding on a gigantic youma or something like the sort. It looked like a bull with wings from what she could see. Ranma was with a Chinese girl scantily clothed with what looked to be pantyhoses, a fanged Japanese boy with a yellow and black bandanna, and a Chinese boy with round thick glasses in robes. The four of them were punching the bull youma simultaneously. Ami gave a wry smirk, I wonder where the tentacles are... From what Hiroshi and Daisuke said, the four of them were on a mission to rescue another girl from the monster. Firstly, it made Ami question if they were human. Seeing him fight again up close reaffirmed his incredible ability and Ami could see how Minako could have lost to him years before. But now, she had fully expected her expected to win given that she was much better than the years before in addition to being calmer and rested. She would need to finally look at the scannings her computer gave her from the day before. Secondly, it spun a new light on the 'evil' of Ranma Saotome. She had heard some positive stories from his friends and the picture was one of heroism. Unless the ridiculous looking bull was the good guy. She doubted it. She reviewed her conversation with the two boys from Nerima. She smiled slightly when remembering their antics.

"Did Ranma just kiss her?" Hiroshi gaped as they watched the fight from afar.

"Nah man, you're seeing things." Daisuke denied.

"Aw man, they ran off." Hiroshi whined as the two fighter bounded off after Ranma had seemingly pushed Sailor V into the pool.

Daisuke echoed the complaint, "Damn, it can't be over over yet." Seeing Sailor V quickly get out and rush after the pigtailed martial artist, Daisuke made a little cheer. He turned sharply to Hiroshi. "1000 yen says Ranma won."

"Deal." Hiroshi said immediately. "We gotta get to them. Let's go."

Daisuke nodded affirmatively. The two were just about to leave when Ami halted them.

"Wait!" The quick interaction piqued Ami's curiosity and got her to ask the question she had from yesterday. The cautiously relaxed atmosphere of Nerima bewildered her. When the fight broke out, she had noticed local residents simply sighed with a resigned look on their face then went on with their business. The students were mixed in emotions, either agitated at the disturbance or were genuinely interested in the potentially dangerous battle; none had a single trace of fear on their faces. And then to think people actually bet on the winner. Juuban was no where like this. "How… how often does these fights happen?"

The answer came quick and simple. "Everyday pretty much." Hiroshi answered.

"Ev-everyday?!" Ami mouthed flabbergasted. Even the youma had the decency not to attack everyday. "W-why? Who? Was everything you guys said yesterday true?" Like Rei, Ami was extremely sceptical of the stories they said, however, like Usagi, she saw no reason for them to lie either.

Daisuke feigned a blow placing his right arm over his chest as if struck. "What? You thought we were liars? Your accusations… they wound me."

Ami couldn't help but giggle. "No no." She assured with a shake of her head. "It's quite unbelievable for humans to constantly fight or throw boulders and energy blasts like you said yesterday."

"That's… that's a strange way to put it." Hiroshi muttered. "Humans huh."

Daisuke responded, "Like we said yesterday, find Nabiki Tendo and she'll give you everything you need to know about Ranma."

"The fights usually happen between Ranma and his rivals, other martial artists. It's pretty random actually." Hiroshi started to answer her questions. "Sometimes there would be some outsider coming into Nerima looking for Ranma for whatever reason. Ranma's always the center of the problem. He's like a magnet to every weird thing there is. And if you believe or not, more often or not, there's magic involved." Ami raised a brow. She certainly did believe in magic but magic outside of the senshi was new to her.

"Oh hey." Daisuke snapped his fingers in realization. "I actually have some pics on me." He shuffled around his pocket before pulling out a couple photos. He held them out for Ami to see.

"Umm…" Ami stared at the pictures in embarrassment. They were pictures of a cute blue haired girl in scandalous positions. A couple of the pictures featured the girl in the furo washing herself. And others in tight gym uniforms and other outfits.

Daisuke blinked at the reaction and took a look at the pictures. "Oh shit." His face grew red and he quickly retracted his hand and scanned through the mess of photos before pulling out one. Pretending as if nothing happened, he said, "Here's minotaur guy we mentioned. You can keep the photo, it's a pretty old one."

Ami took the picture, gave a curious glance at the picture then put it in her pocket.

"Y'know." Hiroshi wondered. "I always wondered how Nabiki got that pic. She wasn't even there."

"I think it was Happosai who got the photo." Daisuke explained. "Pantyhose."

"I-" Ami started. Her head quickly whipped to the side to see locks of blonde whipping through the air. "I gotta go." She said suddenly.

"Aw," Daisuke smirked. "We didn't give you our famous Nerima tour yet."

Ami's reasoned quickly, "Sorry, maybe next time, but I gotta get back before lunch ends, I have to take train. Besides you guys would miss school."

Missing the looks of indifference of the two boys, Ami rushed off into an alleyway, transformed, and bounded after her friend.

"Minako Minako!" Usagi called excitedly, rushing up to her friend outside the school. "Did you finally beat that bastard?"

"Usagi!" Makoto chided.

"Sorry…" Usagi apologized offhandedly to the brunette. "So did you win?" Her arms were clasped together over her chest in a hopeful expression.

Minako really was not in a good mood. She had been rested, she had been calm the entire time, she had years of experience fighting youma, she had improved her speed, strength, and reflexes to be far superior to the years before, yet she still lost to the grinning bastard. He really is a monster...Minako thought bitterly. "No." Minako replied tersely. 'I didn't."

Usagi immediately recoiled at the pure spite in Minako's voice and fresh tears adorned her eyes. "D-did he throw a boulder at you? Or, or a tornado?" Usagi questioned distressingly.

Minako rolled her eyes. "No. He didn't."

"Oh thank god." Usagi let out in honest relief.

"You don't really believe those two, do you?" Makoto quipped.

Usagi didn't answer as Minako spoke curtly, "He just did what he always did. Danced around me and then humiliated me."

There was some silence before Makoto asked tentatively, "What he do this time?"

"Spouted some crap about me missing him, kissed me, then dunked me into a pool." She answered bitterly.

"He kissed you?!" Usagi and Makoto exclaimed simultaneously in shock, or rather, Usagi was from shock, Makoto was a mix of shock and jealousy.

"Yeah." She admitted. "What an asshole. I hate him so much."

"Did he kiss you on the lips…?" Makoto asked hungrily. Evil or not, that Ranma Saotome was certainly handsome and he knew martial arts to boot. She immediately regretted asking when Minako whipped around to glare at her.

"No, but it was absolutely disgusting." Minako denied. "Mako, no matter how unbelievably handsome he is with his piercing blue eyes and well sculpted body and face, he's the most spiteful, horrendous bastard of all mankind."

Makoto couldn't help but sweatdrop and take her words with little weight. She nodded anyways.

"He's a monster. He can't be human! No human can go toe to toe with a Sailor Senshi!" Minako vented, suddenly she announced, "I'm going home."

"Wait!" Usagi called after her, picking up her own pace to match Minako's suddenly quick pace. "Mina! You can't just leave us. We're your friends. Let us help you out."

"It's my business."

"Minako please." Usagi pleaded.

Minako stopped her stride and turned to the girl. Looking into the caring and worried eyes of their leader, Minako finally resigned. "Alright, fine just not today. I'm spending the rest of the day at home. Don't bother me." She gave Usagi a meaningful stare. At the sight her Queen's glossy eyes she added, "Tomorrow's a Saturday… We could do something tomorrow."

"Ice cream?" Usagi asked hopefully, her eyes now sparkling with hope.

"Sure, ice cream."

"Yes! See you tomorrow Mina. Don't be sad!" Usagi yelled and wave as the other blonde made her way home.

"You can't solve everything with ice cream, Usagi…" Makoto deadpanned as she caught up to odango girl.

"Sure you can." Usagi declared seriously. "Trust me. Minako will be a-okay after ice cream tomorrow."

"What? Are you going to solve Mina's boy problem with ice cream too?" Makoto mocked.

"Ooh! That's a good idea!" Usagi cheered.

"Whatever you say." Makoto said with a sigh. "Hey, Where's Ami?"

Usagi, in a brighter mood, replied, "She said was researching the Ranma guy. She scanned him with her computer yesterday. And I think she was talking with those two boys from yesterday."

Makoto perked up a bit. "Do you know where she's doing her research?"

"At her house."

"Hmm…" Makoto appeared thoughtful then proceeded to walk in the direction of Ami's home. "I'm going to go help her."

"H-hey! What about me?"

"Do your homework... You've got a lot of work to do."

"No! It's so boring, who cares about homework when there's a tornado throwing person out there."

"You could go with me if you want. We could check him out together and find out if he could actually make tornadoes."

"I can't... Ami never wants me around her when she's working on something."

"Then, go bother Rei or something."

"Good idea!"

"I was just telling the truth…" Ranma mumbled bitterly while rubbing his head soothingly as he stared at the starry night sky on a branch of a tree.

He had not gone back to school after talking to Hiroshi and Daisuke. Instead, he opted to go to the nearby forest to relax his running mind, busying himself with constant katas. He headed back to the Tendo home in time for dinner where was interrogated thrice. One by his father, another by Nabiki, and lastly by Akane where an argument, like always, broke out, resulting a shouting match and physical pain for him. "I can't help that V-chan has a better figure than Akane." He reasoned to himself as he replayed the argument in his mind. He scowled, "Why does she think V-chan and that other Sailor wannabe… uh Venus… are the same person? V-chan's the original, she's faster, stronger, and better than Venus lady."

Moments of peace passed before Ranma spoke again. "She also hates me…" What did he do that warranted so much hate? Was it the taunts? He only teased her because he knew she could handle it. Maybe it was the situations he put her after he won. Nah it couldn't be. He knew she could get out of whatever he put her in, and she did evident by their weekly encounters. Not to mention, it's not like anybody saw her in those situations, it was usually at nighttime and in some secluded area. It hurt. It hurt and he didn't know why it hurt so much. How many friends did he have? Sure, he had Hiroshi and Daisuke but they weren't that close. Did Ryoga or Mousse count as friends? Rivals ready to backstab and do him in. How about Ukyo? Fiancee competing for him along with Shampoo and Akane, the carefree and playful Ucchan was nonexistent. Ka-chan? It's been an eternity since he had seen her, and with his luck that confrontation would end horribly. And V-chan? Not anymore, or rather, it never existed. He took a deep shaky breath and closed his eyes for slumber. Maybe he should go to Juuban. Tomorrow. He'll go tomorrow.

In an undisclosed location, a woman with an ageless beauty sat lonesome at wooden table. Thin, slender hands elegantly grasped a teacup. She quietly sipped on the tea as she contemplated about her work, mission and life. She took in a deep breath, inhaling the rich aroma of her home brewed tea and closed her eyes, savoring the sensations made by the tea. Soothingly, she let the air out.


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