Chapter 5

The Everlovin' End!

"I... I'm free! I'm really free!!!" Johnny C. danced about on his front lawn merrily, watched closely by the Freelance Police. "Thank you!!!" He hugged Sam tightly, then attempted to hug Max, then shrank back when the little creature snarled loudly. "Thank you so much, Sam and Max!" Tears filled his eyes as he said "You have no idea what it was like... being under the control of that thing... The... The THINGS I've done..." He shivered and wrapped his arms tightly around himself.

"Hehe, that's alright, Nny," Sam laughed, patting Johnny's shoulder.

Max nodded, grinning with his hands on his hips. "Yeah! The point is, you realized what you've done and you're sorry for it. Plus, you let us go, so you know you're on OUR friend-list now!"

Sam nodded. "Yyyyyep! Unfortunately, there's still the little matter about your having killed a lot of people, so it's off to the hoosgow with you!"

Suddenly, a SWAT team arrived and grabbed Johnny, who gasped "What? N-NO! You can't! You don't understand! THE WALL MONSTER MADE ME DO IT! I'M INNOCENT! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!! CURSE YOU, SAM AND MAX: FREELANCE POLIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!"

"What's a 'hoosgow,' Sam?" Max asked as the SWAT team for wherever it is that Johnny lives drove away.

"I'll tell you when you're older, Max," Sam chuckled. "It's dirty!"

"Aw, okay." Max leaped into their black-and-white 60's DeSoto and grinned wildly at Sam. "Now let's go to the mall and beat up some gothic teens!"

Sam laughed and hopped into the car. "You crack me up, little buddy!"

And with that, our heroes drove off into the sunset...

Goodnight, and may God bless...