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The Amythis Charm

Chapter Two: The Problem Between Twins


            It didn't take Harry quite as long as it had before to get to Remus' house.  That might have been just because he was asleep most of the time, but it didn't seem quite as long.  Before Harry knew it, he was stepping off the train, being greeted by everyone's favorite grey-haired werewolf.  Needless to say, Remus did not look well.  His face was pale, or at least, paler than usual.  His hair, which was usually a glossy light brown/light grey was now even greyer, and the normal bags under his eyes were even larger.

            "Hello Harry." Remus had said calmly, wrapping the sixteen year old in a large hug.  Harry returned the friendly hug likewise, and smiled.

            "Hello Remus.  Have a nice summer?"

            "Oh, I'm fine Harry.  It's you and Sirius I've been worried about.  Have you heard? Someone tipped the Ministry off about Sirius staying here...Ministry officials Apparating to my house day and night!"  Remus said sighing.

            "Bet you anything it was Snape who tipped them off."  Harry said, in a matter of fact sort of way.

            "Oh, I have no doubt it was, probably.  Either that or some other childhood enemy of mine.  But that's not important right now, Harry.  How are YOU doing?  Holding up alright?" He said, putting his arm affectionately around Harry.

            "If your talking about the Dursleys..."

            "Of course not! You should not feel guilty about that, in many ways, they've gotten what they've deserved.  I was talking about Richard."

            "Oh..." Harry paused.  How did he feel? He wasn't for sure on that one.  Of course, he missed his grandfather dearly.  Richard had been one of the only people Harry could turn to in times of need, and like many of them, he had died as well.  But Richard wasn't only someone Harry cared about.  He was also family, and to Harry, that counted more than anything.   "I've been doing fine, I guess."  Harry said doubtfully.  Remus did not question Harry's uncertainty, and Harry was very glad.

            "I hope you don't mind your room.   It's poorly decorated and messy.  I supposed I ought to have tidied up a tad bit more, but..." Remus did not say more, but Harry knew what he was going to say.

            "Are you expecting someone else, Remus?"  Harry asked politely.  Remus shook his head.

            "Yes!!  My brother, Romulous...You've never met him before, and consider yourself lucky...." He started mumbling, Harry didn't catch all of what he said, but he managed to understand "Rude, arrogant, selfish, no good Prat who thinks he's better than the world!"   Harry smiled, a little nervously.  He had never seen Remus mad before, and it, entertaining to see his former Defense teacher in a rage. 


            If there was one thing Harry learned in his stay at Remus' cottage, it was that random people at random times tended to drop by Remus' front door.  For living so far from everything, Remus got a lot of different visitors.  Ministry officials questioning him about Sirius late at night....Professor McGonagall arriving early in the morning to borrow a book about Animagus...A mysterious blonde she-werewolf asking Remus out on a date at sometime around three in the morning.  However, the oddest visitor happened exactly two days after Harry had moved in.

            It was a lovely day outside, so Remus and Harry were eating lunch outside in what should have been a small garden, but was rather a home for thousands of gnomes.  About that time a red convertible came flying down Remus' road.  It was so full of people that Remus and Harry had a hard time deciphering who was in it.  The car drove hastily past Remus' driveway, then stopped suddenly and backed up to the driveway.  Remus and Harry, who were already standing up, were very shocked to see who was driving it. Rita Skeeter was driving the red convertible, and inside the car was a man with her.  She parked the car right square in Remus' garden, and then she and the man rudely climbed out.

            "Sorry about that." She said, not even bothering to look at Remus.  Harry was grateful, for he was she if she saw him, he would have been forced to do an interview with her.  Instead, her attention was paid mostly to the man she had ridden with. 

            Harry didn't know who this man was.  He had never seen him a day in his life.  His face was young, his hair was brown, and his eyes were blue.  He was tall, slim, and pale and had a look on his face that reminded Harry reluctantly of Lucius Malfoy.  Remus seemed to know him, though, for the look on his face was one Harry had not seen since Snape threatened to turn Sirius and himself into the Dementors. 

            The man gave Rita a small kiss on the cheek.  "See you soon, love.  I promise I'll be home soon." And so, Rita Skeeter crawled back into her crashed convertible, fixing it easily with magical, and driving off.  And so the man shifted his attention to Remus and Harry.

            "Remus!"  The man said, and his face held a goofy grin.  He opened his arms out, ready to embrace Remus into a hug.  Remus didn't seem even remotely happy about this.  On his face was what looked like a scorn, and with his arms crossed, he didn't look at all pleasant.

            "You have to make an entrance, don't you!?" Remus yelled, throwing his arms in the air, furiously.  The man looked at very confused for a moment, and then realization hit him.

            "Oh! This is because of Rita, isn't it? You don't like her because she said you've probably been helping Sirius Black.  Don't worry though, she'll stop.  I won't let Rita ruin my baby brother's life." Remus, who was heading towards to door of his house, stopped suddenly.

            "Baby Brother? I'm your baby brother?! Is that how you see me, Romulous?  Your baby brother? If I remember correctly, Rom, I believe we are twins.  Meaning I am not your baby brother!!!"  Remus scorned.  Ah, so this was why he was so mad.  This was Romulous, his twin. 

            They didn't look much like twins, when you looked at them.  Remus was tall and thin, and his hair was grey and his face was wrinkled, and his smile seemed to be luminous.  His blue eyes were known to change colors and he was well known for being a relatively-friendly guy.    Romulous, on the other hand, was slightly shorter and fatter, his hair was darker and his face was a lot less friendly.  His eyes seemed to stay the same color of blue no matter how you looked at them.  And he was dating Rita Skeeter.  That explains itself. 

            "Ouch. Touchy, Moony.  You haven't been like this since that Potter-fellow died."  Remus' face fell.  He looked so angry that Harry was willing to bet he would have killed Romulous if Harry had not been there.

            "You have no right to call me Moony.  You never have, and you never will. Your going to be living with me, right? That's what you said in your letter.  Well, let me explain some things to you, Rom. One: Don't call me Moony, Remmy, or Baby Brother.  Two: Stay out of my way.  Three: Stay out of Harry's way." Remus gestured his head towards Harry. It was the first time Romulous actually noticed him, because of the look on his face Harry felt Romulous might die of shock.

            "Good Lord! Harry Potter!" Romulous shoved Remus out of his way, so that Remus landed square on the ground on his rear-end.  Romulous shook Harry's hand so hard that Harry felt he might fall over.

            "My God! Remus, it's Harry Potter! Oh, you've known that, haven't you? He's, oh whats-his-face's son, isn't he? My my! Mister Potter, I can't tell you how excited I am to meet you in person!  I work for the Daily Prophet, so naturally I know a lot about you already...Actually..." Romulous started to dig through his bag for something.  At that time, Remus jumped up, and Accio-ed the bag away from Romulous.

            "You will not interview him!!!" Remus yelled, furious at his brother's actions.  Romulous sighed, and then he grabbed his bag out of Remus' hands.

            "Oh well.  I suppose I can always interview you once we get to Hogwarts..."  Romulous said gently, a little disappointed.  What he said had even gotten Harry's attention.

            "Hogwarts? What are you going to do at Hogwarts?"  Remus asked, a little more calmly that before.  Romulous laughed, as though it ought to have been the most obvious thing in the world.

            "Why, silly, I'm the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!"

::End Chapter::

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