Shining Things

Part I

His was lost


Squall felt so alone. His face was chiseled with worry and grief. He had let them down. All of them. He had been the only survivor of the Heartless attack on Hollow Bastion. Rinoa. He cupped his face with his hands trying to deny the pain that had welled up inside the core of his heart. Rinoa was always so bright and shiny compared to him. She was the calm to his storm. Somehow she completed him. Squall, no Leon, he mentally told himself must defeat the Heartless. He wished he knew more about them. He had heard Ansem every now and then mention them but not more than questions the man was asking. He wondered. Ansem always had a helper with him. He drifted, trying to remember what the person had looked like. A girl. Yes a young girl that had strange eyes. Maybe she would know how to beat the heartless. He face faulted though. He doubted that anyone besides him had survived. The Gunblade warrior lifted himself from the steps of.. Where was he? He looked at the overly excited vision of bright neons and flashing lights. He walked a bit hoping that maybe he would find a clue of some sort. He backed up looking around in awe and accidentally tripping over a small object.

"Kupo! Why must the newcomers be so inconsiderate!" the small object complained. "Traverse Town really should stop accepting all these new people. Kupo!"
Leon jumped up recognizing the distinction in the voice. Moogles. Hollow bastion had Moogles. He uttered an apology to the white thing and kept walking. Traverse Town. The Gunblade warrior kept his steady pace as he walked into the second district and was met with shadows popping up from every place possible. He readied his Gunblade to strike. The shadows came at him charging at full force. Leon slashed through the masses his Gunblade deadly in precision. Most of the lot had been slaughtered by him. Only a few shadows now lurked about.

skip ahead to present time

A ring echoed through the air behind him, and he turned quickly Gunblade in a defensive stance to attack whatever had tried to sneak up on him. A young girl stood behind him with a shuriken in her hand. "You shouldn't let your guard down Squall."

"It's Leon." He shot her an annoyed look and grimaced. Well at least some one else had survived he thought momentarily. She was always the hyper nosy type that was in everybody's business. He thought for a moment. " you remember who Ansem's helper was?"
The girl gave him an incredulous look. "What? Ansem didn't have any helpers. People always followed him around. Why do you ask?" She pouted pursing her lips tightly.

"Never mind." Leon grumbled and stalked off. He stopped and stared at the sky hopelessly, wondering if he would ever see his Rinoa again. Somewhere deep in his mind he knew he wouldn't but he still hoped.

The Gunblade warrior commenced his walk again curious about this new world. He frowned walking through another set of doors to yet another section of the Town. Leon shouldered his weapon and explored the new district coming in contact with a heartless or two, but nothing that he couldn't handle. His eyes scanned the city terrain cautiously watching just incase something decided to pop up behind him. A high-pitched scream shattered his thoughts. The voice was definitely that of a female and sounded close to that of Rinoa. Hope alighted in his eyes as he ran toward the sound.

"Strip the ground with glistening blades. Lightning bolt!" the girl called out the aid upon the elements wiping out the first row of shadows that had followed.
Leon stopped abruptly. This wasn't Rinoa. The girl was backed up in a corner blasting powerful magic spells similar to the few low level ones he knew but not quite. She blasted another high-level spell at the heartless instantly turning them to dust, but they kept coming knowing she would run out of strength for her magic. Leon noticed this point nearing and tossed the girl an Ether. She looked up in surprise but quickly administered it. Leon distracted the Heartless by slashing through the back line of them. The brown haired girl watched him in wonder. Her reprieve was interrupted though by a flock of air born heartless coming at her.

"Watch out!" the Gunblade carrier called out.

The girl looked up in surprise and could not get a spell out quickly enough to protect herself. The barrage of heartless never came though. Leon stood in front of her the remains of the Heartless turning to dust around him. He turned to look at the magically inclined woman but fell into her bright eyes. Never had any eyes had the effect on him that hers did. The deep aqua and green swirls framed by long lashes seemed to glow unnaturally. Leon's heart stopped. This had to be the one he'd seen before. The one that Ansem had an eye for, and the one who never knew but still followed him around as a helper. Leon had begun to remember things from then.

"What's your name?" he asked his eyes softening slightly.
"Aeris, It's Aeris." The girl looked down and rubbed her arm. "I'm sorry for troubling you." She looked up into his stormy eyes. "Thank you for helping me." The mysterious beauty turned to walk away.
"You don't seem to know your way around here do you?" He didn't wait for an answer. "Here I'll take you back to our place and give you a map." He intended though on asking her about Ansem while she was there.

Her eyes lightened as if to say 'really you'd do that for me?' She smiled slightly and turned to follow him down the alleyway that would lead back to District Two. Leon was not much of a talker and it seemed that his appearance was slightly foreboding. He also supposed since she wasn't very talkative that he came off as the intimidating type. She walked in silence a little behind him.

"I recognize you." She started softly. "You were in Hollow I right?" She stopped walking and watched Leon's reaction. "I know I've seen you before."
He turned and faced her. "I'm Leon, and yes I was in Hollow Bastion." He peered at her through his tempest gaze. "I suppose since we both are from the same place you won't mind me asking you some questions." He regarded her coolly. She simply nodded. "Then do you know anything about the Heartless?"

She shivered. "I know only a little." He opened the door to the Inn and let her inside first. "I only know pieces of what were in Ansem's journal. Ansem was doing experiments with them, he was curious about their nature. What I gathered from his research of them is that they were beings that let the darkness completely eat away at their hearts plunging them into the shadows. Thus, the reason they are called heartless. The only other thing I know is that people tried to manipulate their power to control the forces of darkness. The rest is all stuff that was in Ansem's journal that is scattered all over the worlds. We need to find the rest of the pages." Leon nodded his head in agreement. "So then it begins tonight." He handed her a map. "Be careful walking around. The Heartless often come and attack." He turned to walk out of the Building, but she grabbed his arm.

"Please, let me stay..I have no where else to go."

Leon just shrugged in his same cold manner. "Do whatever you'd like there's plenty of places to stay at."
A/N: Alright this is my first attempt at a Leon/Aeris fiction. This first chapter is just a flashback of how they met. Personal note, I do not hate Yuffie I just want Leon to be head over heels with Aeris. Anyway feedback is good. Let me know how I am doing.