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Shining Things

Part VI

And In Those Feelings

Leon awoke abruptly to warm sun tickling the bridge of his nose. He grunted and rolled over taking the pillow with him to shield his face from the offending sunshine. Okay so it wasn't real, but synthetic sunlight, but still it had the annoying tendency to shine in his window at the wrong part of his dreams. All night he had dreamed of her body trapped beneath his. He dreamed of the feel of her silky skin, how her hair was scented with juniper, the sweet taste of her mouth, and how those amazing emeralds looked glazed over in bliss. He actually couldn't remember when he'd had a dream that vivid, and about that subject. He sat up realizing that the sheets were still tented around his waist. The lion sighed.

"What a way to start the morning." He heaved a loud breath and fell back against the pillow. "Why did this have to happen?" His thinking started to drift back to his wonderful dream of Aeris. He closed his eyes again feeling himself become aroused again. A hand came down to try to relieve some of the tension that had gathered in his nether regions. A knock interrupted his thinking. "Aarrrgh." Leon growled while pushing himself to a sitting position.

"I'm sorry Leon, I just wanted to know if you'd like some breakfast." He could hear Aeris' apologetic voice on the other end of the door. She shuffled her feet on the other side. "I'm making biscuits and gravy. I'd be happy to make you some as well."

Leon pondered this. Actually food did sound good. His stomach seemed to voice its agreement by growling. "Yeah...I need to shower so I'll be down in a bit." at least he could get his hormones under control. He frowned at his erection. Sighing the lion dropped to the floor and slunk to the lavatory his usually proper gait nonexistent.

The Gunblade warrior sighed as the warm stream hit his back with mischievous fingers. Instantly he could feel his muscles relaxing from the water's massage. In the back of his mind he was trying to picture what she looked like standing under the water. Leon's eye snapped open when he realized what his mind was trying to do. "Damn hormones." He figured though that he should probably get rid of his achingly hard erection. A strong hand trailed down his body to work the taut muscle. Soft sighs escaped the lion's mouth as he quickly pumped himself to a climax. He sighed loudly in annoyance. "Dammit. I hate being so weak to my urges." Swiftly he finished his shower so that he could get to that breakfast he knew was coming.

The delicious smell wafted through the air as he walked down the steps. His eyes caught sight of Aeris standing next to the small stove stirring what seemed to be causing that delicious smell. She turned noticing him standing on the bottom stair. Her lips parted into a soft smile.

"It's not quite finished yet so you can go ahead and sit at the table." She wiped her forehead and turned back to the small saucepan. She was humming that song again.

Leon watched her every move from the sway of her body as she stirred to the gentle blowing of her hair. His eyes never left her as he walked from the stairs. He stopped next to the table debating whether or not to take a seat. The latter part of his mind decided against it and he walked into the small kitchen and stood directly behind her. Aeris, feeling a presence turned to face directly at Leon. Her green eyes widened in slight shock. Leon's gray eyes narrowed and bore into her own. She squirmed uneasily under his tempest gaze. Her eyes lowered to the ground as he evaluated her form.

"Um. breakfast will burn if you keep distracting me." She said in a small shy voice.

His eye lingered on hers for a moment. "We wouldn't want that now would we?" He questioned softly and almost seductively. Swiftly he moved away from her and back to the table to plop down unceremoniously in a chair.

Aeris continued to bustle about in the kitchen humming her little theme song. Leon's thoughts continued to drift as he sat patiently waiting for his breakfast. His eyes slid closed as another fantasy started to push itself into his head.

She walked to the table and set a steaming plate down in front of him. Before she could move though his hand shot out and latched onto her wrist. A small gasp escaped Aeris' lips as the lion stood from the chair abruptly knocking it over in the process. Her eyes widened at the sudden movement. Leon could see a small amount of fear showing in those green depths. Fire built up inside him. That control he had over such a beautiful creature as her was intoxicating. Her form was instantly plastered against his so that he could inhale her luscious scent. He could feel her heart thumping madly in her chest. The sensation of such a beat aroused him even more. His head lowered to hers and he could slowly see the fear changing into anticipation of what was to come. Their breath mingled for an instant....


"Damnit Yuffie!" Leon swore at the teenage girl. She giggled defiantly at him. "I could have gone without the jarring greeting this morning." His eyes narrowed at her.

"I can see that. From the looks of it you were fantasizing about something. Something pretty and sweet with brown hair and wide green eyes and.."

"That's enough! Shut up!" Leon's outburst had startled Yuffie into silence, but also Aeris as she had stopped humming when she came into the room. "I already had a foul morning and I don't want to be messed with." He replied harshly, but in a more calm tone.

"You need to drop by Cid's sometime today." Yuffie stated.

Breakfast was eaten in an uncomfortable silence. Leon's stormy gazed dared either to say a word. He knew he was just being disagreeable, but he was really nervous with the both of them there while his mind kept gracing over forbidden things. He was anxious to leave. Leon quickly finished the meal barely even tasting its fineness before snatching his Gunblade and bolting out the door. Aeris and Yuffie looked at each other. The green-eyed girl rose to clear his plate.

"The least he could do is be nice to you and clear his plate, especially since you made him breakfast." Yuffie sighed and reached for another biscuit.

Aeris simply nodded in slight submission. Her mind was drifting to the other night. She'd taken his plate, well tried to, but his grip was so strong. Her eyes fluttered remembering how his hand had felt on her and how his voice sound laced with venom, but so seducing. Quickly she retreated to the kitchen chastising herself and fanning her flushed cheeks. Yuffie sighed sadly from the table. Poor Aeris. She tried so hard to find Cloud, and is trying to stay pure for him, but she couldn't deny her attraction to the lion. Yuffie sighed. She felt sorry for Aeris. She hoped that either Cloud would be found soon or that Leon would make a move. Leon was a mess too. She knew all about his tragedy. The man was impossible, and try as he might he could not deny that he wanted Aeris. Yuffie was almost heart broken, but she knew better. She knew that Leon needed some like Aeris to keep him in check. She guessed that his first love as "Squall" had acted something like the mysterious magic user.


Aeris was slightly worried. Traverse Town seemed to be having sudden bouts of rain, and she hadn't seen Leon since the morning. She frowned as she looked out the window at her flower garden. She looked at the clock on the wall opposite the window. It struck seven thirty as if answering her unasked question. She decided that Leon had been gone long enough and that she'd go out and find him. Besides she was a little hungry and her upbringing refused to let him eat dinner alone. The sable-haired girl grabbed a crimson cloak from the hallway closet and then her guard stick. Just as she was about to leave the door opened in front of her revealing a soaking wet lion. His white shirt clung to his body leaving nothing to the imagination and his hair was plastered against his face and neck in a most sensual manner.

"Leon, where were you? I was just going to look for you." Aeris said in a slightly startled manner.

He leaned forward placing one hand on the wall behind him his mouth close to her ear. "Were you worried about me Aeris?" He asked in a deep lush voice. A small chuckle erupted from him when she confirmed his suspicions. "You really shouldn't worry about me. I'm a big boy." His last remark had a bite of sarcasm to it.

"Let's get you out of those wet clothes and into something dry. You'll catch a cold." Aeris said avoiding his piercing gaze while slightly pushing him away.

He smelled slightly of whiskey, but she could tell he was not drunk in the least bit. The mystic watched as he turned around to go change. Aeris sighed in relief then went to put her things away and snatch a towel for his hair. Leon came back down to the main room clad in a pair of form fitting jeans and nothing else. Aeris blushed and turned to face the window not quite expecting to see him like that. Even when she had gone with him when he trained she had never seen him without a shirt on. Leon collapsed into a slouch on the closest chair and sighed in slight contentment. Gradually Aeris was relieved of her shock and she walked over to him to dry his hair. Gently she massaged the top of his head with the towel being sure to thoroughly dry his thick mane. She felt his head loll back against her hands.

"I'm sure that you are hungry. What would you like for dinner?" she queried idly while continuing to dry his hair. She felt his hand stop her movement. "Leon?"

"Yes, I'm hungry, but not for dinner." He moved from the chair and had her pinned against it in one swift motion without even taking his hand from her arm. She trembled at the desire for her that was in his eyes. He needed her. A blush crept across those creamy cheeks sparking even more flames inside of Leon. He had to have her now. He was fighting a losing battle with his hormones and if it didn't stop now, he'd go insane. His stormy depths narrowed and examined her beautiful form. Aeris could see flames of hunger blazing wildly within his cold stare as he scrutinized her body. His lips parted and quicker than a bullet his mouth had crushed against hers in a passionate kiss. The osculant made her own pains of hunger turn to desire for this untamed man.

"Can you quell my hunger?" he asked acidly against her lips. "Can you save a starving man?"

She smiled against his mouth. "If the starving man decides on a more comfortable spot, then maybe I can." A little lust dripped from her words and surprised the lion slightly, but he didn't care.

If she was more than willing then all the better. He pulled her after him to his bedchamber. She had nearly stumbled at his urgency, but none the less was able to keep her balance. He slammed the door unceremoniously behind her and pushed her into the moonlight peaking in through the clouds. For a moment he took in her pure ethereal beauty. Aeris inhaled a deep breath in spite of herself, and he observed. He observed the movement of her bosom as the air filled her lungs. Her body was so beautiful.


He was more than anxious to see the raw beauty that this angel held beneath. A flush crept over her features, but she obliged him and dropped the pink garment to the floor slowly followed by the unmentionables that hid the most forbidden parts of herself. Innocence emanated from her being and Leon felt that he had never wanted a woman more than he wanted her right now. His eyes greedily drank in the sight as a parched man would drink water. She had flowing curves as Venus would. Her legs were beautifully formed from the point of her toe to the swell of her hips, a delicate waist that was adorned with a soft feminine stomach, her chest was perfect with wonderfully shaped breasts that rested atop her ribs rising and falling with each shallow breath, slender shoulders, and a delicate column of neck that led to her ever-trusting angelic face. Her cheeks burned from his tempest gaze and she averted her eyes from him in shame.

"Beautiful...." he whispered against her neck as he crept up behind her.

Aeris felt elation from the word that fell from his lips. Elation that was soon followed by ecstasy as he lightly sucked the delicate juncture between her neck and earlobe. Leon's hands descended down the front of her body teasing her with his searing touch. She gasped as his hand brushed over a well-formed breast. He seemed to weigh it then tease it by running his index finger over the pert little nipple. Her mouth opened to let out a soft moan from his ministrations. He took advantage of the situation and trapped her within another deep kiss. His lips trailed down the column of her neck as his free hand quested for the entrance to the deepest recesses of her body. Drawn by her warmth he quested further until he penetrated her virgin depths. A small cry of discomfort welled inside of her, but was subdued by a chaste kiss from the lion. His breathing became ragged as his fingers penetrated her body over and over again. The heat was too intense. He had to have her now. Aeris somehow could sense his desperation and stopped his frenzied movements.

"It's not nice to tease like that, and it's gotta be making your situation uncomfortable to say the least." She turned to him and unclasped his jeans. "I was here to quell your hunger, not the other way around."

Leon made quick work of his clothing as she stroked the taut muscles in his abs. He sighed bringing her into a sitting position in his lap as they sunk to the floor. His calloused hands came to rest on her hips as he maneuvered her body over his arching arousal. Slowly, with deliberance he entered her being careful not to hurt her. Aeris simply gasped at the invasion of the well-blessed muscle, but felt little discomfort. She twined her arms around his neck when he filled her to the core. She sighed full of desire for him. Oh but the feeling of her depths around his member was fevering. Slowly he started to thrust into her raising her up then pulling her back down against his lap in an articulate rhythm. He kept his body in check making sure the she was experiencing as much pleasure as he. Soft mewling sounds tumbled from her lips as he pressed into her body. Her nails clawed at his shoulders silently begging for more of the same treatment. He quickened his pace plummeting deeper and deeper within her body. She moaned and sighed in time with his own voiced bliss. He could feel his body coming closer to that mind-blowing point. He growled deeply in his throat from the intense pleasure his body was receiving. Faster, he needed more. In his lust and quickening of pace, he could feel her passage become tighter as she climaxed against him. She gasped seeing white hot, before sighing and urging him onward. Seconds later he pulled from her body and grasped his manhood giving a final tug before spilling his essence on her thighs and stomach. Leon sighed heavily feeling satiated, but far from spent. He looked at Aeris. God but she looked gorgeous. Her whole body was flushed and glowing from their strenuous activities. The seemed to be one with the night as the moon gleamed on her heaving body.

"So..did that quell your hunger commander?" she asked between breaths.

"Yes, but I fear it will become an addiction." A small smirk crossed his features and he pulled her into a close hug. "Now it seems that we've made a bit of a mess. I think a shower is in order."

Aeris smiled shyly at the prospect, but did not refuse. She lay her head against his broad shoulder as he rose up and carried the both of them to the lavatory.

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