Chapter 4

"Anna, will not be so loud?" I said trying to calm my sister.

She had been telling her friends about her summer adventures. None of which included me. "Oh, Elsa, lighten up. We are finally going back to school."

I helped her adjust her yellow and black tie. "I know, but that doesn't mean that we can stop acting like ladies."

She just rolled her and kept talking. With a sigh I wandered from her compartment to find a hopefully quieter one. After a moment or too I found the perfect one. It had only two girls in it. I couldn't see their faces because both of them had their nose buried in a book, but from their robes I could see that they were Ravenclaws like me. I took a deep breath and slid open the door. "Hello, do you mind if I join you?" I asked.

The girls looked up. I was relieved to see Belle French and Pocahontas Powhatan. They were always very nice to me. "Sure. We are only expecting three more people, so there should be plenty of room." Belle said with a smile.

"Who are you expecting?" I asked timidly.

"Milo, Tiana, and Nakoma." Pocahontas answered. She was always very kind and understanding. All the extra people she had mentioned had been other Ravenclaws in our year.

I sat as close to the window as possible and watched as the students, mostly first years, scurried around outside the train trying to figure out where to load up their trunk and where they should board. After a moment or two Tiana and Nakoma slide open the door. Nakoma sat right next to Pocahontas and Tiana slid onto the seat next Belle. She immediately leaned her head back and shut her eyes. "Sorry. I am coming from two shifts at my muggle summer job. They didn't seem to realize that I was leaving today to return to my mysterious boarding school. They worked me all day and night. I might take a nap."

I remembered that Tiana was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. The story was that her father spent every penny he had to come here with his wife and child and then he died. Her mother does not make enough to support her schooling, so Tiana takes up several summer muggle jobs and does a few odd jobs during her winter and spring holidays. She saves it all up for her school supplies and anything else she might need during the school year. From what I understand, she has been doing this every year. Many people have offered to help her, but she claims she could never accept charity.

"It's alright Tia. We understand. You can use my shoulder if you like." Belle offered.

Tiana gladly accepted and leaned onto Belle's shoulder. She was asleep in seconds. The door slid open again and Milo Thatch slid in pulling on the hand of a tan girl with white hair. "Hello, everyone. I hope you don't mind if Kida sits with us."

Everyone, but Tiana and I said hello to Kidagakash Nedakh. She went by Kida for short. They sat across from me. "Good morning, Elsa." Milo greeted nodding to me. I waved a gloved hand at him. Milo and I are head boy and girl of our house and Kida was the Gryffindor house head girl. The two had been getting rather cozy right before summer holiday. I guess things are going well.

"Elsa, how was your holiday?" Kida asked.


"Did you do anything fun?"

"Not really. I mostly stayed at the manor. Anna is the more adventurous one." I tried to turn the conversation off of me, "What did you do during the holiday?"

"Well, Milo came to visit me and we explored some new underwater caves."

"She had me translating Atlantean scribe for her. Her people know how to speak it, but they lost the ability to read it over the years." Milo explained.

Kida toyed with her glowing crystal necklace and she whispered something to Milo in Atlantean. He just nodded in agreement. I suddenly grew uncomfortable.

"Oh my goodness, Hide me!" Belle blurted out. Tiana woke from her slumber at the sudden outburst.

Kida stood quickly and grabbed her hand forced her into the corner window seat. She then maneuvered herself so that she was seated in Milo's lap in a way that only I could see that Belle was sitting behind them. With no time to spare Gaston Narcissique slide open the door and stuck his head in. He scanned us all. Everyone, for some reason, kept looking at me. Tiana gestured with her eyes that maybe I should say something.

I swallowed and took a breath. "Gaston, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

He smiled a seemingly charming smile. "Have any of you seen my darling Belle?" he asked.

"Why do you ask?" Tiana chimed in. Belle was turning bright red from her hidden seat.

"I seem to have misplaced her."

Kida and Milo tried to look as couple like as possible with snogging. "We definitely will tell her that you are looking for her." said Pocahontas.

"Please tell her I will be waiting for her in compartment number 20. I was able to snag one to ourselves." He winked and slide the door closed.

"That man is absolutely ridiculous." Kida said hopping off of Milo.

"I know he has been stalking me since 1st year. It gets worse every year. Thanks Kida."

"No problem."

"This just hasn't been my day." Belle said pinching her nose.

"What else happened?" Milo asked.

"First, I was almost trampled upon by Adam Rose. He was angry at first, but suddenly he changed and almost seemed nice. Then I run into Gaston right after. He started putting his hands on me and tried to force a kiss on me, but the oddest think happened."

"What?" Nakoma asked.

"An actual snowball came flying out of nowhere and hit him in the head. This gave me a chance to escape."

"A snowball? In September?"

I tugged at my gloves nervously. Although it had not even been me that had thrown the snowball, frosty mishaps tended to be something I was familiar with and the mention of it made me fidget. I repeated the mantra that my father had taught me in my head "Conceal. Don't Feel. Don't let it show. Conceal. Don't feel. Don't let it show. Conceal. Don't feel. Don't let it show…"

By the time I had finished my inner pep talk, I realized everyone was staring at me expectantly. "Did you say something?" I asked bewildered.

"Yes, I asked about your sister. How is she?" Nakoma asked.

"She's great. She is sitting with her friends." I answered smoothly.

"You don't spend much time with her during the year. You don't spend much time with anyone."

"Maybe Elsa is simply an introvert. They tend to feel better when they aren't the center of attention." Belle said almost in warning.

"I don't know very much about her and I have always wondered about her gloves."

"Um, I just like them." I said waving her off in the most composed way I could.

"Well, they seem to suit you." Belle complimented.

"Thanks." I said tugging on them and reciting my mantra again.

At that moment the train started moving. Belle stood and crossed back over to her seat and Tiana nuzzled into her shoulder to continue her little nap. Nakoma and Pocahontas pulled out a Herbology book and started studying it together. Milo began giving Kida a lesson in reading Atlantean.

I settled down into my seat and stared out the window. That is when I noticed that the window had started to look slightly frosted in the bottom corner closest to me. I moved so that my shoulder was covering the icy part and sighed.

Strong natural elemental magic is not normal even in the wizarding world.