He moved fast against the wind that scraped the tall buildings of the city. Never before had he been in such a monstrosity of metal and machinery as the sky scraper he ran up with the ease of a "Class-A" Strider. His red bandana tails flew wildly in his assent to the top, fluttering in angles that would detour any targeting system from doing its job. He kept his weapon, "Cypher"; a duel handled bladed weapon parallel with his elbow.

His hand went to the pick at his side as he reached the top of the skyscraper and jumped into the night toward a window five hundred feet away. As he neared the tower he plunged the pick into the concrete wall and began to climb to another window, this one near the very top of the one hundred story building. As he neared the window he felt a flicker in the shroud of night. Continuing on to the roof he found the flame.

She was garbed similar to him, white robes of the Strider contrasted his navy blue and red, her hair was tied back by a long coiled cloth, her eyes red with flame as she stared at the ghost. Behind her slender waist was a double bladed throwing dagger with glowing red blades. "Kage, you're not welcome here!" she began in the now common language of the new world. "Leave now, before I have to kill you." She brought the weapon from her back, its red blades glistening in the starlight.

The man was silent; slowly bringing Cypher into a balanced attack position. After what would seem like a long silence he spoke, his voice soft and calm. "I will accomplish my mission. Ayame, please don't get in the way." Cypher spun to deflect a blast of energy in the shape of a double bladed dagger. The dark figure burst into a run, his steps seemed like rain on a tin roof his balance perfect, his blade precise as he slashed through thin air.

The woman had jumped a split second before the blade could hit. Now falling to the roof she sent three spinning copies of her weapon at the young one, strafing the area around him. She landed in a run, her feet moving as swiftly as the other's catching the three blades back in her weapon she dropped into a roll to avoid the next cut from Cypher, then the clash of her dagger against the blade as the two furiously worked their blades. Their dance began to spark and flare as if their souls themselves were dueling as well as their bodies.

He cut left, right then down, blocking the continuous assault of his beautiful opponent. Then, pulling small clay orb from his obi and slammed it to the ground releasing a thick opaque smoke, and was gone into the night.

As the smoke had cleared the woman looked around and faded into the chambers of her charge, now dead. Upon seeing the dead official she gazed out to window into the night. She knew who had been there.