Quest Of the Ages

Forgotten cities burn with evil

Rashier, Tarna, Shapier and others

A questing redeemer comes to aid

Yielding sword, dagger, or spell

Casting evil back to hell

The blood spilt on the streets avenged

The questing Hero goes again

Paladin, thief, mage, fighter

Traveling for the purpose of good

Questing lands and cities

Freeing the good, killing the bad

5 Quests and many more to come

For Honor, Glory, Good, or Fun

In Spielburg the Brigands he dispersed

Freeing Elsa from her curse

In Shapier the Djinn he found

And shoved Ad Avis to the ground

In Tarna many good he freed

Living by his holy creed

In Mordavia the Dark One he slew

Casting Shadow away for good

In Silmaria, the Dragon he fought

And foiled evil Minos' plot

Now there king he reigns supreme

Upholding good for times to come

One question left on all lips of the world

A questing hero once more will he become?