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Jeff looked out at the grounds of the hospital as he was wheeled away from it by his friend, no wait that's not right, his boyfriend. He looked back at Shawn Michaels and sighed happily. His love was absolutely beautiful, his light brown hair hung down around his face framing it exquisitely, his hazel colored eyes were filled with life as he spoke to Kevin Nash and his lips, oh those lips could offer Jeff solace whenever he needed it.

"So Kevin, what you are telling me is that Scott has not only taken one but both of our new cubs under his wing, so to speak?" Shawn arched an eyebrow as his lips curved into a smile. Jeff felt his breath hitch in his throat at the sight. Shawn looked over at Jeff with a worried expression on his face. "Are you okay Nero?"

Nodding Jeff grinned. Two days ago when Shawn and him had been making out he'd felt a little twinge in his legs, granted it was a twinge of pain but some feeling was better than no feeling. Since then things had been getting gradually better, or worse, it all depended how you looked at it. Jeff loved that he could even feel pain however Shawn hated that his young love had to go through such intense pain just to come back from paralysis.

Kevin sighed shaking his head. "Shawn, Jeff is fine, he's going to be fine, everything is fine. And yes Scott has in fact taken both Shannon and Shane under his wing but not in the way that you think. He's not doing anything sexual with them, or at least not with Shannon, he's saving Shannon for someone else. Also, he's training them both in the ways of survival in the hell we call WWE."

Stopping at the car Shawn dug in his pocket for his keys and helped Jeff into the passenger seat. "Well that's good of him to do. We'll meet you back at the house." Smiling sweetly Jeff waved at Kevin. "See ya later Big Papa." He laughed as Kevin growled at him playfully before closing the door.

The car was consumed by silence as Shawn drove and Jeff looked at the scenery they passed. Shawn glanced over at Jeff when they stopped and took a minute to admire him. He looked so damn gorgeous and Shawn felt that he could stare at him for hours, his blue hair which he had gotten Sean to dye for him was pulled back into a pony tail, he had also shaved intricate patterns into his facial hair, his green eyes danced happily as he observed the outside world. Shawn loved everything about Jeff, his sweetness, his cuteness, his shy attitude when he didn't know someone, his outrageous attitude when he did. The way he could brighten up a room with his smile, the way his eyes darkened in desire when he was kissed and those lips that were oh so kissable. There was a list of things Shawn loved about his Hardy Boy but one of them that others including Jeff found strange was the way he looked when angry, his eyes would change and his chiseled jaw would clench before he would spout out some insult that he would feel sorry for directly after he said it. Love had made Shawn crazy.

"Shawn? Uh Shawn?" And that voice, that sexy southern drawl that made Shawn want to sleep. That very voice that was trying to get his attention.

"What is it Jeff?" Shawn looked over at him and managed to hold in a gasp at the playful gaze of his could be lover. Jeff merely laughed and pointed to the stop light which was bright green. "Shit." He swore before accelerating, he had allowed himself to be distracted once again.

Pulling into the drive way Shawn rolled his eyes at the banner draped across the railing of the front porch. It proclaimed in bright blue letters the words 'Welcome Home Nero!' Almost everyone was outside, Kevin, Mark, Sean, Glenn, Shane, Shannon, Paul, Chyna, Scott and Matt.

After a tense silence Jeff spoke. "What the hell is Matt doing here Shawn?" He questioned.

Surprised Shawn looked at the older Hardy. "Oh my god. He is here! I had no clue he would be here. Must have something to do with Kevin."

Shawn jumped out of the car helped Jeff into his wheel chair. He rolled him towards the crowd where he was greeted with hugs and kisses. Jeff looked up at his older brother with a hard look on his face. At that moment Adam Copeland, Rey Mysterio, Billy Gunn and Jesse James stepped out of the house holding food trays, they quickly placed them on the picnic table and the others swarmed around them leaving Jeff and Matt with some time alone.

"Jeff, I'm sorry about what I did to you. You'll never know how truly sorry I am. I've been consumed with guilt for these past few weeks and I couldn't even come to the hospital to see you. But then Kevin came to talk to me and made me realize how stupid I was being and I just want to know if we could maybe be friends," Matt spoke haltingly.

"Matt, you should know for a fact that we'll never be friends." Jeff grinned at the sad look on Matt's face. "We'll always be something more than that; we're brothers you got it?"

A grin broke out on Matt's face as he leaned down and hugged his little brother. "I got it Jeffro, I got it. I love you baby bro."

"I love you too bog bro. Now let's party!" He pulled away from Matt and wheeled towards everyone at the tables. They were all standing there pretending to talk to each other. "Oh come on, I know y'all were listening the entire time."

Sean was the first to say something. "Of course we were listening and it was so heartwarming, I swear I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. It was soo sad but yet happy at the same time."He trailed off.

"Sean!" Everyone chorused in an almost moan causing the raven haired man to shut his mouth and smile wickedly.

Matt joined the group shortly after and many conversations ensued a long with a threat from Chyna telling him if he ever hurt her little cutie again she would remove his favourite piece of his own anatomy.

Meanwhile Jeff was sitting next to Shawn and conversing with Rey and Adam. "So you're telling me that you have Adam on tape attempting A 619?" Jeff choked back laughter. "And his feet hit the ring post did they not?" Rey nodded with a grin on his face before kissing Adam on the cheek. "It was rather noble of him to try it thought." He chuckled. "Even if he did a rather shitty job of it."

The party continued until midnight when the only people who were left outside were Shawn and Jeff. Shawn looked over at Jeff admiring his beauty. "Stop looking at me like that Shawn." Jeff murmured as he gazed up at the stars.

"How am I looking at you Jeff?" He managed to wrap his arm around the young man.

Peering into Shawn's eyes Jeff spoke. "You look at me like I'm the most amazing thing in the world to you. Like I'm all that will ever matter."

Shawn planted a gentle kiss on Jeff's lips before answering him. "That's because you are the most amazing thing in the world to me, and nothing will ever matter as much to me as you do."

"I feel the same way Shawn. But what happens when you have to go back and wrestle and I get left all alone here in San Antonio?" Fear burned bright in those green eyes.

Chuckling Shawn brushed a kiss across Jeff's forehead. "I'm not going back to wrestle without you sweet heart. I told Vince that the day you were injured and he understands."

Nodding Jeff began to drift off to sleep. "Well that's good. I'd hate for him to be mad at us." He yawned before resting his head against Shawn's shoulder and falling asleep.

Whispering Shawn told Jeff how he felt. "Everything will be okay and no one will ever hurt you as long as I'm around. And I'll never hurt you again because it would kill me to do so."

That night Shawn didn't sleep, instead he kept a watchful eye on his love and thanked Kevin when he brought them a blanket. Happiness had been achieved and no matter what he would stand by Jeff. As long as Jeff would have him.