Shawn looked back at Jeff just as shocked and appalled as his young lover, "I don't know Jeff, we'll find out though. We really will." He grasped Jeff's hand in his trying to reassure the young high flyer as well as himself. "C'mon we should call Vince and the cops."

The two men moved inside and Jeff stared morosely at the blood stained letter as Shawn talked on the phone to the police department. "Yeah, it was an unmarked envelope which means it would have had to have been placed in our box personally." His lover was currently saying. Jeff shivered, whoever had sent this knew where they lived and what they were doing possibly at this very moment.

Finally after ten minutes of talking to the police, then Vince and then lastly Kevin who was apparently on his way over with Mark at that very moment and since Scott, Shane and Shannon were there they were coming too. Shawn finally turned to Jeff, "The policeman says we have to put the letter and envelope in a plastic bag for when he gets here."

The police showed up and took statements from both Jeff and Shawn but neither of the men knew who could be harassing them in the first place. They were both really friendly to their co-workers and didn't seem to have any enemies at all, there were no jilted lovers or anything else..Things were looking up for a little while.


Kevin wondered around the kitchen of the Hardy-Michaels house sleepy eyed bumping into things. He managed to find the table without opening his eyes and sighed happily when he sat down.

Glenn looked at Kevin in amazement; he and Sean had arrived for breakfast half an hour earlier. "Mark are you sure Kevin is made for you?"

"Yeah, why?" Mark looked up from his cereal to his boyfriend with a fond smile on his face. "There's nothing wrong with him."

Staring at the big man who was intent on going to sleep at the table Glenn nodded slowly. "Ok then. When was the last time you saw Vince's therapist Mark?"

"I dunno, why does it matter?" Mark questioned oblivious.

Sean giggled. "I think he's inquiring after your sanity, dead man."

Jeff smiled at his friends pushing a plate of pancakes in front of Kevin. "Eat up Big Wolf," He ordered.

Mumbling was the only answer Jeff got causing the whole table to sigh and shake their heads. Kevin was definitely not a morning person.. *********

Jeff sat on the porch overlooking the yard and the huge motor cross track that was spread out before him. He was filled with conviction as he remembered how he had once been so careless on his dirt bikes, in his wrestling. He would not allow himself to take anything for granted anymore.

Shawn approached his lover with soft steps. "You ok Jeffrey?" He sat down on the bench beside Jeff looking at the wheel chair that stood lonely and abandoned on Jeff's other side.

"I just..I took so much for granted.thinking it would always be there." Jeff sighed shaking his head. "I'm not going to do that anymore Shawn, I won't be as careless as I once was, I'll slow down a little. I'll learn real wrestling moves. Kevin or Mark or Paul and Glenn, any of you can teach me how to get down on the mat. I believe I can do it." His voice was filled with passion; he did truly believe that he could do it.

Smiling Shawn nodded. "I believe you can too. Just don't let this stalker or your accident take away who you truly are and what you're truly meant to do. Angels are given wings because they're born to fly, that's you Jeff, you're an angel, and you were born to fly. But you fell, just once from heaven, that doesn't mean you stop, it means you dust yourself off and you get up there again. Learning how to be an excellent mat technician is all fine and well Jeff but don't let it become all that you're about."

Jeff looked at Shawn with tears in his green eyes. "I love you." He simply said.

"I love you too," Shawn gently pecked his lover on the lips pulling away when the phone rang. "Damnit, people call at the worst of times." He ran into the house.

Standing Jeff pulled himself to his wheel chair rolling after Shawn. He listened as his lover's honeyed voice ran over him. "Uh huh, yeah of course. No problem man. We'd love to have you. Ok I'll see you then. Bye," Shawn hung up and turned to Jeff. "Rob's coming to stay with us for a little while; I hope that's ok with you."

"Seeing as you already accepted, I guess its okay. When's he coming?" Jeff grabbed an apple and began munching on it.

Shawn took the apple from Jeff and bit into it. "He's supposed to be here tomorrow morning. He said he needs to get away from his room mate for a bit."

"Oh who's his room mate?" Jeff stole his apple back.

"Lance Storm."

A series of dull thuds were heard in back of the house before a voice rang out. "Don't worry nothing's broken!" Laughter echoed.
"Sweet baby Jesus on a pogo stick what have they done now," Jeff rolled towards the stairs laughing at the sight of Scott Hall trapped under a giggling mess, Shannon Moore. "You ok Shann?"

Shannon just smiled and nodded. "I knew I could conquer this mountain." He squealed as Scott tipped him over and began tickling him.

Shane came barreling down the stairs and jumped over the two men. Jeff looked at him bewildered. "Are you and Scott together?"

Shaking his head Shane grabbed Jeff's apple causing the multi-colored high flier to sigh in frustration. "No, he's with Shannon; I'm being set up with someone else apparently."

Jeff turned to look at Shawn. "What it's not my fault Kevin can't keep the two of them straight. Ha-ha I said straight and they're not."

"Shawn, sometimes you really make me wonder," Jeff remarked.

"Yeah I know sometimes, I make me wonder too." Shawn agreed.

******** RVDs Arrival! **********

Shawn woke up early the next day and stumbled downstairs hearing a knock at the door. That was weird no one else seemed to be awake. He opened the door looking at the man who stood on the other side with terror in his eyes. "Rob you okay?"

Rob shook his head. "I didn't know, I'm so sorry, I really didn't. I didn't mean to. If I'd known I wouldn't be here I swear." He babbled furiously.

Noticing something Shawn gasped standing behind Rob holding a gun to his head was Randy Orton. "What's going on I don't understand."

Randy smiled dangerously. "It's quite simple Shawn, you and I are meant to be together."

"I've never even talked to you before Randy," Shawn argued before realizing it just might not be the best idea.

"I know you haven't but we do. We're perfect together in every way. I'm the new you," Still smiling, crazy, Randy shoved Rob into the house and made his way in himself never loosening his grip on the gun.

Shawn began backing away slowly from the man. "Randy listen to me, don't you think you're going a little crazy here. I mean, you would hate me, I leave the toilet seat up, I have a Johnny Depp obsession, and I love Jeff."
"Jeff." Randy snarled angrily. "I'm standing in front of you and you actually have the nerve to proclaim your love for that stupid pussy Jeff Hardy. I'm more man than he'll ever be that stupid cripple."

Something snapped inside of Shawn and he ran at Randy enraged at those words. No one insulted his lover. "How dare you talk about him like that," He tackled the younger wrestler to the ground and they began to roll around fighting for the gun.

Rob watched in amazement for a moment before realizing that he should get help. He ran upstairs not finding anyone in any of the rooms, he got to the last door and opened it finding Kevin, Glenn, Mark, Shannon, Scott, Shane and Jeff tied up on the floor. "Thank god." He hurried over and began untying the ropes as quickly as he could attempting to wake them up.

Jeff groaned and stirred, he couldn't remember feeling this much pain in his head since he had gone drinking with Matt a year ago. He opened his eyes slowly. "Rob? What's going on?"

"It was Randy, he's here, he's got Shawn downstairs, and he has a gun. They're fighting each other." Rob explained helping Jeff up.

Green eyes widened. "Damnit, well I guess this is as good a time as any to reveal my surprise," Jeff fled from the room on his own two feet and rushed down the stairs pulling Randy off his lover.

Randy spun around to see who had grabbed him and gasped in shock. "You'''re..supposed to be.." He stammered.

"Paralyzed," Jeff smiled before cold cocking Randy. He dropped onto the floor beside Shawn who was lying there momentarily stunned. "Baby, are you okay?" Jeff cradled Shawn's head in his lap.

Shawn nodded slowly. "You can walk?"

"It was supposed to be a surprise. I've been working really hard," Jeff admitted sheepishly.

Sitting up Shawn hugged Jeff tight. "Well I suppose this is as good a time as any for you to tell me, or rather show me."

"I suppose," Jeff chuckled lightly, kissing Shawn deeply.

Shawn returned the kiss groaning into it, surprised at the passion of his young love.

A sudden movement startled the two out of the kiss. Randy was pointing the gun at them. "You love each other, you love each other," He muttered crazily. "I have no one, you have each other, Randy isn't loved, Randy isn't loved." He pointed the gun to his own head. "I need to go now, yes the voices would like that, and I really should go. Sorry to bother you." A shot rang out and his body fell lifeless to the floor.

************* Three days later********

Many WWE superstars were there at the cemetery that day, not necessarily to pay their respects to the deceased but to the family that had suffered so much trying to help Randy with his mental illness.

Jeff approached Bob Orton and his wife slowly. "I just wanted to say that I am terribly sorry that this had to happen, I'm sorry for your loss," He told them.

Mrs. Orton smiled through her tears. "It's okay Jeffrey; he was lost to us along time ago. I apologize for any inconvenience there may have been. We should have known he would do something like this. He had pictures of Shawn all around his room with horrid things written on them."

Shivering at the thought Jeff placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and shook Bob Orton's hand before walking away holding Shawn's. "It's sad isn't it?" He asked Shawn.

"Yeah it really is," Shawn smiled sadly at his love.

"I just wish we could've helped him," Jeff told him.

Shawn shook his head. "Sometimes Jeff people are just a little too far gone to be helped."

"I guess."

The two men walked off into the distance together, happy just to be alive....


***** SPECIAL NOTE******

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