It was a rainy day. Coraline was decorating her room after school, Mel was cleaning the livingroom and Charlie preparing the dinner. While finishing decorating, her cat friend arrive. Coraline smiled as she pet him. It had been two weeks after what happen with the Beldam, she had learned a valuable lesson about her family.

"Good evenning" Coraline smiled "Wanna stay for dinner"

"Meow" The black cat purred to her

"I gonna take it as a yes" Coraline gigggled

"Hey, Jonsie" Wybie called her from the window

"Hey, Why-you-born" Coraline jocked "Something new?"

"Nothing, I was wondering about how you were doing" Wybie asked

"Just fine" Coraline smiled "It had been two weeks, Wybie"

"I was just worrying" Wybie said "Anyways, I can see you tomorrow?"

"Sure" coraline smiled "Good night, Wybie"

"Goodnight, Jonsie" Wybie returned to home.

Coraline smiled as she sat next to the black cat. She had been doing better after scaping from an evil hungry thing, and well doing well with her family. She was more close to them after "having" what she wished for. She smiled after a few weeks from moving and all the friends she just made.

"Coraline" Mel open the door "Dinner is ready"

"Can he join us?" Coraline lifted the black cat

"I never been a great fan of cats" Nel sighed "But well, yes, your friend can join us"

Coraline and the black cat went up stairs and sit together as Charlie joyfully served the dinner. It was the third time the black cat joined the Jones in their dinner, and they recieve him as a friend of the whole family. Even though Mel wasn't a very fan of cats.

"So, how was your day?" Charlie asked

"Just well" Coraline smiled

"And your day, Mr Cat?" Charlie smiled

"I think he wouldn't able to answer you" Mel said about her husband's jokes

"He can" Coraline get close to the cat "He is having a great day, better when he is around us"

"Very funny" Charlie and Mel shooked their heads

If they could know about the millions of secrets the black cat have. They wouldn't be surprised to know he can talk.

"How are you two doing in the garden?" Coraline smiled

"I preffer writting about how it is going" Mel explained "You know how much I hate mud"

"I know" Coraline smiled " I think the new globes are looking fantastic in the living room"

"Talking about the globes" Charlie started "I still wondering how did you break that globe"

"It was an accident" Coraline replied

"Either way, It was a perfect idea placing them in a safest place" Mel said "So,I still wondering about how you doing withWybie"

"Just fine" Coraline said "We are just friends"

"Perhaps you can marry him in a future" charlie scoffed

"Dad" Coraline giggled "We are just friends"

"Maybe, but in a future perhaps you ended as a couple" Mel smiled "This is a nice dinner as a family"

"Yes, it is" The cat thought "You are learning more than you did before, but I still wondering if the Beldam would manage to scape"