Author's note and Disclaimer:

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy belong to Squaresoft, I am not making any money off of this, blah blah blah.

Now that that's over with.

Hello, and I'm glad you took the time to click here.  I feel, however, that this needs a short explanation.  This is a preview piece for the upcoming epic I am co-authoring with my boyfriend, Andy, titled Heir To My World.  Ever since finally coming across Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts, Andy and I were struck with the similarities between him and Riku, and looks is the least of it.  The more we learn about the two characters, the more alike they seem.  There is never any mention of Riku's parents in the game.  What if Riku is the son of Sephiroth?  Heir will tell the tale of Sephiroth's return to humanity, and how finding out he has a son helps him find his way.  We are trying to keep it as in context as possible, but it will probably end up just a little A/U.

Just Too Real is the first thing here, and it's sort of a character sketch.  I wanted to explore the character of Riku's mother, Arianna, so I wrote this.  I gave it its own title because I'm not sure it will ever end up in the final story, but I liked it, and wanted to post it to see what people thought.  The second bit is like the short prologue for the actual story, written by Andy.  Please leave reviews and let us know what you think!  I promise this will be an awesome story.  We've been planning for months!  : )

And, if there are things that confuse you, I promise that they are all explained in Heir.  Meanwhile, enjoy the mystery.  I will say one thing, however…as far as Sephiroth knew, Ari died.  g

And one last thing.  Lady Sanzennine is writing an awesome Seph story called The Paths We Walk (go read it) in which her original character is named Marianna.  For her or anyone else who might notice the similarity between her name and ours, Arianna, I want to promise you that Andy and I came up with Ari's name litterally months before I read (and loved) Paths.  So…no infringement was intended.

Thank you, and on with the story!

-Lady Blackmour