Chapter 2

When Arya wandered through the forest she nearly died more times than she could count.

She nearly poisoned herself to death and it is freezing at night. Luckily she is used to the cold. She is a fighter. A warriour.

She will survive. No stupid poisonous plants are going to force her to death. And the poisonous plants are building up her immunity against poison, so that is a bonus.

Alone, cold and hungry. She is suffering since she appeared in this forest. As a little girl who was quite beloved by her family, this new life was very painful for her.

But she was mostly practically dying of loneliness.

She grew up in a big family and lived in a huge castle since she was born. It is unnatural for her to be alone for such a long time as she is.

It is driving her crazy. Although she doesn't even remeber her family clearly. It's just a feeling she has.

And this feeling? Is a slow form of torture.

To distract herself, she did her best to optimize her survival chances.

She tries to hone her hunting skills. Her speed and stealth improved in several days. It is obvious that she is a natural Hunter.

And she actually does know how to start a fire.

(Starting a fire is necessary knowledge. Especially in the freezing north. Jon taught her how to start one. The first out of many useful teachings that she engraved into her heart. Oh, make no mistake. She has no idea who taught her what she knows. She just knows how to do it.)

Arya's survival instincts are topnotch. She just knew she had to find a river, which she did, to survive. Coincidentally, there is a big, hollowed tree, that Arya used for shelter not far from the river.

But Arya knows she won't survive long. On plants and the occasional fish and small animals.

So she decided to follow the river until she finally found real people.

And then came the day, when she finally did find someone.

The first person, her first light - saving her from the dark loneliness. It was a woman. Beautiful and kind.

"Oh gods! Sweet girl. What are you doing here?" asked a middle aged man in strange clothing. The forest itself was very strange indeed. Very different from another forest that she knows. But not knows. Everything is terribly unfamiliar to her.

"Who art thou?" Arya asked the man in the green hat.

What a strange way of talking, thought the man. Very old-fashioned.

"Who are you? My name ist Jonathan Adams. I like to visit this forest. But girl. You are too young to be here alone. Where are your parents?", at the last question Ariya started to cry. "I don't know. I don't remember much".

Ariya was in tears.

The man felt pity for her and helped her out of the forest. Of course he contacted the authorities. As much as they knew, they believe the strangely dressed girl to have been abandoned by her family. Arya vehemently denied it.

She felt that her family wouldn't do something like that, although she doesn't remember much. She talked like from the middle ages and was strange, yet strong. It was no wonder that she was an outcast in the orphanage that she was put into. She adapted fast to the new (technologically more advanced) civilisation. Apparently she is in a place called Washington DC. Before she realized it, two years have passed. New children come and go. But Arya stayed. No matter what she absolutely refused to be adopted. She just doesn't want new parents.

Her first friend was Bianca di Angelo, one of the new kids. Nico, her brother was getting bullied and Arya stepped in to help. Although Bianca was 2 years older, they both somehow got along very well and became fast friends. When Alecto in disguise as a lawyer came to take the kids, Bianca absolutely refused to go along without Arya. Being a monster and not a lawyer Alecto didn't particularly care and took Arya with the di Angelos to the Lotus Hotel, where the kids will stay until someday will free them. But that is a story for another time.

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