By Blue Topaz

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I had to tell someone. I had to talk to someone. I had to let someone else know. I had to tell the Colo -- no, go back and rephrase that, I had to tell Sam. Yes, tell Sam. Let Sam deal with it. She was better at these thing that me ... well, at least with things that concerned Colonel O'Neill.

"Jonas, are you alright?" asked Liliana. She was one of the Dunian diplomatic representatives who SG2 had made the first contact with around four months ago. Their level of technology was somewhat similar to Earth and they were more that eager to form an alliance much to our delight.

I cleared my throat, "Are you sure about that?" I couldn't help but ask for confirmation. People could misinterpret what they heard; I could not afford to misunderstand, not when the Colonel was involved.

The dark hair woman who sat in front of me smiled, "I know Dian through and through, we grew up together, so to answer your question," she paused deliberately, her equally dark eyes twinkled, "Yes, I'm sure."

Uh oh. Big, big, BIG trouble.

"Jonas, what do you call this food again?" asked Liliana, dropping the subject while she tentatively poked the Jell-O surface with her spoon. The Dunian insisted that they would like to send their best man and woman to Earth, to live here and learn more about us for a full month. Colonel O'Neill compared them with exchanges students, 'They send us a bunch of smart and bright and *annoying* kids behind the pretence of learning new experience and stuff.  When in fact their parents  just want to get rid of them,' he said sullenly as Hammond assigned SG1 to be their chaperones. Yep, the Colonel was not a happy camper; he hated 'babysitting' scientists.

"We called it Jell-O, try it," I encouraged her. Maybe it was the texture that put her off. She dug in her spoon and scooped a small amount of the clear yellow jelly. She studied it for a while before finally putting it back to the glass.

She wrinkled her nose and pushed the glass away, "Maybe later."

"Yeah, hey, listen. I have to go to Sam's lab, do you mind if I leave you here alone for a while?" I really needed to talk to Sam and get this out of my system as soon as possible.

She drew a plate with a slice of an apple pie near to her spoon in hand. The curious woman was ready to inspect the new item, not taking her eyes from the plate, she answered, "Yeah, sure." I don't know whether to be offended or not, she was more interested in the pie than me.

"Thanks," I glanced up to her SF (the General had insisted that every Dunian needed to be escorted with an SF, with or without SG-1 presence) and gave him a head signal, he nodded back.

I left the commissary and headed down to Sam's lab. Hopefully, she was there. A man could only hold so many secrets. I peeked through her lab's door, YES, she was there. Her head was buried under a stack of folders.

"Sam," I stepped inside her lab and approached her.

The Major's head tilted up to meet me, "Jonas," she smiled before frowning, "I though you were with Liliana."

"Yes, I am," I answered her, "In fact I'm going back to her in a minute, I just needed to talk to you about something."

She closed the folders, "What is it?" now I have her full attention.

"It's about Colonel O'Neill," I leaned forward and whispered to her, "One of our Dunian friends has an interest in him."

There was a look in Sam's face that I couldn't describe. "Interest?" her voice quivered with uncertainty.

"Yes, a *serious* interest," I tried to make it as clear as possible. I didn't want any confusion in what I was saying, "I thought the Colonel ought to be aware of that fact," I shrugged my shoulder.

She looked down to her hand for a while, contemplating my word. When she finally lifted her head, she asked, "Which one?"

There are four Danian's scientists in total that took part in this 'exchange', "Dian."




Dian? Dian as in 'the most funny of all the Dunian' Dian? Damn it, how am I supposed to deal with this? The Colonel had never liked scientists.  I spent months working to overcome his prejudice about scientists, and now Jonas is telling me that this Dian had an interest in the Colonel? If Dian was just another scientist, I might have chosen to ignore Jonas and brush him off, telling him that the Colonel could take care of himself. However, the problem was, the Colonel liked Dian. He thought that this particular Dunian had a sense of humour. A must quality to be his friend.

But still, "Dian is a man," I though out loud, incredulity was clearly written all over my face.

"I didn't think that would be a problem for him," Jonas replied. Oh yeah, I just remembered. The Dunian were very open-minded about sex,  as the society recognised both hetero- and homo-sexual relationship. A joining (wedding) between the same sex couples were not uncommon.

"Now that you know, I'll leave you to it," said Jonas, all but running off from my lab. Wait a minute ... Jonas, you really are a chicken sh#t, how could you ran away like that? Now I had no choice but to tell the Colonel. And knowing him, it might not be such a good idea. In fact, I am really tempted to let the matter go. I meant there was no way the Colonel would reciprocate the feeling, right? It was common knowledge that he only had an eye for me ... not that I was gloating or anything, but hey, if a man like him admitted (albeit that he did that against his will) that he liked me, I am entitled to feel a little bit proud of myself.

Back to the problem at hand, where was Colonel O'Neill anyway? I took a look at the 'geeksitting' (derived from the word babysitting) rota as a certain Colonel put it. The General had insisted that we make a timetable so that each SG-1 member would spend an equal amount time with the Dunians. Let's see, Liliana was with Jonas; while the others were with the Colonel and Teal'c. He was going to show them some TV shows as part of cultural exchange.

I really had to tell the Colonel. So I put aside the folders that I was reading, and put them in the filling cabinet, switched my lab's light off and headed towards the recreation room. That was where I found them.  The Colonel was trying to explain several jokes shown in the show, and his hands were moving restlessly while he was talking. I stopped at the entrance and stayed there.

I couldn't do this.

He looked so ... relaxed. And he was also having fun. If I told him about this, then it would ruin his good mood. I couldn't do that to him, but he deserved to know. What should I do? He was strangely enough quite fond of the Dunians and they had a certain respect towards him. He was also enjoying 'corrupting' these scientists so that they would learn how to have some fun, an idea that was lost when it came to me and Daniel. Our ideas of 'fun' were just not *totally* compatible with each other.

"Major Carter," Teal'c was the first one who noticed me. The Colonel turned his head towards me, "Hey, Carter," he smiled, "are you coming here to join us?"

And his happy smiling face had made all my courage disappear. Damn you Jonas, didn't you know that 'ignorance is bliss'? Why did you make me aware of this? The Dunian would be back in a couple weeks time. If I didn't know about it, I would have been able to  go on with my perfect little life, secure in a thought that he was mine -- well, not 'mine' in a sense of belonging, but more in a sense -- okay, I'm officially rambling in my head now. Never a good sign when that happened.

"Uh," I really need to get this out of my chest, but how? Oh yeah, there was another way, "I need to talk to Teal'c, Sir."

"Major Carter, you are not going to join us watching this strange family of badly disfigured yellow people?" Byan, one of the Dunian asked politely.

Badly disfigured yellow people?

"The Simpson's, Carter," as if reading my mind, the Colonel chided me gently. A smile was playing on his lips, "Shame on you for not knowing."

Oh, just you watch Colonel, "Are you sure you had the General's approval for this viewing material," deliberate pause, "Sir."

The smile disappeared quickly, "Uhm, Carter," his eyebrows drawn closer, "Do I really need the General permission for this?" I loved it when I made him confused. It was one of my hobbies -- no matter how strange it might sound.

I tried really hard to look serious, "Teal'c, may I have a word with you," I deliberately ignoring him and facing Teal'c instead. The Colonel was starting to move when Dian asked a question, therefore preventing him from going over to me.

"How can I be of assistance, Major Carter?" Teal'c offered his help as soon as he came near me. I pulled him outside for more privacy, not before catching a glance of Dian patting the Colonel's shoulder, smiling at him over something.


Now, don't get me wrong. I had nothing against male-male relationship, I just have problem with *anyone* coming on to my man. Err, I meant my Colonel, my Superior Officer, my team-leader, my teammates, my team. I would have the same problem if it was Teal'c or Jonas. It was one of my responsibilities, to 'protect' my friends. Yes, that was the reason on why I'm doing this.


"Teal'c, listen to me carefully," I whispered.

Teal'c lifted one of his eyebrows, "I am listening."

"Okay," I cleared my throat, "I need you to keep an eye the Colonel."

The big man was confused, "For what reason?"

Please God, let Teal'c get this. I really  didn't want to explain to him in great details, "Dian likes the Colonel."

"O'Neill is a pleasant man. It is not unusual for Dian to like him."

Teal'c, Teal'c, Teal'c. Did I really have to spell it out to you? I looked at him carefully, "Dian really *really* likes the Colonel," a pause, "a lot."



"Dian really *really* likes the Colonel," Major Carter paused for a while, "a lot."

I see. That was what Major Carter had been trying to inform me, "He has a romantic attraction towards O'Neill."

She winced at that, "Well, I wouldn't put it so bluntly like that," I tilted my head to the side slightly, she relented, "but yeah, that was what I am trying to say."

I considered the information carefully. It was not unknown to me that Major Carter had feelings for O'Neill. I would do my best to 'keep an eye' on him. "Then, I will do as you asked." I bowed my head slightly and gave her a reassuring smile. It was becoming more and more natural to smile these days, my Tau'ri friends were amusing.

"Thanks Teal'c," she squeezed my arm, her face was full of relief, "I know that I can trust you," her drew her hands away from my arm, "Listen, I need to go back to my lab, once again thanks, Teal'c."

"You are most welcome," I told her. She then turn around and walked towards the elevator. I simply watched her go, was she unaware that O'Neill's heart was already hers? There was no need for me to watch over him. But I had already given her my promise and I intended to keep it. I turned around and went back inside the rec room.

After Major Carter's request, I found myself watching O'Neill and Dian interact with each other. O'Neill was sceptical at first when we were given this assignment, he thought that the scientists would all be 'boring' and did not know how to have 'fun'. But as time passed by, he grew fond of them. Especially Dian. He was tall, almost as tall as O'Neill. His eyes and hair were dark, like most of the Dunians are, as it was their genetic trait. And he was quite attractive, maybe that was why Major Carter was worried.

I noticed the small gestures and secretive glances that he gave O'Neill. Major Carter was correct; this man had a 'special' interest in O'Neill. I was not aware of how she managed to get this particular information, but it was accurate. Half an hour later, the TV show was over and the three Dunians were escorted back to their respective VIP quarters.

"Hey, T," O'Neill called to me once we were alone and we were cleaning the rec room, "What did Carter want?" he asked pretending not to be  interested, when I knew for certain that he was curious. He was always using that approach when it was concerning Major Carter. Maybe it was time to give them a little 'push' as Dr. Fraiser put it.

I picked up the black plastic bin and started to clean up the tables, "She wants me to 'keep an eye' on you."

O'Neill's reaction was not unexpected, he turned around so fast to face me, "WHAT?" I gave him a disapproving look on the tone that he was using; he cleared his throat and lowered his voice, "Why?"

"She was concerned that your close affiliation with Dian would jeopardise her relationship with you."

O'Neill was confused, "What made her think that?"

It was time to 'push' it further, "I believe the word that the Tau'ri used would be 'Jealousy'."

"She is jealous?" asked him, unsure and yet amused by my revelation.

I could not hold back a smirk, "She is."



"She is."

Carter was jealous? Of me and Dian? Why? I mean, why? Wow, I couldn't believe that I actually felt a little bit pleased about this. Carter was jealous, that ought to say something. No, no, don't go there. Carter is a friend, she a very good friend, she got jealous because ... oh yeah, why did she get jealous of Dian? Did I spent too much time with him and neglected her? Nah, I'm still dropping by to her lab now and again. Did she think that -- oh, what the heck, there was no point in wild guessing.

"Why?" I asked Teal'c. I could've sworn that the Jaffa was enjoying my discomfort.

"I am afraid that I cannot divulge that information."

I sighed. Guess I had to talk to her myself.

To Be Continue

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