The new All Time Low record Last Young Renegade came out and it is so good. I have some ideas from it. It has given me a lot of inspiration. The songs in referenced in this chapter are Dirty Laundry and Dark Side Of Your Room both by All Time Low. I don't own any All Time Low songs or lyrics or the show Riverdale.

It was the day that Joaquin was supposed to escort Moose, Kevin, and Archie into the Whyte Wyrm. The plan was to see of Moose recognized the people who had jumped him. The only problem is that Kevin was a no show.

"Where is Kevin?" Moose asked, looking a bit agitated that the preppy kid hadn't shown up for their meeting. He felt a little weird being around Joaquin, knowing that he was Kevin's boyfriend and that he had tried to hook up with Kevin. Joaquin was a little worried that Kevin didn't show up, but figured that he probably got stuck doing homework or something and just forgot to text.

"I don't know," Said Archie, shrugging his shoulders, "But we can't stand around here waiting for him. We need to go inside." The rest of the group nodded at that.

"Play it cool, just like we said. Keep eye contact to a minimum." Said Joaquin, looking both Moose and Archie in the eyes. They all nodded.

"Moose, if you see the guy who jumped you, we leave, and we call the sheriff." Archie spoke directly to Moose and looked to see both him and Joaquin nodding.

They all turned and walked to the door of the Whyte Wyrm where they heard live music playing and could hear people yelling. The Whyte Wyrm was known to host a local high school band sometimes, as the owner was the father of one of the band members. Joaquin knew of the band, but did know who the members were as he didn't much pay attention to them. He did know that they went to Southside High, and that a lot of girls were crazy for them, but he never really listened to the music himself. As the three teenagers walked into the club, they noticed the pool tables were pushed back and there were about 100 people singing along to the music and Serpents sitting to the back and to the sides also enjoying the show. The band was in the middle of a song and all the guys noticed it was pretty good, but didn't pay much attention to the band until the song was over and he started talking into the microphone.

"Thanks guys! We've got a few more songs for you! Thanks for coming out!"

All three boys who had just walked into the club snapped their necks up to look at the stage and what they saw shocked them all. It was Kevin, dressed in black skinny jeans, black and white converse, and a nice gray t-shirt with a guitar over his shoulder.

"So, Kev, this next song we're gonna play," started one of the band members with a sly look on his face.

"Yeah?" Kevin said, grabbing the mic with one hand and turning slightly to look at the boy with a warning look on his face.

"I was wondering who it's about, anyone we know?" The boy said looking innocent, but Kevin could tell it was anything but.

"Oh no. We may be in front of people, Alex, but I am not spilling this." Kevin shook his head and sent the boy, Alex, a coy look.

Alex, however, wouldn't let that deter him and turned to the crowd. "Guys, Kevin here has a secret boyfriend he won't tell us about. Isn't that rude." He looked right at Kevin as he said this.

Kevin just chuckled and said into the mic, "Well, if you weren't such a fucking freak, maybe I'd bring him around." He laughed at the appalled expression on Alex's face. Alex then turned to the mic and said lowly, "You like my freakiness. Don't lie." And waggled his brow at Kevin suggestively. Kevin just leaned back and laughed saying, "Start the damn song." With that, the song began.

Joaquin was looking up at Kevin the whole time not really sure what to think about his boyfriend up there on stage, but he was interested to see how the band sounded. He looked at the other two boys with him and realized that they didn't know either that Kevin was in a band. Archie turned to him an asked, "Did you know about this?" Joaquin shook his head no and went back to watching his boyfriend on stage. The song was amazing and really did describe his relationship with Kevin.

The chorus was his favorite part and he loved how Kevin got a little smile on his face as he sang it. He really put his heart out in this song and it made Joaquin feel special. Kevin was always telling Joaquin that even though they came from different sides of Riverdale they still both had their own problems and that he wanted to work through them. Joaquin had done some things that he wasn't proud of, but Kevin never pushed him to spill what he did and he always supported him and encouraged him never to change who he was just because other people didn't agree with his lifestyle. Kevin never tried to change him and Joaquin was very grateful for that.

Dirty laundry is piling in his room
He's got his secrets, yeah I got mine too
I don't care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry
Looks good on you

Before Joaquin knew it, the song was over and the crowd (which was mostly filled with girls, but there were some guys) was going crazy. "Thank you so much, you guys!" Kevin said with a huge smile on his face. "We've got one more song for you guys, but before that, incase you didn't know, I am Kevin," he pointed to himself. "That's Alex on guitar," he said pointing to a skinny boy with shaggy brown hair on his left. "That's Casper on bass," he pointed to a muscular boy with shaggy blonde hair on his right. "And behind me is Caleb on drums," he moved to the side and pointed to a, slightly less muscular than Casper, boy with short brown hair who banged on the drums a little. "And we," Kevin smiles and finishes, "are The Renegades." Kevin smiles and the crowd goes wild, clapping and cheering for them.

"Wait, Kev! You forgot the most important thing." Alex said raising both his hands in the air. Kevin turned and looked at him with a puzzled expression and then his expression cleared as he remembered and he got a huge smile on his face.

"Oh shit! I did forget," he said, looking at Alex. He turned back to crowd. "So, guys, we've been a band for three years now-"

"Almost four," cut in Casper.

Kevin pointed him at, "Right. We've been a band for three, going on four years and we've accomplished some pretty cool stuff so far, but we thought we'd take it to the next level this year. We've won the South Side Battle of the Bands two years now-"

"In a row," interjects Alex.

Kevin rolls his eyes, but smiles, "Yes, in a row, and we thought that this year we'd go out for the North Side Battle of the Bands!" The crowd starts cheering and Alex whoops into the microphone.

Kevin smiles and says to the crowd, "Yes! Its amazing, guys! We rocked the audition and now we're in so come out and support us! We want every one of you lovely motherfuckers to come see and support us. We love you all so much and we wouldn't have gotten even this far without you guys." Kevin smiles out at the crowd again and Alex pumps his fists in the air.

"We would have gone out for the North Side Battle of the Bands sooner if Kevin, here, wasn't such a perfectionist." Alex states and rolls his eyes, but smiles at his best friend. Kevin shrugs and deadpans, "I want to win." At that the whole crowd laughs and whoops.

"This last song, is Dark Side Of Your Room," Kevin states and the crowd goes wild. The lights go dark and the opening cords start and the lights come back on. Joaquin likes this song a lot and he looks over at the other guys in the group and see that they like it as well, but when the chorus hits, Moose looks a little uncomfortable.

Boy, you make a fool of my heart
You don't know what you do to me

With nights like these
Who needs the days?
I shut my eyes and sleep them away
I'm on the dark side of your room
With the notches on your bedpost

With friends like you
Who needs friends?
I shut my mouth
And we do it all again
I'm on the dark side of your room
With the notches on your bedpost

With Moose looking slightly uncomfortable as the song goes on, he begins to think that the song is about him. Maybe Moose is one of the closeted guys Kevin was with before? Joaquin thinks to himself. Before he can continue to think too much about it, the song is over and Kevin is thanking the crowd for coming and the band starts packing up their instruments, with the exception of the drum set.

While the band was packing up their gear Moose, Joaquin, and Archie all turned to each other. "I can't believe Kevin is in a band." Moose stated in astonishment. "And they're really good!" He exclaimed looking at Archie and Joaquin. "Yeah. It's really great, but we need to focus on the mission of tonight: finding the guy who beat you up, Moose," Archie said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Yeah, okay," Moose said back and started looking around. At that moment, Joaquin saw Kevin across the room walk up to the bar and get a water and started to walk over to him.

"Hey, there, Preppy," Joaquin said with a smirk forming across his face and folding his arms. Kevin nearly spit out his water all over the bar, but quickly swallowed and turned around with wide eyes.

"Joaquin? What are you doing here?" He looked over Joaquin's shoulder and saw Archie and Moose. His eyes got even wider. "We were supposed to meet up. To find the dude who attacked Moose. Oh my gosh." He looked back over at Joaquin. "I am so sorry. I completely forgot." He paused as his eyes got even wider, if that was possible. "Did you seeā€¦?"

Joaquin spoke up now as a soft smile formed on his lips, "Did I see you perform? Yes, I did. And I have to say: you are really good," He walked up to Kevin and placed his hands on his hips, his soft smile turned sly, "Why didn't you tell me you were in a band?"

"Are you mad?" Kevin asked nervously.

Joaquin face turned to one of surprise, "Mad? Why would I be mad?"

"Cuz I didn't tell you," Kevin started chewing on his fingernail and looked down at to floor.

Joaquin could tell that Kevin was truly worried about him being upset with him so he took a step back and grabbed the hand that Kevin was chewing and held with both of his, eyes shining softly. "I'm not mad you Kevin, you obviously haven't told many people as your friends didn't even know. I'm glad I know now though so I can cheer you on. I'll even come to the North Side Battle of the Bands and cheer for you if you want."

Kevin looked up at Joaquin with a hopeful expression and smiled hugely. He then gave Joaquin a bone crushing hug for a few seconds and then pulled back and gave him a long kiss. "Om my gosh, Kevin!" At that voice the two boys jump apart and Kevin cursed softly as Alex sauntered up to them. "Aren't you going to introduce me, he said to Kevin."

Kevin sighed loudly and rolled his eyes, "I would rather not, but seeing as I'm caught then I guess so," Kevin turned towards Alex, "Alex, this is Joaquin," he said gesturing to Joaquin, "Joaquin, Alex," He said gesturing to Alex. Joaquin and Alex shook hands.

"You look familiar, do you go to Southside High?" Alex asked Joaquin.


Alex suddenly snapped his fingers, "We have math together third period!" he smiled at Kevin and Joaquin excitedly, happy to remember Kevin's boyfriend.

Joaquin smiled back at him, "Yeah, I remember you."

In that moment Casper and Caleb walked up to them and introduced themselves. "So, Joaquin, what are your intentions with my best friend Kevin?" Alex asked pointedly. "OMG! Alex! Can you not right now!?" Kevin burst out. Alex turned and looked pointedly at Kevin, "Kevin, you are dating someone from the Southside, possibly a Serpent, not that there is anything wrong with that as they let us play here and genuinely like our music, but I want to make sure that you are being taken care of," Alex said in all seriousness.

Joaquin just smiled as Kevin grumbled and looked away, "I really like Kevin and I want us to work so I'm gonna try my hardest to make it work," Joaquin took Kevin's hand and smiled up at him. Kevin smiled back softly. Pleased with this answer, Alex, Casper, and Caleb turned and went to flirt some girls who came to see the show.

Joaquin and Kevin decided they should go find Moose and Archie before they got themselves into any trouble with the Serpents and as they were walking to the door Kevin got tons of pats and congrats from different Serpent's. "They really like and respect your music," Joaquin smiled at Kevin and Kevin felt a blush rise to is cheeks. Kevin just shrugged in response. He would never admit it, but it meant a lot to him that Joaquin's liked and respected his music and their relationship.

Once they got outside, they found Archie and Moose standing outside waiting, Archie noticed them first. "Moose didn't recognize any of the guys in there. You did great, by the way, Kevin."

"Thanks Archie." Kevin smiled at him.

"You were totally amazing, Kev. I think you have a real shot at beating the Pussycats in the Battle of the Bands." Moose looked down and smiled shyly at the ground.

Kevin hesitated a little at that, "Thanks, Moose." Moose looked up and smiled widely at him. At this Joaquin grabbed Kevin's hand and suggested it time for them all to leave before they got into trouble. Moose and Archie agreed, making their way over to Archie's car. Joaquin tugged Kevin's hand as he started to make his over as well, "Why don't you come by my place for a while?"

Kevin smiled at that and said with a slow smile "Of course."

"Hey, Kev, you need a ride home?" Archie yelled out the window of his car.

"No, I'm good!" Kevin replied without breaking eye contact with Joaquin. With that, Archie took off, leaving Joaquin and Kevin behind. They started walking over to Kevin's bike before Kevin stopped them, "Let me text Alex and my dad real quick. Let them know what's up."


Kevin quickly sent out a text to Alex, I'm riding home with Joaquin. Cover for me with my dad? He didn't wait for a reply, knowing that Alex would say yes and typed out a text to his dad, Riding home with Alex and crashing at his place. With that done, Joaquin got on the back of is bike with Kevin climbing on behind him and hugging him tightly around the waist. Joaquin smiled back at him and then they took off down the road. Once they got outside Joaquin's trailer they disembarked and went inside. Joaquin opened the door and walked through it with Kevin walking in behind him. When the door was shut and locked, Joaquin grabbed Kevin's arm, swung him around, and gently shoved him against the door. Placing both hands on either side of Kevin's head Joaquin leaned in close and whispered, "You were amazing up there, Kev. Honestly."

Kevin beamed down at the shorter boy and whispered, almost nervously, "Really?"

Joaquin smiled and murmured a mhm and whispered, eyes half way closed, "And so sexy, too."

Kevin felt his face get hot at that. Joaquin noticed, smiled a sly smile, and leaned in to kiss Kevin on the lips. It was a kiss that started out sweet, but quickly turned passionate as Kevin gripped Joaquin's waist and Joaquin cupped the back of Kevin's neck with one and used to the other to steady himself against the door. After a moment of kissing, Joaquin pulled away, grabbed Kevin's hand, and backed up from the door. He led Kevin over to the bedroom and gently pushed him down on the bed.

Crawling on top of Kevin, Joaquin straddled his waist and reconnected their mouths in a wave of passionate kisses that seemed to roll into each other. Joaquin then kissed down Kevin's neck and sucking Kevin's neck, paying extra attention to the sensitive spot that made Kevin suck in a breath. Kevin's hands roamed over Joaquin's back underneath his shirt. He loved feeling the tight, rigid muscles of his boyfriend. Kevin broke the kiss to push of Joaquin's jacket and pull off his t-shirt. Sitting up, Kevin started to kiss his way down Joaquin's stomach and Joaquin threaded his fingers through Kevin's hair, pulling every so slightly. Joaquin took his hands out of Kevin's hair and pulled off his shirt, pushing him back down and kissing him again.

Kevin rolled them over so he was now on top and started peppering Joaquin's chest with light kisses. He trailed back up and sucked a little on Joaquin's neck, making the shorter boy moan and whimper when Kevin licked the sensitive spot just below his ear. Both boys could feel themselves getting extremely turned on by this make out session, but knew they weren't ready to take the next step. They hadn't been dating for too long, Kevin's dad didn't even know about them and Joaquin wanted their first time to be special and something that they didn't have to hide from anyone. Kevin leaned over Joaquin, looking him in the eyes with an emotion that Joaquin was sure was reflected in his eyes as well, but that they both weren't ready to voice. Kevin leaned down and placed a passionate kiss on Joaquin's mouth as Joaquin ran his fingers through Kevin's hair.

Releasing Joaquin's mouth and sitting up, "I better go take a shower. I'm all dried sweat and grossness." Joaquin smiled and sat up, a sly smile forming on his face. "Better make it a cold one," Joaquin said, then laughed at Kevin's appalled expression and red cheeks.

"I cannot believe you just said that." Kevin shook his head at his boyfriend laughing his ass off and smiled a small smile, loving how carefree Joaquin was around him. He got up and went to take a quick shower.

When he returned to the darkened bedroom, with just the moonlight from the slightly opened shades shining on the bed, ten minutes later, in a pair of sweat pants that he left there a while ago, Joaquin was laying under the covers fast asleep; his chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm. Kevin took a moment to look at Joaquin's face; he looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. Kevin got into the bad, trying not to disturb Joaquin, he settled in on his back and Joaquin, feeling him get in, turned over and draped his arm over Kevin's waist. Kevin smiled and with the weight of Joaquin's arm on his waist and the happiness of the night, he fell into a deep sleep full of blissful dreams.