"If meeting Naruto was my rebirth, then you are my redemption." Sea-foam eyes stared intently at the young life in his hands. Gaara knew how life was created and destroyed yet the tiny miracle in his hands astonished him.

The bundle in front of him housed a life that did not experience nor have any knowledge of his bloody past. There was a good possibility that his nephew would never know it. While Gaara considered himself an honest person, he wasn't sure that he could tell Shikadai about his past and remain intact at the horror that would bloom on his face.

Shikadai gripped the finger closest to him, and to his Uncle's surprise his ultimate defense didn't go off. At this, did the normally stoic man give a small yet genuine smile.

"Thank you, Mother." Shikamaru, who was standing next to him, raised an eyebrow at that.

Just as Gaara said that Shikadai opened his eyes to the world. Everyone gasped at the teal-colored eyes whose gaze rested innocently on them. Their gaze soon moved to Gaara, who still stood frozen at the action.

"Awww, isn't he so cute?"

"He definitely has some Temari in him. I mean look at those eyes." said a certain Yamanaka.

"Yeah, he definitely does." I can only hope that Shikadai won't have her personality, thought the new father. He loved his wife, but the thought of having another Temari in the household was terrifying.

Shikamaru glanced at the person to his right, Gaara. A blank face that almost seemed to be glaring at his child made him feel concerned. Seeing the worry written on his face, Temari merely stated that he was usually like this when he was overwhelmed.


No, the Nara still had his doubts. But he trusted his brother-in-law enough to be with Shikadai.

Meanwhile, Gaara started to get out of his shocked state and saw Shikadai still gripping his finger… tightly. Teal eyes stared up at him with shameless curiosity and interest…

"Can't I see him now?" said a very excited Naruto. After all, it wasn't every day that your best friend and trusted advisor has a child.

"Well…" Sakura seemed hesitant at the thought of separating a former homicidal jinchuuriki from his nephew. You never truly know with Gaara, thought Sakura.

Taking that for a 'yes', Naruto raced into the room and moved to grab Shikadai when…


Gaara's sand shield went up right at the moment Naruto was about to touch the baby. Naruto opened his mouth to complain and for once kept quiet at the look on Gaara's face…

To put it simply, Gaara was annoyed.

And it was the first time too that he ever truly felt the slightest annoyance at Naruto.

It was only 30 minutes later did Gaara relinquish his nephew to the eager bystanders in the room and leave to ponder on his thoughts once more.

An hour passed by slowly for Gaara before he went back to check on Shikadai. When he got to the hospital room, Temari was passed out and a lone figure with a red cross necklace loomed over her baby.

Hot rage bubbled inside of him as he realized that the figure was kidnapping his nephew. Sand smoothly rushed out of his gourd and attacked the would-be kidnapper.

They attempted to form the hand seals for Shunshin but were stopped by sand constricting up his arms and…


A wail of pain pierced the night and awoke the hospital. The attempted kidnapper tried to vainly move, yet even more sand bore down on the now helpless human.

Gaara let out a harsh sigh and controlled himself. While he was normally calm, the thought of someone hurting his loved ones much less a child made him feel like how he was in his bloody past.

The figure let one more pain-filled scream before they said a handful of foreign words. Glowing golden patterns began to wind up their body. Knowing that couldn't possibly be anything good, Gaara swiftly retrieved his nephew and sister with his sand. Sand solidified and hardened when made into a barrier.


The loud noise made Gaara's ears ring and Temari stir in her sleep. Shikadai began to loudly scream at the unwelcomed sound.

A rush of footsteps filled the hallway leading to the room.

"What happened? Are you okay?" said Choji. Gaara nodded and motioned to his family in the room.

"I believe the person who infiltrated this room attempted to kidnap Shikadai." Gaara's stoic behavior was back. He couldn't protect those precious to him now if he acted over emotionally and thus irrationally.

"Did you retrieve the target?" hissed a voice.

"No, sir. Renegade couldn't complete his mission."

"I see… plans will have to be changed. I suppose that you and your team will need a certain punishment." The man began to tremble at the word 'punishment'. Anybody in the Order knew what that meant.

"Please, sir. I beg of you to reconsider. Just give my te-"

"Quiet! Do you even have the slightest clue of the significance of that boy."


"We will discuss this later…", The voice paused, "May the Father of Understanding guide us." The man lost hope at the normally uplifting saying. He was going to be given a fate worse than death, and it was all because of his superior and that blasted Ren.

"May the Father of Understanding guide us" he merely said in return.

With those words, his fate was doomed. However, the man would leave his own mark on the world by helping a certain Assassin even in death.

"Did they succeed?" questioned a stern voice.

"No, but the Kazekage now has a clue on the war." the Assassin gritted his teeth at that. Nobody was supposed to be involved in the incident other than the mother and that baby. The assigned Assassin was supposed to interfere with the Templar's plot yet was assassinated.

"Sir, I know that you are hard-pressed in maintaining anonymity for the Brotherhood but-" A sigh of intense displeasure made its known on the secure phone line.

"You. will. fix. this." every word was pronounced sharply by the voice.

"Yes, sir."

"Plant fake evidence at the scene and remember to not get caught this time." The Assassin winced. It was only one time, and how was he supposed to know that it wasn't normal to be hooded in public all the time.

"Safety and Peace, sir." He was eager to get off the line. More talking would only feed the Mentor's growing ire.

"Safety and Peace." said the voice albeit reluctantly.

The Assassin destroyed the secure line and leaped out the window. If he failed his assigned task, only the head of the Grand Master of the Templars would soothe his superior's ire.

Author's Note: I think this chapter turned out okay… sort of at least. I apologize if Gaara seems out of character. I think of his character as an emotional person who is stoic in a way. As for my writing, I hope that I didn't disappoint any of you. I tried my best in writing this. For those of you who are interested in this, please look at my Plot Choices post on my tumblr blog, Gaara and Shikadai. I don't want to upset you if I choose the Dark Path and it turns out that the number of character deaths in it is very upsetting. To be honest, though, I probably am going to do a mix of all three of them. The impact of the memories of Shikadai's ancestors has a huge role in that. Anyway, Thank you for reading and feel free to give constructive criticism or feedback!