Author's Note: This is my first try to write a fanfic and English is not my spoken language, so please be gentle if you leave a comment :-)

The lands of Eriados had been plagued with war.

A mighty warlord from Moridoria in the north had with his giant army taking over land like wildfire. Their goal were to reclaim Rohland and its capital Ereiabor from the Dormorians in the south, lost since almost two centuries.
It had taken them a long time to recover from their big losses back then, but now they were stronger than ever. Any resistance had quickly been defeated. Not even the strongly protected Ereiabor had had any chance against the fearless warriors.

Their king and leader, Thorin the Deathless, seemed invincible, described as a furious demon in gold and black when riding his horse in front of the troops on the battlefield. In close combat nothing and no one could even get close enough to touch him. He was the grandson of the King who had been banished from Rohland all those years ago.

Rumors had told that Thorin was extremely handsome, and women almost always fell for him if they had had the opportunity to see him. But gossip had also stated that he was moody and very easily enraged, many of his men didn't even dare to address him face to face.

Three years earlier

Nenya had been woken up by the first rays of the sun that shone through her small window. She did not want to open her eyes, not yet, just stay in the moment and enjoy the emotions that flowed throughout her body. Joy and happiness; free and alive; and the most prominent ones - feeling loved and at home - filled her and made her heart swell with delight. The last two she had longed to feel, but her father never showed her anything close to that.

Azrim, her father, had always been grim and harsh towards her. The few emotions, except insensitive and cold, only surfaced when he was really drunk and thought that no one could see them.

But she had seen them - once.

She had been loved at the beginning.

Her parents, a lord and lady in Ereiabor whose descendants came from Dormoria, had awaited her arrival with joy and anticipation; it had taken them many years to conceive their first child.
Everything seemed to proceed just fine and Nenya's mother Marida had that specific glow to her that the lucky pregnant women had. It had been heavy in the end for her, of course, late pregnancy almost always takes it's toll on the body. But even that could not take away the happiness the couple shared.

During a prolonged labour something happened that changed everything - Nenya's mother died.
Filled with grief Nenya's father Azrim had pushed his daughter away. She reminded him too much of her mother, who was his "one," and he couldn't be near Nenya without falling apart. He had left the caretaking of his daughter to different wet nurses and neighbours in the beginning.

Nenya had her mother's big green eyes. They shone like the fresh young leaves on an oak tree sparkling in the first beams of the spring sun. With her short and golden curls, that stood up like the petals on a white mum flower, she melted the hearts of many people.
But not the person she should have gotten attention - her father.

To even stand to live in the same halls as his daughter he took to the bottle, hoping to dull the pain and his misery. But the only thing that led to was more drinking. Azrim had begun to slowly fade away, only leaving a dead shell of the man he used to be - showing no emotions at all.

A loud bang in the middle of the night had echoed throughout the chambers, followed by the sound of glass breaking. The noise had woken up Nenya and she had carefully went to see what was going on.
On her way to the source of the noise she heard more banging, and someone crying. In the dim light of the parlor she could see her father. He stood on his knees in the middle of the room with his face in his hands. He was crying; rambling something about 'missing you' and 'why you and not him.'
Without thinking, Nenya had moved towards him and put her hand on the shoulder of the sobbing body of her father. He had looked up at her and she could see the devastation shining in his eyes.

He was drunk, really drunk. Around them it looked like a storm had passed through. But she did not notice that, just the pained expression of grief in her father's eyes. Although Azrim had never showed her any love, he was her father. And somewhere inside she still held some affection towards him. At that moment she even felt pity for him, seeing the sorrow he felt sitting on the floor in the big room.

"I miss her so much, it's tearing me apart. And you remind me of her, every day, I can't stand it!" her father said with a sad smile on his lips.
Nenya didn't know what to say, this was a side she had never seen before. So far from the stone-like figure that she was used to.

Azrim's blue eyes suddenly started to change in front of her, taking on the usual emotionless look and a hard glare. He took her hand from his shoulder and squeezed it hard, hurting her.
"Leave me. Go to your room and stay there until I allow you to come out," he said in a cold voice.

Nenya ran back to her room in tears. Her hand hurt and she felt like she had been hit in the chest with the hilt of a sword. The rest of that night she did not sleep at all, she just stared at the ceiling trying to understand what had happened.

The morning after everything had been as it used to be, and she never saw that side of her father again.

Even though the thoughts of that moment lingered in her mind, they could not take away the feelings she now had, waking up from that wonderful dream. She wanted to etch them in her memory and savor them forever. The images of that perfect moment in time began to form inside her once more.

She had felt light as a feather, as she saw the big green field form in front of her eyes. Her feet did not touch the ground, she was flying. Higher and higher she rose, and the sun's rays warmed her body. Joy was all around her and she felt happier than ever before. She wanted to stay here forever.
In the distance she could hear the sound of birds tweeting, their song made her feel even more elated.
She did not care about anything, every thought she had was affected by the jubilant atmosphere.

Starting to descend she saw the green meadow coming closer. As she was soaring along the grass and flowers she felt content; the sweet smell of wild flowers seducing her senses.
Laughing she went faster, excited and full of life, twirling and spinning like a leaf playing in the wind while her hair floated around her like liquid gold.

She landed on a slope and felt the soft green grass under her feet as she started walking towards the summit. As she reached the top of the hill she saw him standing there, looking out over the field beyond the hilltop. His hair shone in the sunlight and the wind played with the dark locks streaked with silver.
She knew who it was, she felt it in her body and soul. That wonderful feeling of devotion towards another person. Smiling she started to walk faster. And then he turned around - and her heart skipped a beat.

She started running towards him, faster and faster. He smiled at her, a beautiful smile, hiding in his short beard, and it made her heart beat faster. His wonderful blue eyes glittered with love, for her.

The next second she was in his arms. She felt the heat of his body against hers; the smell of his skin all around her; and the sound of his beating heart. She felt at home, as if it were where she was supposed to be. Her body wanted more of him, his body heat and smell was not enough. Not even the strong arms around her seemed to meet the needs that had started to grow inside her. She wanted to feel his lips on hers, his strong hands on her body. She needed him more than she had ever needed anyone before.
His arms slowly released their grip on her and she lifted her face towards his. Lost in his dazzling icy-blue eyes she heard him say:

"You are mine and I am yours - forever."

And in that moment, she had woken up.

A few years later, after the Moridorians had reclaimed Ereiabor, her father had introduced her to someone. It was a former general in king Thorin's army, lord Dorami, and Azrim told her that he was to be her husband.
Azrim had kept it a secret from Nenya, knowing she would never accept the joining, fearing the the wrath of the king if he had refused.
Nenya had been devastated, begging her father to reconsider. But he had just given her a cold glare back, the same as he always had given her when she just had to follow his decisions.

With her life torn apart she had been taken away to start her new life - at Dorami's side.