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Chapter 9

The water felt good as it sprayed on her skin washing away the gunk and smell from coming back through the mirror. She pushed her hair back letting the water run through it before choosing a shampoo to wash it with. She ran her fingers through it massaging her scalp and held her head back to rinse the suds away. Once Valerie scrubbed her skin until it was deep red, she shut the water off and picked up the towel to dry off and towel dry her hair. She slipped her panties and bra back on and picked up the sweats to slip on. They hung loosely around her hips, almost falling off, as she pulled the tee shirt over her damp hair before running her fingers through it. She checked herself out in the mirror and frowned thinking of the other one and turning away quickly. Valerie headed downstairs keeping a grip on the sweats waist so they wouldn't fall off her slender hips. She heard music coming from the kitchen and headed that way to find Dean in there putting together sandwiches.

"Hey, thought we could have sandwiches and chips." he said pushing a plate of sandwiches her way along with a paper plate. "Help yourself; we're pretty informal around here."

"Thanks." Valerie said giving him a brief smile.

"I wanna thank you for what you did for Sammy. You're ok in my book." Dean told her helping himself to a couple of sandwiches and some corn chips before heading for the table to sit down. "That was very brave of you, not many adults could of done what you did without freaking out. It took a lot of courage to go into the unknown like that."

"I didn't do much." Valerie said shyly as she felt her cheeks grow warm with the praise and averting her eyes from Dean. She always tried to blend in and fly under the radar not liking to draw attention to herself. She took a sandwich and shook some chips onto the plate before going to the table to sit down.

"See I told you!" Dean crowed at Sam when he strolled into the kitchen. "You take longer to shower than a girl." Dean laughed.

"Screw you." Sam spat back and realized what he said in front of Valerie. "Sorry Val." he apologized as a deep blush rose in his cheeks.

"Its ok Sam." she said smiling at him. She had a feeling Sam and his brother were like this all the time and tried to hide her giggling. "Could you tell me what just happened back there and how you guys know about it?"

"She's your girl; you get to give her the Talk." Dean told Sam getting up with his plate to head for the living room. "I'm gonna see if anything's on the tube. You know Dad's not happy 'bout what ya did, so prepare yourself."

Sam gave his brother his best bitch face as he walked away wondering what he should tell her. "Jerk." he mumbled to Dean's back knowing he was right, their Dad was not going to be happy with what he had done no matter the outcome.

"I felt and heard that bitch." Dean called back with a laugh, not bothering to turn around since he knew what Sam was doing. "Listen for the washer and throw your clothes in the dryer."

"You two like this all the time?" Valerie asked Sam as he took a seat beside her.

"Pretty much." Sam sighed. "You have to overlook him most of the time, he means well, sometimes, that is. I've learned to ignore him when he gets too bad."

"I can tell he cares a lot for you." she said nibbling on a chip and looking over at Sam. "No matter how much he teases, he can't hide it."

"Yeah, he does." Sam said smiling to himself knowing Dean would do anything for him. He could be a pain in the ass at times, but he couldn't ask for a better big brother than Dean. He had been his big brother, protector, confidant, mentor, trainer and as much a dad as their Dad was, if not more.

"I guess I should call my Mom and let her know I'll be back in a couple of hours?"

"You can use my phone and we should be able to get you home by then." Sam said pulling his cell out and pushing it across the table to her. Their fingers met for a moment sending a small spark up both their arms causing them to blush and look away from each other still unsure with the feelings thing.

"What you did took a lot of guts Valerie, thanks for saving us." Sam quietly told Valerie.

"I gotta tell you I was scared to death, but I knew I had to help you being the only virgin available at the time." Valerie replied looking shyly at Sam. "So how long have you known about these things?"

"Well Dean has known since he was four and I learned around five years ago. It's not something that we talk much about to civilians."

"And your Dad does this all the time?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Growing up I traveled all over the country with Dean and our Dad going from one hunt to the next. Believe me it's not as exciting as it sounds. I was always moving from one school to the next. I got so tired of being the new student all the time."

"How is it all this...This stuff is not known by everyone?"

"Well the supernatural knows how to stay hidden and I think people don't really want to know about things like that. It's easier to believe it's not real. I don't think people could accept the fact that this stuff is actually real."

"Well I'm glad you got to stay here and finish out the year."

"Yeah me too." Sam said casting a wishful look her way.

They both looked to the other room when the front door opened and Bobby and John came in talking between themselves. They heard the three talking in the other room before Bobby and John came on into the kitchen heading for the coffee pot. Valerie and Sam gave each other a nervous look waiting to see what they were going to say.

"Well you two seem to have survived the ordeal ok." Bobby commented looking the two young ones over.

"Valerie would you mind if I talked to Sam alone?" John asked her in a serious voice.

"Sure." Valerie said getting up with her drink and going into the living room joining Dean on the couch. She looked nervously toward the kitchen as her leg started to bounce up and down.

"Don't worry; Dad won't be too hard on him." Dean assured her when he saw her concern and laid a hand on her leg to stop its movement. "He can take pretty much anything."


"What were you thinking Sam, doing something like that by yourself?" John asked his youngest, a hint of anger in his voice. "I oughta tan your hide for being that careless. What if we didn't have Valerie to help us? You might of been trapped in there."

"I'm sorry Dad, but I had to try and help my friend. I knew no one else could help if it was our kind of case." Sam told him keeping his eyes glued to his plate.

"You should of let Bobby help. Sammy that was a dumb move, what if we couldn't of got you out?"

"I knew you or Bobby would figure it out, I had confidence in both of you. If anyone could do it I knew you could." Sam said looking up for a second to Bobby and then John.

"Don't ever pull a stunt like that again understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Sammy." John said softly as an afterthought. "You did good saving your friend and getting all of you out of there in one piece."

Sam smiled to himself with John's praise, surprised to hear it. He knew his Dad was going to be mad about what he did, but he never thought he would say something like that. He looked toward the laundry room when a buzzer went off and got up to throw the clothes in the dryer.

"That was a good thing yer done there." Bobby whispered to John after Sam left the room. "It doesn't hurt to let them know you're proud of them once and a while."

John nodded as he sipped his coffee while watching his youngest put the clothes in the dryer and turn it on. Sam came back into the room and headed on into the living room to find Valerie. He found her sitting on the couch with Dean watching some program on television.

"I put our clothes in the dryer, shouldn't take long for them to dry." Sam told her as he sat down beside her glancing sideways at her.

"Thanks Sam." she said awarding him with a smile.

Dean sat on the other end of the couch and eyed the two kids with a smirk on his face. He had a feeling they both liked each other a little more than just friends but was to shy and bashful to admit it. He just might have to give them a push in the right direction.

"Guess I better get home when my clothes are dry. I told my Mom I'd be home after dinner." Valerie told Sam.

"Alright, Dean can drive you home can't you?" Sam asked leaning forward slightly to look at Dean.

"Sure, sure now hush the best part's coming on." Dean shushed them as he concentrated on the screen of the television.

Valerie and Sam relaxed back against the couch and Sam eased his hand into her hand to hold it between them. They both twitched a smile but didn't say anything content with this simple action.


"You wanna check the dryer." Bobby called thirty minutes later when it dinged it was done.

"Yes sir." Sam said getting up and hurrying to the laundry room. He pulled out the clothes and separated his from Valerie's so he could take them to her. "Here you go clean and dry." Sam said holding out the clothes to her.

"Thanks, I'll go change and be right back." she said getting up to head upstairs to the bathroom.

"So ya like her don't ya?" Dean asked once she was out of earshot. He smirked when Sam turned red and mumbled back at him to shut up. "Why don't ya tell her? Have you asked her out yet? "

"Dean! Will you be quiet!" Sam hissed madly at him.

"What? I think she likes you too."

"Don't you say anything to her, please Dean." Sam begged looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, I'm just saying you should tell her is all." Dean pouted flopping back on the couch.

"I left your clothes upstairs Sam." Valerie told him when she came back down. "Guess I should be heading home now."

"Alright, Dean?" Sam questioned arching his eyebrows at him.

"Yeah, let me grab the keys." he said getting up to find his jacket and the keys. "Taking Valerie home." he called to Bobby and John.

"See ya lass an' thanks for your help today." Bobby told her from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Thanks young lady, what you did was very brave. You take care." John said giving her a nod.

"Good bye." she said giving a small wave before following Dean and Sam out the front door.


Sam had the back door of the Impala opened and let her get inside before sliding in beside her. Dean made sure they were both in with seatbelts on before starting the car and pulling away. He had Valerie give him directions to where she lived and headed to her house. Twenty minutes later he pulled into the driveway of a small one story house. The outside looked neat and well maintained from what he could see.

"Here ya go kid, come back over and see us again and thanks for your help you're ok." Dean told her before she got out of the car.

"You're welcome Dean and maybe I will if Sam wants me to." Valerie answered before getting out.

"Walk her to the door and kiss her for god's sake." Dean told Sam before he got out.

"Be quiet!" Sam complained slapping at him and rolling his eyes in disgust at his behavior.

"Just do it. You remember how right?" he continued as Sam slammed the door in his face.

Sam walked Valerie to her door and they stood on the porch not sure what to say or do.

"I hope you're ok with what I told you and what you saw today." Sam said glancing up at her and quickly away.

"Yes I'm ok, but I have to tell you it sort of freaks me out."

"If you don't want to be friends any longer I'll understand." he said a hint of sadness lacing his words.

"No, no Sam, that doesn't change how I feel about you. I still like you."

"I'm glad; I like you too."

"Gee Sammy kiss her already!" Dean yelled from the Impala causing both of them to stare at him as they blushed.

"You can kiss me if you want." Valerie said softly looking shyly at Sam.

"I'd like that." Sam said leaning closer and brushing his lips across hers feeling the softness of them and the subtle taste of the soda she had previously drunk. "Maybe we could go to the movies or something..."

"I didn't think you'd ever ask." Valerie giggled happily. "See ya in school tomorrow." she said stepping away from Sam toward the front door.

"Yeah, see ya tomorrow." Sam replied stepping from the porch and heading back to the car a smile playing across his face. It felt like he was walking on air as the lingering feel of her soft lips on his still bounced around in him mind.

"Way to go Sammy." Dean said grinning at him and slapping him on the shoulder as he dropped into the passenger seat of the car.

"Bite me jerk."

"Oh you know you liked it bitch." Dean laughed as he started the Impala and drove away.

Dean was right, Sam did like kissing Valerie but he would never admit it to his brother. He got enough teasing from him already without adding to the fire.

"How long you and Dad here for?"

"A couple of days probably. Need to restock a few things and we'll be heading back out."


"Try to stay out of trouble this time while we're gone, ok bro?" Dean said a touch of tenderness in his voice.

"I'll do my best Dee." Sam said staring out the windshield hoping nothing else like this would happen. He hoped to finish the school year out without any further incident.

The End