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Chapter 1 - The Gods

"This should not be, this was not meant to be!" The Father, of the Seven of Westeros said.

The Gods of the world stood around a viewing pool staring at the image within in horror and disbelief as they watched the last two living mortals in the world die a slow and painful death at the hands of the Night King himself. Winter and the Long Night had finally come and it had covered the entire world. The Gods knew that they, like Old Valyria once had, now faced their own Doom. The Night King's armies of White Walkers and the Dead had slaughtered the living without pause and then the freshly dead rose, with blue eyes, ever increasing the numbers of the Night King's forces.

Once the Wall had fallen, they swept out of the Lands of Always Winter like a swarm locusts and like the swarm, they consumed all in their way and left nothing behind them.

The Warrior spoke to the gathered Gods "I agree with my Brother, this should not have happened, but it has. We cannot afford to focus on what has been and must focus of what is to come." The other Gods looked nervous and scared. "The Great Other is free and He WILL come for us, for is was us to stripped him of his powers, banished him the mortal plane and helped the mortals imprison him in his Tomb of Ice and Fire and we no longer have the strength or power to do it again since he has killed the all the mortals" He stated.

Their powers came from their worshipers and while their existence no longer depended on mortals believing in them, their powers depended on the prayers of the faithful. The Great Other had finally escaped his prison and the Gods no longer had the power to confine him again.

He couldn't understand just where it went wrong. They had planned for everything they could think of that could possible go wrong but it went wrong anyway. 'Enough of that' The Warrior thought. They needed a new plan and they needed one now. He knew they didn't have long before The Great Other came to destroy them once and for all.

The Warrior looked around the viewing room at all of the Gods and Goddesses who had come to view the end. The Old Gods were already dead. They were the first to be killed once The Great Other was free. The Mother, The Maiden and The Crone were all weeping in heartbroken sorrow. The Father was ranting in anger, R'hllor was pacing and looked to be in deep thought, The Drowned God was muttering in anger and the rest seemed to be in a state of shock, except for The Stranger, he as always, was silent. "So" he said, "any ideas?"

R'hllor stopped pacing and looked at his Brother God "Well, it seems to me that we have one of two choices" He said "Choice one: We fight and we die with honour." He looked around and just had to smile at all the glares he was getting from his Brothers and Sisters "What?" he smirked "It's a choice and a fairly likely outcome considering".

"You're not funny" the Drowned God snarled at him. "We are soon to die and you jest? This is not the time for humour!"

"Oh I beg to differ, Brother. Now is exactly the time for humour" R'hllor smirked at him.

The Drowned God started to stalk towards R'hllor with murder in his eyes.

"You mention we have two choices Brother?" The Maiden said, trying to prevent the killing from starting now. "What is the second choice" she asked.

R'hllor's smirk turned into an outright grin "Choice two" He said, "We cheat like mad"

The Drowned God started stalking towards R'hllor again. "Stay your had Brother, for if he does not explain himself now, I will kill him myself" The Smith said clenching his hammer in his hand "Speak Brother and it better be good".

R'hllor took a deep breath. What he was about to suggest was forbidden and for good reason, but there was nothing left to loose. The worst had already happened and his plan couldn't possibly make anything worse and just might make everything better. "We turn back Time"

The silence was deafening. "We turn back time, but we this time we take a more direct hand in matters." R'hllor swallowed nervously, looking at the group, wondering which one would protest first.

"It is Forbidden. The turning back of Time is forbidden! You KNOW the problems that can cause and even if it was not forbidden, direct interference by Us will cause the war to not only happen sooner, it could possibly destroy the world! We do not, cannot, interact directly with the mortal plane!" Stated the Father in a voice of steel.

"We have nothing left to loose Brother. Our Doom approaches and we must try to do something to change our fate, to change the fate of everyone, especially the mortals. They are the true innocents in this. The Great Other was our responsibility and we failed to keep him confined!" R'hllor yelled at the Father, feeling frustrated. 'Why can they not see that this is our only chance to change our fate?' he thought.

"Peace" said an ancient voice "I would hear what he has to say. Speak boy and speak clear" The Crone said. R'hllor gave The Crone a grateful look.

"I know we cannot directly interfere on the mortal plane and I was not suggesting we do" he said. "We all have….favourites…among the mortals. Those mortals call Priests and Priestesses, the leaders of our worshippers….

"Get to the point, now" The Father said.

"Very well then. This is what I suggest, we turn back Time to before everything went wrong, but, we allow two mortals to retain their memories of what has happened. We bring their souls to us and explain that this is a second chance. A chance to make things right. A chance to avoid our Doom"

"Have you lost your wits?" "You're insane!" "What were you thinking?"

The wave of comments came from all sides as the Gods react in disbelief at the insane plan. 'We are waiting to die and they question my sanity? R'hllor though 'Maybe they should, after all, it is crazy but it could work, we could put some rules in place, make sure what must happen does happen, but everything else…..' he mused to himself, ignoring the now arguing Gods 'But who to choose? Which two souls do we send back? How do we judge? How do we pick…' His train of thought was disturbed by a hand of his shoulder.

He looked over his shoulder; the hand belonged to The Stranger. The Stranger looked at R'hllor and then inclined his head towards a quiet corner of the room. R'hllor nodded and followed his silent brother to the corner.

"Your plan has potential" The Stranger said in his quiet raspy voice. "I agree with it, to a point. But I was wondering, have you chosen the souls yet? For what you propose will have consequences. This is known and it will be those innocent souls who will bear the consequences for this. To have this knowledge, to have the possibility of changing to future, it is a hefty thing. The mortals have a saying, Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely and this knowledge gives them a great deal of power."

R'hllor had to concede that his Brother had a very valid point. Most souls could not bear this sort of knowledge and not become a completely corrupted beyond redemption. There were very few souls strong enough to control their baser instincts and urges.

The Stranger spoke again "I am also concerned Brother, that you are also forgetting to consider another major factor that will impact events."

R'hllor raised an eyebrow at him "Oh, and what is it that I have forgotten to consider Brother?"

"There is a Prophesy in play. The Song of Fire and Ice"

"Aww, Fuck"

Next chapter, a plan is made