Moko-Chan: Actually I've been intending to write such a fic since the publication of vol 13. Just that with the slew of new information in the newer volumes, I had to keep rethinking my ideas over and over again.

So I guess this is the level that would do the original novel justice (and make the fan translation goddess happy =_=)
Oh yes, this will be a multi-chapter fic of a bunch of related short stories…yah, I've seem to write one for every fandom that I write fanfics for.

pika318: A certain fan translation goddess is very happy haha. Anyway, this is very spoilery if you haven't read through volume 15 (even I have not read it yet), but for those who already know about the angels' story, hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1: Fighting is part of Friendship

This story took place many centuries ago, way before Japan was a recognised civilisation and during the time when humans that lived in Ente Isla just discovered that a certain material dug up from the ground can be made into useful tools.

The location was at a place light years away from either above mentioned places. Another planet that no longer exists due to the cumulative factors of bad luck, greed and despair. On this planet's moon was a small city, a base for the residents of that city to work together to find a cure for the deadly disease that was ravaging the planet before it ceased to exist.

In that city, in a certain research lab, in a certain recreational room….

"...who is that?"

A large muscular man spoke in an irritated manner. He stood with his arms crossed as he stared at the smaller built man who he did not know, wearing a black singlet and track pants punching a punching bag a few metres away from him. The larger man himself was wearing a white singlet and military cargo pants. As he said that, he turned around to look at his subordinates, who were wearing similar clothing, as if they had the answer.

"No idea boss…"

One of the subordinates muttered, scratching his head.

"Oh, I think I know who that is… that guy's from the research team."

Another subordinate said, snapping his fingers as he recalled the information.

"Haa?! What's a research team…"

The smaller man suddenly stopped punching the bag. After using both hands to hold the bag to stop it from swinging around from the momentum, he turned to the group of people who were dressed in military attire.

"Yo! Isn't it the security team? You're Gabriel aren't you?"

The man who seemed to be in charge of the entire group frowned as he was spoken to in such a familiar manner.

"Yes… aren't you from the research department?"

"Yes I am. I'm Sataniel Noi. Nice to meet you." The man called Sataniel continued speaking in a cheerful manner.

"What's someone from the research group doing here?" Gabriel asked in an unfriendly manner.

Sataniel seemed to freeze for a few seconds, then he looked around the room quickly before replying as such.

"I can't be here? I don't remember any signs saying that the recreational rooms were segregated according to our departments."

"Well, there isn't… but those equipment are for us to use only, get it?"

Though such a rule had never been written, usually only the security team used this particular recreation room, as it was the only one with exercise equipment and even a boxing ring, to train or just to release their stress. Other departments like the research department, medical department, legal department and so on stuck to the other recreational rooms that had couches, some books and snacks. Therefore, it was expected that the security team acted as though they owned the place.

"Not really. Like I said, it's not as though there are any signs speaking about such a rule."

"You…!" Gabriel was at a loss of words. Most people would have felt threatened by this time, given that the security was full of men who have been trained to take down any tough enemies that stood in the way.

"Hey, Noi, if you don't get out…!" One of Gabriel's subordinates started speaking in a threatening tone, he stepped forward, starting to raise one of his arms.

"Then what? You're going to make me regret it by trashing the shit out of me?" Sataniel finished the threatening line with a light hearted smile.

"Don't say words you'll regret later." Gabriel growled.

"Then how about I take you on, Gabriel?"

Gabriel was taken aback by that statement. In his mind, he was wondering if the other party had worked too hard to the point that his sense of danger and self-preservation got thrown out of the window.

"Are you joking?" Gabriel managed to say with a mocking smile.

"Oh, I'm dead serious. If I win, I get to come here whenever I want and you all can't say a thing about it. If you win, I won't come here again…"

"Well, that doesn't sound that worthwhile, I could get into trouble for beating another staff…"

"And I'll treat your entire team to a round of drinks."

Why me?

Those were the thoughts going through Gabriel's head the moment he stood on the boxing ring. Both he and Sataniel had put on padded head gear to protect themselves from any severe head injuries.

I guess I'll just quickly knock him out of the ring. The rest of us still need people like him to save the world.

"You can't be thinking of going easy on me right?"


"Oh come on, this won't be fun if you don't go all out!" Sataniel said loudly.

Gabriel eyed the other party who was smirking arrogantly.

"...what's with that confidence? If you dare use any magic…"

Sataniel waved his hand dismissively.

"Don't worry, I won't stoop that low."


"And don't look down on people. If you do…"

Sataniel took on a ready pose.

"You'll get crushed."

Two minutes later.

Gabriel was pinned to the ground on his stomach. He could not even muster enough strength to break free from Sataniel and in a blink of an eye, the down count of ten seconds passed.

"... and down for ten seconds. That means you lost, Gabriel."

The pressure on Gabriel's shoulder and elbow joint was released and Gabriel flipped around.


The rest of the audience, comprising of only the security team, stood in shock, staring with their mouths agape.

"Eh, no applause for me?" Sataniel looked at the security team with a mock hurt look.

"You… you must have used…" one of the security team members started saying, trying to find a reason for his superior's loss. Gabriel had never lost to anyone in a hand to hand fight before.

"No, this bastard didn't use any magic. It's pure skill." Gabriel stood up with a bitter look. He looked at Sataniel who was still grinning widely.

"'s my complete loss, Sataniel. It's almost embarrassing for me to be in this position given that I lost to someone from the research team."

"What are talking about? There's no one more deserving of that position than you. Unlike you, I can't give anyone a sense of peace."

"?" Gabriel eyes widened as a sudden praise was thrown in his direction.

"I may be stronger than you, but I don't have the ability to protect anyone. Last year, during that hostage incident, you took a shot just to protect this young lady right?"

"Ah that incident…"

"The bullet almost struck you in the heart."

"Well, I survived in the end."

"Yeah, you have that kind of courage to protect others which I do not have. Therefore, everyone feels at peace when you are around."


After a moment of awkward silence, Gabriel started laughing.

" have a very glib tongue, did you know that?" Gabriel said with a smile.

"Of course I do. It's my greatest skill." Sataniel replied, clearly sounding very pleased with himself.

"Alright alright. You win. We'll keep up our end of the deal….Ah wait, that's too stingy, how about I treat you to a round of drinks as well?"

"...You still insisted on treating us, Sataniel…" Gabriel muttered as he sat at the bar counter. The bar that they were in was part of the research facility. When the plan to do their disease cure research on the moon unfolded, the people in charge of building the facility thought it was a good idea to make it as self-sufficient as possible and amenities for entertainment were included.

"Just treat it as a reward for working so hard."

"You guys are working pretty hard too."

"Are we?~" Sataniel asked a rhetorical question. With a sigh, he drank a mouthful of beer and continued talking.

"We reached a real slump. Our research has hit a dead end and the only things we're doing is going back to our old work and seeing if we missed anything out."

"...Even if you tell me this, I don't have the brains to help out." Gabriel commented, shrugging.

"Anyway," Gabriel took a drink as well before he continued speaking.

"We're all working as hard as we can so that we can get out this mess and go home."

"...Anyone waiting for you back home?" Sataniel suddenly asked.

"No." Came the curt reply.

"Really, no one at all?!"

"Nope. Even if there was someone, I would have broke up with her already. This isn't exactly a job where you can maintain a long distance relationship. Besides..."

"It's not as though she will be able to come here with you right?"


"Sigh...Had that issue. The girl I was dating went psycho when I told her that I had to come here to do research. She accused me of leaving her to die on a diseased planet."


The two men sat in silence as it dawned to them how bleak their future seemed to be.

"Damn it! Is it so hard to just fulfil a simple wish of settling down and starting a family?!"

"Sit down. You're drunk."

Sataniel had stood up with his beer mug raised and started shouting some nonsense that might have reflected one of his desires. And Gabriel had, almost immediately, responded in a deadpan manner.

"I want to have a cute wife and cute children!"

"I want to eat my mother's cooking."

"I want to open a bakery, damn it!"

This triggered the start of a bunch of drunk men shouting their lungs out about what they really wanted. Gabriel could only sit at the bar counter and start wondering how many reports he had to write to explain his subordinates' behavior.

After waking up late due to a hangover, a frazzled Sataniel ran to the main research department's lab and opened the door. As expected, everyone who was supposed to be there was there.

"Good morning everyone!"

"You're late!" That voice came from a petite female scientist who had a cold stern look etched on her face most of the times. The other lab members just glanced at him, shook their heads or sighed before going back to whatever they were doing.

Sataniel mouthed an apology and from the corner of his eye, happened to see one of members of the medical team covering her mouth, as though trying to stifle her laughter. She seemed to quickly compose herself and swiftly made her way out of the lab.

"So…" Sataniel started saying, about to ask what he had missed.

The petite female walked up to him and shoved a stack of documents in front of his face so quickly, he thought she was going to slap him in the face with them.

"Read this. There will be two interns sent from back home in two weeks. Keep them up to date."

"No problem, Ignora."

"It's Profess… oh whatever."

Sataniel gave a small smile as he watched Ignora storm back to her desk. He then returned to his own desk to read the files.

Moko-Chan: Eh, Gabriel sounds like such a stoic person in this story…Years of having nothing to do mellowed him out?

pika318: How about Gabriel adopted Sataniel's personality after Sataniel died, so he wouldn't go insane from all the screw ups which happened in Heaven?