AN: Another one of my patented "I was bored during fourth period so I wrote this" stories. This just popped into my head for no reason, and for no reason I decided to write it. It's short, sweet, kinda stupid, but very to the point. Don't own it, don't sue me.

The Challenge

"KAKAROTT!" Vegeta bellowed at the closed front door on the Son residence.

Seconds later, the door opened, and a messy-haired, bleary-eyed Son Goku appeared. He was stifling a yawn, which faded into a smile as his eyes fell on the visitor.

"Hiya, Vegeta!" he flashed the famous Son Grin. "Whatcha coming herr so early for?"

"Hmph. Baka. I'm here to tell you that today is the day I finally beat you!" Vegeta's eyes flashed as he smirked at his rival.

Goku returned the grin. "Sounds good. I could use a challenge."


"Where are going to have this match?" Goku asked, stepping outside and pulling the door closed behind him.

The Saiyan Prince smirked again and lifted off into the air. "Follow me. I know the perfect place for this battle." With that, he took off.

Goku took flight as well and followed.


Ten minutes later...

"Down there," Vegeta pointed towards a wide desert. The place was barren with several huge rock formations scattered about. (AN: You know, the standard battle sites.)

The two Saiyans landed easily, and Goku looked around. "Yeah. This should work just fine."

"Of course it will!" Vegeta snarled. Then he regained his composure and smirked. "Well, Kakarott, are you ready?"

"Of course," Goku replied, turning away from the scenery and back to face his rival. "I'm always ready for a match."

"Good. Let's get going. Today is the day you fall, Kakarott!" Vegeta declared.


Twenty minutes later...

Vegeta's gleeful laughter could be heard echoing throughout the desert, amplifying as it bounced off the various rock formations. "Hahaha! I win, Kakarott! This match is mine!"

Goku stared straight forward in disbelief, his expression slack-jawed and blank. "No way, Jose! You cheated, Vegeta!"

The Saiyan Prince snorted. "Fool! Don't you know anything? This isn't a typical match! There is no way in HFIL that water can stand up to electricity! Your Blastoise fell before the power of my Pikachu!"

Goku threw down his Pokèmon trading cards in anger and pouted. "No fair..."

Vegeta grinned widely. "Very fair. Victory is mine."

AN: Like I said—short, sweet, and stupid, and probably cliched too, but hey, we can't be original all the time. I just felt like writing something. Take care, all!