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Big Brother is Watching

Goten stared blankly. His eyes were wide, bordering on frightened.

"Goten?" Gohan peeked in. "What are you doing?"

"They're…" Goten whispered, not moving a muscle, "…they're watching us, Gohan."

Confused, the teenaged Saiyan tiptoed over to stand next to his brother and joined Goten in staring. But Gohan's stare was confused, as opposed to panicked. "Goten, snap out of it!"

"But they're watching us, Gohan," Goten took a slow step back.

Gohan looked up again.

It did seem like they were being watched.

He joined his brother in stepping back.

"They're so strange…" Gohan breathed.

"Yeah, look at that little one…" Goten added in a whisper.

"And that bald man…"

"The one in the white shirt?"

"That's the one."

"What about that girl in the dress?"

"I think she's looking at you!"

"She's scaring me!" Goten hugged his brother's leg.

"Don't worry," Gohan reached down and patted Goten's spiky hair. "They haven't done anything except watch. So far, anyway…"

"But that blonde kid looks mean!"

"I know, he really does."

"And what about her?"

"Yeah, that strange creature with the blue hair…"

ChiChi chose that moment to walk by, and happened to glance in and see her two sons standing there, staring like that. She stepped into the room. "What in the world are you two doing?"

Goten pointed with a shaky hand. "They're watching us, Mom!"

The Son family matriarch followed her son's gesture. For a moment, she, too, stared blankly. Then she sighed, rolled her eyes, and gave her beloved children a Look. "That's just a Simpson's poster!" she cried in exapseration.

"Oh, sure!" Gohan replied. "That's what they want you to think!"




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