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Golf for Dummies

As a business woman, Bulma Briefs had realized that to be successful, she had to keep up with everything that was considered quote-unquote 'cool' for business people to do.

She learned to play golf.

And this proved quite irritating to her mate, because she took great pleasure in whacking balls against the side of the Gravity Room while he was training. This usually caused an argument, which would be ended when Bulma threatened Gravity Room, food, bed priveleges, or some cruel combination of the three. Vegeta would then sulk back into his training domain, and for the rest of the afternoon, he would be forced to listen to golf balls raining down on the roof like hail.

Today, she was going on a golfing trip with a few business associates. Granted, she wasn't a very good golfer yet, as she had told them, but she had managed to make it into a joke. So they knew they would win easily, but all would hopefully have a good time, and business could be pleasantly conducted.

The game was preceeded by a luncheon, so she was gone all afternoon, leaving her son and mate to their own devices. Vegeta spent the afternoon in the Gravity Room, basking in the sweet sound of silence, while Trunks sat and wondered how he could trick Goten into getting in trouble.

But when Bulma came home, the proud Saiyan Prince had just returned from his training. She greeted Trunks and Vegeta cheerfully, signalling that something had gone right that day.

"I hit the drive of my life today!" Bulma said happily as she came into the house and rather unceremoniously dropped her clubs on the ground. "I mean, I hit it, and I just dropped my golf club!"

"I assume you held onto the beer?" Vegeta asked wryly, earning a Death Glare.

"Shut up," she frowned at him. "But I mean, it went forever and ever…and kind of hit some guy in the head. Nobody I knew. I mean, I felt bad. I really did. But I think he overreacted a little bit."

"What did he do?" Trunks asked.

"Well, he goes whipping his car off the freeway…"




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