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Grandma's To-Do List

Son ChiChi smiled benevolently at the two children who were bouncing around, laughing, talking, and happily destroying her living room. But that was all right. After all, one of those two adorable little girls was her very own granddaughter.

Grandchildren. It was something ChiChi had wanted for years, ever since her older son Gohan had started really growing up. That was, of course, the main reason she had sent him off to that high school. Maybe he could learn a few new things, get out of the house a little, make some friends his own age…oh yeah, and find the one woman he wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with and have children with. After all, ChiChi didn't want to set her expectations too high.

Yet imagine her "surprise" when Gohan actually did meet the girl of his dreams, got married, and a short time later, had their first child, a girl named Pan. The little girl was now four years old, and was turning out to be a lot like her paternal grandfather (much to ChiChi's private dismay, but hey, she had a grandkid—she wasn't complaining).

And to the surprise of everyone, Bulma and Vegeta had gone ahead and had another child as well, this one also a girl, Bra. The youngest Briefs child and the youngest Son child were now best friends, and they were currently entertaining themselves by running around, breaking things, pulling things off walls, and just generally being destructive.

Kawaii… ChiChi sighed to herself, reveling in her official status as grandmother. It truly was a wonderful thing. But then her eyes drifted over to the clock on the wall, and she frowned. Rats. It was time to send the children home—or rather, to Gohan's for a while.

Later on, they would be going to Capsule Corporation. The two little girls were going to be spending some time with Bulma, learning some very important techniques for women who lived under the same roof as any Saiyan. Bulma was going to be covering the basics of Inedible Cooking and Technological Mishaps Designed to Anger Tempermental Saiyan Princes, and ChiChi was going to teach them all about Frying Pan Waving, Cooking Good Food and Using It As a Weapon, and Yelling Effectively. Yessiree, these two girls were in for quite an education.

"Girls, it's time for you to go to Bra's house now and spend some time over there," ChiChi said cheerfully. "Bulma has some things she wants to show you."

"Okay!" the chibis squealed in delight. Each dropped the china figurines they had been in the process of dismembering and scampered to the door. Two hugs and two kisses later, ChiChi was alone in her house. After all, Kami forbid that Goku and Goten ever be home.

Humming to herself, the grandmother set about picking up the remnants of her living room. Then she wandered into her kitchen and smiled at the mess.

Scattered all over the table were the remnants of a Saiyan-sized snack that consisted entirely of sweets and chocolates and things. The two little girls had gourged their Saiyan appetites on candy, cookies, chocolate, and all other things sweet and sugar-laden.

The matriarch of the Son family reached into her pocket and pulled out a small notebook and a pen. She flipped the notebook open to a certain page and smirked. It was her to-do list, and it was time to mark off a few things.

Actually, there were only two things on the list. She made a small check beside each of the items. With each movement of her pen, her smile grew a little wider. After all, this was payback. How dare Gohan make her wait this long for her grandchild! And the best part was that Bulma was in on it; for her, it was a method of punishment for Vegeta, who had been ever more stubborn than usual.

The list was simple.

1. Load Bra and Pan up with as much sugar as possible.

2. Send home!

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