AN: Well, here we are, another stupid short story brought to you by me. I'm sure you are all thrilled, ecstatic, and all other synonyms for excitement. I hope you enjoy this. I don't own DBZ.

The Joys of Messenger

Son Gohan leaned back in his chair, stretched his long arms over his head, and sighed happily. After nineteen years of living under his mother's thumb, he had finally made it. He had moved out of the house and into a college dorm room. He was out. He was free, free, free!

And he was happy. He had a roommate he got along well with, friends, classes he enjoyed, and of course, Videl was there with him. Oh yeah, and there hadn't been any unbelievable evil aliens or forces trying to take over the universe and/or obliterate life as people on Earth knew it. Yes, life was just going well for the young half-Saiyan.

But his mother's influence still had a hold over him. He spent a great deal of time in the library, and did all of his homework and kept his dorm room immaculately clean and all the other things that normal college students just didn't do.

Actually, at the moment he was sitting in his Super Amazingly Utterly Mega Ultra Really Extremely Advanced Calcigonometry class, the most advanced math class known to man or beast. Needless to say, he was the only freshman in the class. Everyone else was finishing up their Doctorate's in math, for whatever reason a person might want a Doctorate in math.

Gohan was acing the class.

After making sure that the teacher wasn't paying any attention to him (which she usually didn't, seeing as how Gohan needed no help and no coaxing to get his work done), he double clicked on his MSN messenger. At this college, every student was given a laptop with wireless internet, email, and, of course, Instant Messenger. Gohan was always careful not to get caught when he was making illicit trips onto the Web during class (like his teachers would be angry even if he did get caught—he was acing every class!)

Of course, there were some people who weren't quite as careful about it as he had always been. He shuddered when he thought of that one time in his Freshmen Seminar class when someone had clicked onto a website, and a very loud voice had declared to the entire classroom, "HEY, EVERYONE! GUESS WHAT? I'M LOOKING AT PORNO!!!!!" Needless to say, that particular laptop had not made a repeat appearance in that classroom.

Now he clicked onto his and checked his list. Several people were on.

Almost immediately, a window popped up on Gohan's screen. It was from a girl he had gotten to be friends with. Her name was Penny, and her message was in all capital letters.

FIRE!! THERE'S A FIRE IN PIERCE HALL!!!!! the message declared.

Gohan blinked, then typed back On what floor?

Third, she replied.

Gohan blinked again. He lived in Pierce Hall. Of course he did—it was the all-male dorm. Yet another example of his mother's continued hold over his life.

Who's room? he asked, concerned as to whether or not this would impact him at all.

Mark's, came the answer.

Gohan sighed with relief and sat back in his chair.

Then he realized something.

Mark was his roommate.

AN: Before anyone asks, this is based on something that actually happened at my college. It happened last year, before I came here, but everyone knows the story. It was on the news and everything!!! I freaked when I heard it, I thought 'Ah, crap, now where am I gonna go 'cause the campus burned down!?!?!?' But it was okay. In keeping with all my stupid stories, this had no point. So don't look for one. Ciao!