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Setting: Set in the 7th season of Buffy the Vampire slayer, after the 2nd episode, all the characters exist, Buffy is doing the counseling thing at the new an improved Sunnydale high, The First and all the current season story has not developed. So Jonathan and Andrew are still in Mexico, Tara is Dead and Anya and Xander are still apart.

Situation: Buffy tries coming to Grip with the return of a Re-souled Spike, and has someone from her past reminder her that she is not in Kansas anymore Toto! Fade in

Exterior -Night City street down town Sunnydale A jittery aerial shot from above makes it's way down the street, giving one the impression that the viewer is flying, just not too good. People walk, shops are open late, a busy night. The view turns towards a secluded section of the nearby city park, were it seems to land. We see an over the shoulder shot of someone looking Down the street from the cover of the trees. A theater does brisk business, it's marquee showing the times of the current summer movie. The View stops and follows a pair of young women that walk along sidewalk chatting.

(Zoom up to a full shot of the 2 women) Willow: "So Xander's Letting you choose the movie for tonight?" said curiously

Buffy: "Yeah, after we all vetoed his first 3 choice."

Willow: "Well, his choices were, a little Predictable" she laughs

Willow and Buffy stop at the door to the brightly-lit Blockbuster, people exit carrying video's and packages of microwave popcorn.

Buffy: "Yeah, and Anya so didn't want to see American Pie I & II again," Buffy says swinging the door open for her and Willow.

Willow: "Why, I mean I really thought it was not that bad, it had its moments"

Buffy: " Maybe, But not three times in one week, I think Xander just has a thing for Michelle." Smiling at her friend Willow.

Willow: "You think so?" laughing as customer's walk out with a bag of food.

Buffy: "That's are Xander all right" she smile walking to the door.

Willow: "Ooh! Popcorn, remember we have to get Popcorn Buffy!"

Buffy: "Check, don't forget the Popcorn" she follows her friend inside.

Willow: (looking back at Buffy) "And Red Vines, cant forget Red vines" said anxiously

Buffy: "I think Dawn's bad habits are rubbing off on yah Will " she smiles walking into the store. Willow: "Well I don't mind, it's just nice to having Dawnie speaking to me again, after the whole Turn you back to big ball of energy thing." Looking awkward.

Buffy: "Yeah, it was a little rough on her, but she'll come around" (Willow nods her head in agreement. The sound of registers clinking, movie trailers playing in the background, and someone using a bar scanner is heard as the door to the store opens.)

The view changes back to the woods, the shadowed figure moves across the street, stopping to look into the window of the blockbuster (no reflection is detected). The crowded store is looked through; Buffy and Willow are seen making their way down the movie isles.

Interior shot-night Blockbuster video store The store is identical to most Blockbuster's, strategically positioned monitors play never ending trailers of upcoming movies, while a lady with a Blue/Yellow vest pushes a cart restocking Dvd's & Video's along the aisles. The store is filled with a good-sized crowd of people.

(The View is of the unseen person; he walks around feigning interest in the comedy section, looking at Buffy and Willow at a distance, tuning out all the distractions.)

Willow: "Here's one " pulling a movie off the shelf checking the back of the VHS box

Buffy stiffens as if sensing something not right then looks through some action movies.

Buffy": "Uh what Will?" looking over to her friend, looking preoccupied.

(Willow flashes a copy of the Movie "Dead man on campus", as to offer a possible movie.)

Willow: "Oh! How about this? You seen it?" looking to Buffy then the video.

Buffy: "Yeah, I mean no I haven't, looking back to Willow.

(Far shot of Buffy again strangely becoming aware of her surroundings, she looks around, towards the direction of the viewer, who is not seen when the Buffy's point of View is shown.

Willow: "Find anything you like?" looking to her friend with her concerned face.

Buffy: "Well there's always Miss Reliable " holding up a copy of Angelina joulie's Tomb Raider. Willow: "Right cant see Xander complaining, but Anya" she hesitates and smiles, which turns to frown as she's Buffy's noticeable discomfort.

Buffy sees the concern on Her friend's face and smiles.

Willow: "Feeling okay Buffy" putting the video down and walking over to her friend.

Buffy: "I'm okay, I guess I'm just a little worn out is all, she flashes her "I'm okay face" for her friend.

Buffy & Willow walk along the aisles looking at more possible choice, the view of the stranger following at a safe distance, tucking just out of view whenever Buffy looks around.

Willow: "You know what me need" in a chipper upbeat mood.

Buffy: " Uh, What? Buffy rubs her stomach as if ache.

Willow: "Pint's of Ben & Jerry's, your choice, I'll bring the spoon's" a smile on her face.

Buffy: "Yummy, you read my mind Will, but I think I'll have to pass"

Willow: "Really? It's Ben & Jerry's "Looking only slightly depressed.

Buffy: "I think what this Slayer needs is a Good long soak in a warm Tube."

Willow: "Okay, work and the school must be tough" she says

Voice lowers as she looks around

Buffy: "Well working on the Hellmouth isn't easy " sounding upbeat.

Willow: "Tell me about it " laughing in agreement

(Willow and Buffy walk to the front of the store, people mingle in and out of the shot. The viewing angle is of the stranger again, Buffy and Willow carry the video's to the checkout, willow grabbing some snacks at a counter display.

(Change of View, A small Girl comes from off camera, speaking to the still unseen stranger.)

Little Girl: (looking up to someone obviously taller) "Hey mister!" the Girl pulls on his Leather jacket.

View is from top down, girl is 8-9 and has a Power puff girl's backpack and matching tennis shoes on. Stranger: "Yeah, what kid?" sounding annoyed, looking up to see Buffy walking to the checkout. Little Girl: "Mister are you taking that one?" pointing at the Dvd the stranger happened to be holding.

Stranger: "What? No here, beat it!" Looking at the Dvd as if it was thing as he tosses it to the child.

Little Girl: "Th. Thanks, it's my favorite movie" little girl run's off.
The view flashes from the little Girl to Buffy, back to the little girl as a woman grabs her.

Zoom up to the little Girl and the women.

Angry Mother: "Jenny, what did mommy tell you about running off? I want you to stand right next by me?"
Little Girl: "I know, I know but you said I could get my movie" holding up her tightly clinched prize.

Angry Mother: "You have seen this one a million times dear!" looking the alto familiar movie

Little Girl "But it's my very most Favorite Mom, and the weird man had it "

Angry Mother: "I know dear but, (Pause) What weird man dear? " She looks around suddenly nervous at what her daughter said.

Little Girl (Turning and point where the stranger stood) "Over there. Hey where is he, he was right over there mommy."

The Camera view pan's through the store and we see no stranger, the mother pulls the child closer to her in line. She puts the video on the counter, the cashier wands it and smiles at the selection; the mother notices the cashier's reaction to the lighthearted comedy.

Angry Mother: (to the cashier) "It's her favorite " Indicating towards the child, that was looking around for someone.

Cashier: "I know it's a Classic," the young teenager says ringing it up, and handing back the woman's card. Little Girl: "And when they steal his bike and he has to rescue the snake, I hate snakes.

Willow and Buffy smile at the delight in the eyes of the little girl again barely able to look over the counter. Cashier: (Smiling politely) "It's due back in 2 days, I'll give it to you over here " the cashier rings up the rental, putting it into the bag and giving it to the mother beyond the alarm.

Willow: (standing in line to pay) "Buffy" she asks her friend who seemed preoccupied with the little girl.

Buffy: "Uh huh?" looking at the mother and child leave.

Willow: "Know them or something? Walking up to pay the cashier, looking between the child and her friend.

Buffy: "No, just thinking"

Willow: "About?"

View of cashier waiting. Cashier: "Thanks, I'll give it to you over here" he walks to the other side of the counter.

Buffy: "You know, just remembering when all you had to think about was school & who to play with"

Willow: "Well it was pretty easy for me, I mean Xander Jessie and I were all sort of joined at the hip, I mean not really joined, like Siamese and all. That came out weird" Sounding slightly flustered.

Buffy: "I getcha Will, things change"

Willow: "Yeah, and people change, you know sort of how it goes, growing up and all "

Buffy: "I guess" she smiles following her friend out the door.

Willow rummages thought the bag as they walk out side, shoving a piece licorice in her mouth. Willow: "Want some?" offering a red vine to her friend.

Buffy shakes her head

(Buffy and Willow, head down the street to Xander's parked car , the view pulls out and crosses the street to where a stranger stands.)

Stranger: "The slayer wants the Past, well I'll give her the past, both buckets worth."

(Cell phone rings, interrupting the strangers monologue)

Stranger: "Yeah, what is it?"

(Conversation can't be heard, but it is irritating to the stranger, watches the 2 women get into the car and drive out onto the street)

Stranger: "I don't care, just stall them, I don't how, that is what I pay you for, right? I am still paying you?"

(Xander's car approaches, Buffy at the wheel, the stranger adjust his coat collar and leans back into the security of the shadows as she passes.)

Stranger: "I Just ran into some friends, No I don't know how long I will be here, but they were right about Sunnydale, it has potential."

Stranger: "Yes, tell them the project is green lighted, The Slayer? No there is no problem with her, none what so ever, have it all under control, yeah later" he hangs up the cell phone.

Voice lowers Stranger (to self) "No problem at all " he mumbles to himself. Looks at the receding tail light s of the slayer's car.

Fade to commercial.

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