"So what exactly is your entire issue?" Monique asked.

I sat on the bed staring at the ground, thinking of an acceptable response for her question. In truth, there were many reasons that I could just feel, yet not be able to explain.

"I think we can both agree that spying on people can be quite rude."

"Says the assassin?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. I bit my tongue and cursed inwardly, she was right. As an assassin I've had to train in the art of espionage and deception and have had to spy on people in the past.

"You know what I meant."


I sighed and fell back onto the bed to stare at the ceiling. I knew that I shouldn't use my abilities when I don't need to, and that I should be able to confront minor issues like a normal person, but it had become so natural I had a hard time controlling myself and Monique tried to push me to be better socially.

"Easy for her... if she walked around using her abilities willy-nilly, she'd destroy an entire village..." I thought.

"Anyways," Monique cut through the silence, "After such an eventful evening, I don't think I'll be able to sleep very well, seeing as I'm entirely awake."

I shrugged, "Same, what do you suppose we do?"

We looked at each other with a slight smirk and knew we were thinking the same thing.

"Spar?" We said in unison.

"I'll get dressed."

"I'll grab the weapons."

In no time, the two of us were walking down the cobblestone path towards the training area, which was dimly lit by small torches. The night air was still with the occasional breeze, which brought with it the scent of the sea. Our footsteps fell silent as we carefully made our ascent up the stairs and onto the platform, where we shared a look and slowly began to face off.


In the dimly lit training area, the two sisters stood facing one another, their faces illuminated slightly by the small dancing flames around them. In perfect unison, they both dipped into their fighting stances, one reaching up to their shoulder and the other behind their back, each grabbing small daggers.


At once, the girl with the braid rushed the other, drawing her dagger as she quickly and silently made closed the distance between the two. As she ran her form phased in and out of view, barely becoming visible with each step as she got closer.

In return, the other flicked her ponytail over her shoulder and from the razor in her hand, thrusted it forward, a moment later a bright ethereal whip lashed out at her opponent's legs, making contact and sending her to the ground with a crash. For the girl on the ground, massive chains manifested around her and locked her in place, no matter how hard she struggled, they seemingly got tighter.

Glancing up with a snarl, she watched as her target spun around and raised her hand pointing to the sky. As her hand ascended, the ground started to rumble and a massive void appeared on the ground between the two before a dark form began to claw its way out from the depths. The obsidian demon clad in ethereal armor and chains let out an ear shattering roar as it was fully summoned, the air around it pulsating and distorting as pure dark energy radiated from it.

With a simple flick of her hand, the massive beast reared back before hurling itself towards the pinned girl's position. As it made its descent on her, she brought her arms up and prepared a counter. As soon as the demons massive claws graced her body, she disappeared into the shadows and out of sight completely, leaving the thrall infuriated as it searched around for its designated target.

Carefully, the girl with the ponytail stepped back into a defensive stance, reaching behind her and summoning a red card, a defensive talisman she'd use to deflect any attacks, but from what? What attacks could she defend herself against if she couldn't see them?

Silently moving towards her target, the assassin rocketed herself into the sky, becoming visible. The thrall roared causing the warlock to flinch as she barely had time to bring the talisman up and only just felt the impact of the attack against the protective barrier but she knew it was enough. Thrusting her hand forward, she used the force absorbed by the talisman and sent it forward, a massive burst of energy sending the assassin out of the shadows with a yell. Commanding her thrall once more, the demon roared and dove at the assassin again.

This time, she threw herself into a back handspring, narrowly dodging the demon. Almost immediately, her body was struck with a blast of dark energy, she winced as the magic kept on coming, a barrage of orbs being shot from the fingers of the warlock, who had began to go on the offensive. Quickly dashing forward to avoid any more attacks, the assassin brought her hands up and began to focus, hypnotically moving her hands in a complete circle. As the next ball of dark magic connected with her, she was sent through the shadows immediately appearing behind the warlock.

Reactively, the warlock brought out another talisman and willed it to form another barrier. Expecting this, the assassin channeled all of her chi into her feet as she jumped up and throwing herself into a cork screw, kicked the barrier as hard as possible, penetrating through the guard and kicking the warlock in the head, sending her back a few feet and leaving her stunned in place for a moment. Advancing on her target, she brought her dagger back and prepared to stab at her opponent, only to slash at open air, watching with squinted eyes as a dark shape retreated from her, before reforming into the warlock.

Both women were breathing heavily and gave one another silent glares.

They were pushing each other to their limits and knew that their little engagements and retreats weren't going to be able to last forever. Someone had to make the move to finish this fight. But who?

With a slight flick of her wrist, the warlock summoned her thrall towards her, a moment later the beast landed beside her and immediately blinding beams of light began bursting from inside the demon, it rested its head back and roared as a dazzling light illuminated the night sky. Shielding her eyes, the assassin waited a moment before glancing back up and grimacing. Standing before her, the warlock was clad in intricate black armor, similar to her sacrificed beast, with massive wings made of dancing blue energy protruding from her back.

Staring her opponent down, she took a deep breath and raising her razor up, she quickly spun around so that she stood facing away from the assassin. As she spun, massive demonic dragons manifested from the ground and mirrored her motion as they spiraled up towards the sky. With a flick of her wrist, the dragons launched themselves at devastating speeds towards the assassin, exploding into a massive burst of dark energy, a massive boom ripped through the night as the warlock turned around and stared intently at the smoke cloud her attack had made.

Moments passed as the smoke and dust began to settle and a massive crater was visible. With a smile, she placed her razor back into its sheathe on her shoulder and made her way to the blast site. Her demonic armor and wings dissolved leaving her in her normal clothes as she reached the edge of the massive hole she had just created and peered into it and see her opponent.


But, to her shock there was nobody there.

I'm horror, she didn't have time to react as a blur appeared at the corner of her vision and a moment later, the feeling of cold steel pressed dangerously against her neck. After a moment of strained silence, the blade appeared from the shadows as well as the assassin who also had her arm wrapped tightly around her neck, immobilizing her. Glancing down at the blade, the warlock saw the manifestation of pure chi dancing along the blade and around the assassin arms.

Another moment of silence.

Then the two began laughing. Quickly tucking her dagger into its sheathe behind her back, the assassin rested her head against the warlocks shoulder and instead of a choke hold, she moved her arms to around her waist as she hugged her sister.

"Guess I won."

"I guess you did."

The two stood there in silence, enjoying the calm that had settled after their explosive battle. Their breathing was heavy and their bodies aches, and yet they still both sensed the presence of two onlookers.



"Pretty please~?"

A slight silence as the sound of whispering subtly disturbed the air.


In perfect unison, the two drew their weapons and faces towards the direction of the voices, noticing two figures hidden by the steps of the training platform. The assassin charged lightning into her dagger as the warlock conjured more dragons before aiming it towards the onlookers.


The two figures bolted away as the massive dragons chased after them, barely missing and sending them flying away from the blast.

Bursting out laughing the two sisters bumped knuckles in triumph.

"Wanna head to bed?"


Holding her arm out, the assassin stepped forward and only began moving towards their quarters when the warlock reciprocated the gesture and looped her arm through her sisters.

From a top the vast stairs, Master Hong stood silently, watching the two sisters make their way past him. A slight smile was on his face as he had watched the entire thing take place. He was proud that his students had performed so well and also that his decision on bringing the brothers to train here wasn't an entire disaster.

With a small chuckle, he turned around and retired into his house, the light inside extinguishing a moment later as the last all of the occupants on the island of Heaven's Reach went to sleep.