She looked up at him beneath dark lashes with a bluster of emotions that she wouldn't even bother to hide anymore. The fear, confusion and overwhelming suffocation that made her tired eyes mist at the corners.

That flimsy pretence of physical and mental strength she'd play so well burst apart at the seams the moment she stumbled through his home that evening trying to gasp back sorrow in full fledged sobs that shook her tiny frame.

They sat on the floor of his bedroom in a cosy little bubble they both temporarily protected themselves with from the world for hours. No talks of disappointed or regretful fathers, rushed weddings, dejected fiancées and heartbreak perturbed the blissful ignorance.

Onyx irises would drown in cinnamon ones, swallowing emotions they had no energy to voice. Jacob's attention snapped down to those juicy berry red lips and he savoured every word that tumbled from them in hushed hoarse tones.

"You and me, Jake. No one else—I can't ma—" Bella chokes on the words with a desperate whimper he wants to kiss away. But instead he nods silently and mouths the words back.

You and me.