Vizards and Civil War

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Throne Room, Las Noches

Grimmjow and Kaname Tosen stepped out of the Garganta into the Throne Room and instantly felt something odd. Aizen was sitting on his marble throne like usual with a calm look on his face as he eyed his two subordinates. Today was a little bit different since there was an unusual amount of pressure raining down upon the room.

Aizen was too calm to be the one doing it, so that begged the question, who was doing it?

The former Captain of Squad 5 was a little wary of the fact that Phantom had appeared without any reason and was waiting for his two subordinate to arrive. The dark entity had already reprimanded him for being ignorant of his subordinate's intention much to his increasing anger.

"Welcome back Grimmjow" he announced calmly and waited for his reply. Except for the one large scar on his chest, he seemed to have had an easy fight.

Tosen gave the blue haired Espada an angry look when he said nothing and simply stood there like he hadn't done anything traitorous "Don't you have something to say to Lord Aizen, Grimmjow?"

"Not really" he answered nonchalantly, earning a dark scowl from Kaname at the rude response.

"What impudence!"

"Kaname, it's alright" Aizen started calmly, inwardly he was wondering why Phantom was quite if he had appeared to witness the meeting "I'm not actually upset with him. I believe Grimmjow's action were done in an attempt to please me but then got carried away … am I right Grimmjow?"

The blue haired Arrancar knew saying anything rude now would get him in even more trouble than he already was and simply nodded "Yes Milord!"

A hand shot up and grabbed him by the collar, prompting the blue haired Espada to glance at the owner of the hand with a scowl "What the hell is your problem, Tosen?"

"Lord Aizen, please give me permission to execute this traitor!" Kaname asked with a scowl. Anyone who disrupts the peace should be dealt with immediately, that was his policy.

Aizen simply looked on with interest, not really discouraging Kaname's behavior or reprimanding Grimmjow's disobedience. It was much more interesting this way, to see what would happen.

Knowing that Aizen wouldn't give the justice obsessed Shinigami any orders of execution, Grimmjow shoved his hand off from his collar and turned towards him with a mocking grin "You have always hated me, that's what this is about, isn't it? Is that any way for a Director General to act?"

"I simply believe that anyone who disrupts the peace shall have to pay for it. It's nothing personal" the blind former Captain replied blankly.

"You would kill me for insubordination?"

"Yes … for the honor of Lord Aizen"

Grimmjow snorted rudely "Huh, why am I not surprised? All you think about is the cause!"

"Of course, it guides my actions, something which you have no knowledge of. With no moral foundation behind it, killing is nothing but meaningless murder" He causally reached for his sheathed sword and continued "However, killing with purpose is… justice!"

With that said, Kaname leaped forward unexpectedly and slashed at the surprised Grimmjow … only for his sword to connect with an invisible barrier. His blind eyes widened in surprise when he was blasted away from the blue haired Arrancar by an unexpectedly powerful force and slammed into a pillar to the side.

Aizen knew this was what Phantom had been waiting for, sure without a doubt that this was his doing, though he was curious about the nature of the force as well as the reason behind it.

Grimmjow was quite confused, expecting himself to have lost an arm since he hadn't expected the blind former Captain to attack him without any expressed permission. However, that little moment of surprise was dwarfed by the next turn of events … to see the aforementioned Shinigami stopped and blasted away like insect by something invisible.

"Foolish Mortal, do you honestly believe that the path Aizen has chosen is devoid of bloodshed and one of justice? You betrayed your kind simply to evolve and achieve greater power so that you can exact your revenge. Do not preach about justice and peace in my presence again, or I will end your entire existence, are we clear?"

A monstrous pressure rained down upon the hall that brought both Grimmjow and the now wobbly Kaname to their knees. Kaname was wheezing from the sheer weight of the otherworldly pressure, wondering who could generate a pressure so potent that it could affect even the physical plain, if the cracking pillars and marble floor was any indication.

It made even Aizen's pressure look like a child's pouting look of intimidation.

Grimmjow on the other hand was both grateful and scared at the same time. Grateful that he had been saved from having his arm cut off and in turn losing his Espada position forever until he had somehow regained the use of his arm again.

Scared that whoever had saved him was someone that was causing even Aizen to look like he would fall off his throne any second simply from the pressure alone. The cracking marble floor and the shuddering pillars of the room didn't ease his troubled mind in the slightest.

Aizen had to restrain himself from falling off his throne due to the monstrous weight of the pressure. This pressure was on a level even stronger than what Phantom had used against him during their meetings and frankly he was feeling both insulted and relieved.

The pressure slowly subsided and disappeared after a few seconds, causing the two Shinigamis and one Arrancar to sigh in relief. Grimmjow and Kaname both stood up from their degrading position with wobbling feet and wide eyes, the majority of their uniform covered in cold sweat.

"Aizen, see to it that the foolish mortal understands and does not spew out such nonsense in my presence again"

With that, Aizen felt the normally suffocating presence of the powerful entity vanish, signifying his departure. Turning to his subordinates, he knew they would have a lot of question on their minds about the strange entity even able to order him around.

How insulting!


Ichigo's House

"Hey pinhead, are you gonna get your ass over here or do I have to drag you out kicking and screaming?" Naruto declared loudly, standing in front of Ichigo's house.

After getting his hide handed to him in a silver platter by the Arrancars, Ichigo had become even more dark and gloomy than usual. Kisuke had said that there were a few former Captains and Lieutenants with the same problem as Ichigo and had advised Naruto to take him there, thus the reason why Naruto was here screaming at an open window in front of the Kurosaki household.

His busty wife had taken the responsibility of Rangiku's training and was currently training her for the upcoming war. Rangiku had told him all about how she had easily kicked the Arrancars ass, and honestly he couldn't be more proud of his little Giku-chan.

He had to try hard to suppress his tears of manly pride!

"Shut the hell up, you moron! Who the hell shouts so loud this early in the morning?" a loud voice shouted from the upper window followed by a large chair being thrown at him. Naruto sidestepped the flying furniture with a twitching eyebrow.

"Are you blind or something, you little shit? It's almost noon"

There were loud sounds of kicking and smashing glasses followed by several bouts of inappropriate cursing and screams, no doubt caused by Ichigo trying to get to the door only to be kicked by his lunatic goat face dad while Naruto gazed on with a sweatdrop.

The front door to the house opened and stepped _ or more like _ ran out a rather disheveled Ichigo with several tic marks pulsing on his forehead "What the hell do you want from me?"

Naruto shrugged nonchalantly "Nothing in particular, I just want you to silently follow me to that weirdo's club … what were they called again? Vitards or Retards something! Yeah that's it, Retards!"

Ichigo groaned in frustration, wondering what he had done so wrong in another life that he had been cursed with enduring this lunatic's rants and way of speaking "They are called Vizards!"

"Whatever, more like retards in my opinion" Naruto said with a sagely nod "So, are ya coming or do I have to drag your ass?"

On one hand, he was tempted to say no just so that he could see what the blond would do even though he knew it wouldn't be a good idea for his health or dignity for that matter. On the other hand, he had no choice but to follow since he wanted to control his inner Hollow as soon as possible so that he could better protect his friends.


Karakura Town, Vizards Warehouse

The Spiritual Pressure being pumped out from the outskirts of Karakura Town was emitted from a worn down warehouse with its gate rusted from time. Naruto and Ichigo entered through the gate as it closed down behind them with a loud thud. Standing on the different destroyed parts of the ware house were seven people, three girls and four men.

The first man was dressed in black pants, light golden shirt, a yellow neck tie and a hat. This one Naruto knew, to be Shinji Hirako, the former Captain of Squad 5 "Welcome Ichigo and unknown friend!"

"So you guys must be the Retards that Bucket was ranting about, I have to say you guys are … weird!" Naruto exclaimed grandly, causing all of them, except Lisa and Hachi to twitch in anger.

The former was more interested in the epitome of perfection standing in front of her; he was unlike anything she had ever seen, both in real life, in comic books or magazine for that matter, while the latter was too peaceful to care for simple mispronunciation of words or name.

"It's Vizards, you dumbass!" Hiyori shouted in anger, shaking her small fist in front of her face threateningly

"Well excuse me if you look like retards to me!" Naruto shouted back, prompting the short blond haired girl to scowl in anger and jump in front of him with her trademark sandal at the ready.

Ichigo and the rest of the Vizards gazed on with perfect goldfish expressions on their faces, listening to the two blondes bicker and throwing different kinds of insults they had never even heard before in their entire lives.

"Well, would you look at that? Never thought I would find someone who could be called a Kami on earth" Lisa announced shamelessly and openly gazed at Naruto as if he was a piece of meat. She would exchange all her magazines and books for a single minute with him.

He would make for an interesting research material.

"Leave it to Lisa to think about that during a time like this, it's so un-artistic" Rose commented evenly, causing Love to snort mockingly.

"As if you don't read those things yourself after she is done with it"

"That's completely different!"

"Yeah right"

Shinji was twitching with anger and frustration, wondering who had the audacity to invite this guy to their warehouse.

Everything went totally the opposite of what he had in mind. He was supposed to gloat about their powers and maybe throw a few minor insults at Ichigo for being so ignorant of their Spiritual Pressure, causing him to get angry and in turn lose his calm, then Hiyori would open her big mouth and taunt Ichigo even more, prompting him to release his Zanpakuto and thus get his ass kicked spectacularly by a Hollowfied Hiyori.

His shameful defeat would cause him to join their club, it was simple right?

Wrong, that blond had ruined everything! Even the long speech he had prepared specifically for this meeting over the last few months with such hardships, now he had to tear that masterpiece because a blond had to invite himself over without any permission!

He was already starting to hate that guy!






Ichigo and rest of the Vizards were left standing there with wide eyes and dropped jaws, wondering just how the topic shifted from Vizards to Ramen and Sushi without them noticing.

Ichigo was particularly fuming over the fact that the blond had brought him here to be trained to control his inner Hollow, and now he was bickering with his would be instructors over something so irrelevant.

Shinji had enough and jumped between the two of them just before they could take their weapons of mass destruction, which he knew from experience that Hiyori's weapon was her Sandal of Doom but didn't know what the blond man's was and if he was honest with himself, he was not particularly keen to find out.

Jumping between the two volatile blondes proved to be the worst idea ever, the two red pulsing marks on either side of his face, one from Hiyori's sandal and one from Naruto's steel toed boot would be a constant and painful remainder of that fact.

The other watched on with something akin to shock and amusement when Shinji was sent flying from being hit on his face by the angry blonds and collided with a wall, slumping down in an unconscious heap with twin red marks on his flat face.

Hiyori gave her blond used-to-be enemy a look of approval, her temper finally calmed down after hitting Shinji in the face "You know what Blondie! Anyone who can ram Shinji's flat face in is a plus in my book. You are okay but insult my Sushi again and you are dead"

"Well thanks; I have to admit hitting his annoyingly flat face is fun! Though the same goes for you, if you ever insult my precious again, I'll make sure to make your life a living hell!"

Hiyori, for the first time in her life felt fear when she saw the pure honesty and clearness in that threat, sure without a doubt that he would follow through with it. She hastily nodded.

Naruto seemed happy with her consent and extended his hand

"Let's start again, since we never did introduced ourselves properly" He took a weird kabuki stance and did the most ridiculous dance they had ever seen "Feast your eyes upon the greatness that is me! Don't be frightened when you find that you cannot look away … for I'm the great Naruto Uzumaki-sama"

The Vizards plus Ichigo's eyes almost popped out from their eye socket when a real beach appeared behind the strangely dancing and posing blond, with mighty waves of water crashing against boulders of the shore, creating a shower of crystal blue water raining down upon the sand, a real sunset shinning brilliantly behind the blond man.

"I-is this really happening or am I going bonkers?" Rose asked hesitantly, not sure if what he was seeing was actually real or some kind of horribly freaky illusion.

"My guess would be the second one but then I would be pointing to myself as well since I can't believe what I'm seeing either!"

Naruto was mentally patting himself on the back for coming with such grand introduction style, with anime tears streaming down his face 'Worry not Guy-sensei, for your legacy shall live on! I shall carry your youthful legacy in my youthful heart forever!'

Hiyori slowly took a step back from the crying man … just in case. She couldn't believe she had almost started a fight with a guy like him! Sure she wasn't one to be frightened simply because a guy had threatened her, but this one was nuts! Even she wouldn't willingly tangle with him.

Naruto slowly came down from his charade of mentally making youthful promises to Guy-sensei for being youthful for the rest of his life and saw the gob smacked expressions of the Vizards and the eye brow twitching face of Ichigo.

His forehead developed a giant tic mark followed by his eye brow twitching madly when he gazed at their dumb looks.


He couldn't believe he was in the presence of such ungrateful fools! Who wouldn't be impressed by his dance of awesomeness? Morons! That's who!

"What the hell? You call that piece of crap Art?" Ichigo asked with a twitching eye brow.

"Well, your loss! Pinheads like you will never be able to understand true art anyway" Naruto said dismissively when he finally calmed down after his completely understandable outburst, causing Ichigo to frown even harder "Anyway, let's get back to business. I'm going to give it to you straight because straight is the way I shoot!"

"What does he mean by 'shooting straight', Kensei?" Mashiro asked unsurely.

The silver haired Vizard shook his head in frustration, his eye brows twitching madly. He was not sure why they were even listening to this guy; they should have kicked him out right from the start. The damn blond had hit Shinji so hard; he was still unconscious "Just ignore him!"

"I want you guys, to torture … I mean train Ichigo so he could control his inner pervert … I mean inner gender confused mask wearing thingy properly" Naruto explained sagely, his eyes closed and head nodding as if confirming his own choice of words to be proper, not aware of the goldfish expressions on the Vizard's faces.

"W-what did he just say? I am not sure I understand" Mashiro asked again, totally lost.

"Does he mean his Hollow?" Love asked unsurely, not sure if the blond meant Hollow by 'gender confused mask wearing thingy'.

"I'm starting to think that you guys really are retards! What was so complicated about that?" Naruto asked with tic mark on his forehead when he saw their confused expressions.

"Well excuse us if we don't exactly understand your stupid way of talking and even more stupid choice of words!" the short blond haired Vizard announced in an irritated voice.





Shinji took that unfortunate point in time to wake up dizzily and found himself in an even more unfortunate place … between the two bickering blonds. So when the two reached for their respective weapons, he was the unlucky individual to get smacked again before he could properly wake up, and lose consciousness, again!

Hiyori and Naruto once again forgot about their fight and gave each other a high-five with large grins on their faces

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Naruto asked mischievously.

"If by thinking, you mean kicking Shinji's ass every time he annoys us, then yes!" Hiyori replied with an equally shit eating grin.

They both nodded in agreement, shaking each other's hands with maniacal grins on their faces.

The others felt some sort of strange feeling of foreboding in the pits of their stomach's when they witnessed the show of alliance between two forces, feeling as though they had witnessed the birth of a devil.

"W-why do I feel like hiding under a bed for a few years?" Rose asked hesitantly.

"Glad to see that I'm not the only one thinking that" Love sighed in relief, knowing that should anything happen to him, he could at least take solace in the fact that the same would happen to Rose.

Sure, it was not a friendly thought, but hey! In situations like these, it was every man for himself!

Kensei snorted in annoyance "You are a bunch of idiots, I'm not afraid of them!"

His words seemed to have grabbed the grinning due's attention as they gave him a look of challenge and turned towards each other again, nodding in agreement. Kensei felt as though he had just signed his death warrant.

"G-guys! Would you have room for one more under that bed you guys are planning to hide?"

Hachi, Mashiro and Lisa were happy to have stayed out of the argument for the most part since they didn't want to be on the receiving end of anything planned by those two. Hiyori alone was bad enough, however put her with someone who apparently scared her and you've got yourself a potential recipe for disaster.


Orihime's Apartment, Next Morning

The simple word to describe Naruto's mood would be, enraged! Fuming! Thunderous!

He had been in the Underground Training Area in the Warehouse, enjoying his time by watching Ichigo being kicked around by the Vizards like a ragdoll and trying to hide from a strangely grabby Lisa _ who seemed intent on fondling certain places only Tsunade had the right to grope _ when he had received the news that Rangiku had skipped training and had disappeared towards Orihime's apartment.

That little brat was supposed to train her butt off … not slack off by making useless excuses!

Thus the reason why Naruto was speeding towards Orihime's apartment like a man possessed by the devil, a look of pure fury in his red eyes and a huge trail of dust behind him. Everyone in the street could only see a black and red blur followed by dust.

The sight of the apartment ignited an even greater anger in his eyes as he sped up, the ground beneath him shaking like a leave.

Rangiku and Toshiro suddenly turned around with their Zanpakutos drawn when the apartment shook unexpectedly and the door to the apartment was blasted away like a fly. Standing in the middle of the destroyed doorway, was an ominously silent Naruto with his red eyes shadowed by his hair.

Rangiku sweated bullets when she saw the look of pure fury in her old coot's eyes when the smoke cleared to reveal him with his hair disheveled, knowing she was screwed.

"Hello there, little Giku-chan … mind telling me why I suddenly got the news that you had apparently ran off from your training?" Naruto asked sweetly, like he wasn't at all bothered by her choice of action.

"Hey there, old man, you see I was just…" Rangiku started nervously, trying to come up some kind of excuse. Her nervous smile suddenly turned mischievous when she spotted her superior and the silver haired Captain felt uneasy all of a sudden. His fears came true when she pointed towards him accusingly "It was him!"

"What!?" Toshiro asked in incredulous.

"I was training hard when he suddenly appeared in the training ground and started bossing me around, saying it was an order directly from him as a superior! As a Lieutenant, it's my duty to follow his orders, thus I followed reluctantly" Rangiku explained 'honestly' while Naruto was deathly quiet.

Hitsugaya on the other hand was barely able to keep his temper in check.

"So, it was you?" Naruto whispered quietly "You have the guts to try and order my little moon and stars?"

"H-hey now, wait a minute! It wasn't me, she is fabricating all those lies!" Toshiro clarified, though he neglected to point out that it was partially his fault since he had called her.

"First, you order her around like a servant and now you have the audacity to accuse my innocent little Giku-chan of lying?"

Toshiro twitched in irritation and a bit little of fear when the blond accused him with that strange and scary way, his eyes overshadowed by his bangs, his voice as slow as a whisper. That wasn't all; his Lieutenant was nodding her head as if everything the blond was saying was true from A to Z "All for what? That gross stuff stuck to the wall…. Wait! Is that a screen?"

Toshiro blinked when the blond suddenly stopped talking in a creepy low tone and shouted cheerfully like a kid "Aah yes?"

"Awesome! Giku-chan! Do you guys plan on watching movies with this huge ass thingy?" Naruto asked cheerfully, a massive grin on his face.

"Yep!" Rangiku replied equally cheerful, glad that she had dodged a bullet there.

"No! We are not watching movies!" the silver haired Captain butted in, knowing that if he stayed quite any longer, then the situation would escalate to something much more … disastrous "This is to contact the Soul Society"

"Who the hell are you?" the blond asked in irritation, causing Toshiro to twitch in anger and Rangiku to snicker.

"What do you mean? We've already met once!"

"I think I would've remembered meeting a bratty brat"

"I'm the Captain of Squad 10, dammit!"

"Yeah right! And I'm the Easter bunny" Naruto snorted sarcastically while Rangiku snickered even harder "However I'm willing to overlook your interruption if you leave right now"

Toshiro instinctively backed away when Naruto reached for his coat's pocket, knowing that anything this man pulled out would be both embarrassing and irritating. The blond former Jinchuriki pulled out his hand with two of the three things the silver Captain hated with every fiber of his being.

A binky, a lollipop and apparently some sort of circular device. If he remembered correctly, that circular object was called a CD.

"Here, take this binky and lollipop to enjoy this movie I picked out especially for you. You should feel grateful, it isn't even released yet. It's called the 'Boss Baby'!"

Rangiku couldn't keep her snickers hidden anymore and busted out laughing when she witnessed the stupefied look on her Captain's face.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" the small Captain shouted in anger.

"I told you it's a cartoon movie for kids, rest assured, there isn't anything that will traumatize your little mind" Naruto explained dismissively, putting the binky in Toshiro's mouth before he could say anything and created a small sofa in front of the large screen as well as two bags of popcorns "Come on, Giku-chan! It's time to get this party started!"


Naruto and the busty Rangiku giddily plopped down on the sofa and started eating the available popcorns with vigor as a movie started showing on the screen, ignoring the goldfish expression on the Captain's face as he stood there with the CD in his hand and the binky in his mouth, not sure if he wanted to know how a movie started on a screen he had built.

"What!? Who dare interrupt my movie?" Naruto jumped up from the sofa and shouted at the flickering screen. It was pure blasphemy!

The screen's black flickering stopped and showed the image of a teenager eating a chocolate bar, the sides of his mouth colored black. Naruto glared at the boy, causing him to become aware of the connection of the links.

The boy's widened when he didn't recognize the man sitting on the sofa in front of the screen. Shouldn't Captain Hitsugaya be the one standing there?

"Hey Giku-chan, is this part of the movie?" Naruto asked unsurely, gazing at the strange chocolate obsessed boy who gazed back unsurely while Rangiku snickered quietly.

"Yes!" She answered loudly when she saw her Captain about to ruin the funny moment.

"No, it isn't!"

Naruto gave the short Captain a deadpan look "Shouldn't you be sitting in a corner with a giddy look on your face, sucking on that binky I so graciously gifted you with, as you watch that awesome cartoon movie befitting of your age group?"

His eyes twitched when he compared him to a child once again. What the hell was wrong with this lunatic? Since his appearance, he had lost all his respect and intimidation factor in his presence, his Lieutenant no longer respected him and treated him like a child, not to mention live somewhere else without even worrying about his living condition.

To be honest, he was almost ready to pull an Aizen and commit treason.

Naruto turned back to the screen with a giddy look on his face and saw the jaw dropped expression of the boy inside the screen. The boy couldn't believe that this man just insulted Captain Hitsugaya like it was nothing! "You there! Yes you in the screen! Start moving!"

"I'm sorry to say this, but this isn't a movie" the teenager said unsurely, knowing that if he said anything else, he would be screwed royally.

"What the hell do you mean by that? I said start moving dammit! Oh and if I don't like it, you're dead" Naruto shouted in irritation, his eyes twitching madly while Rangiku simply snickered beside him.

The young member of the Research and Development knew he had to think fast or risk getting hurt, if the way he undressed Captain Hitsugaya with his words alone was any indication. Well, there was only one way, and that was …

The screen flickered again and showed the wizened image of the Head Captain standing there in his wrinkly glory with his Lieutenant standing behind him.

Naruto shot up from his sofa and pointed at the screen indignantly "They let an old coot like you star in a movie while I, the Great Naruto-sama was not even informed. What crazy world are we living in?"

The Head Captain could already feel a headache coming. His eyes twitched in irritation when the blond went on ranting about 'letting old coots star' and 'no respect at all'.

Looking around, he could only see a large sofa with the 10th Squad Lieutenant sitting on it while eating popcorns from a bag, since the tall blond had taken most of the screen visual space due to his tall and broad body stature "I have to say this is an unexpected surprise, Naruto Uzumaki".

"Yeah, it's surprising for me too; I can't believe they let you show your wrinkly old mug in the movie" Naruto agreed sagely, not really aware of the tic marks pulsing on the old man's head.

His Lieutenant was standing there like a statue, his eyes bugged out and jaw dropped to the ground when he listened to the Uzumaki insult the Head Captain. What was even more surprising was that the old man was not even retorting or speaking at all.

"Where is Captain Hitsugaya? More importantly, why are you here?" the old man asked curiously, wondering what the crazy blond had done to his subordinate.

Toshiro stepped forward and bowed, already having gotten rid of the binky and the Cd "Sorry Head Captain, but he wouldn't listen to me"

The old Captain gave his subordinate a firm look "It's quite alright. That aside, I must commend you for setting up this connection so fast"

"Thank you"

"Now, moving on, we have discovered Sosuke Aizen's true objective…."

Naruto let out a groan of frustration "Instead of moving on with that boring subject, why don't you starting moving your wrinkly ass away so I could get back to watching my movie!"

A third giant tick mark appeared on the old man's forehead but he didn't say anything, knowing it would cost him big time "It may sound boring to you, but the faith of the Living World as well as Soul Society is at risk"

"Wait! You mean I won't be able to watch my movies if Four eyes complete his big ass evil plan?" Naruto asked in mock horror.

The old man gave him a deadpan look, wondering if that was truly what he was worried about "Yes"

"Ok! As soon as I see his four eyed ass, I'll tear ribbons out of it! No body threatens my movies and get away with it, no one!" Naruto declared grandly, shaking his fist in front of his face threateningly "Old man, start with your boring explanation but make it quick, cause I don't wanna see the constipated look on your face any more than I have to"

With his threat delivered, he sat down on the sofa with a huff.

Yamamoto didn't know whether to be insulted or relieved by his declaration "As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted..."

"You are welcome, though you don't have to thank me, it was my pleasure" Naruto interrupted with a shit eating grin, causing the old man to groan in frustration.

"As I was saying, we found out Aizen's true objective..."

"You already said that once, old man. Tell us what his objective is dammit! I'm trying to watch a movie here!"

Yamamoto gritted his teeth in anger at the interruption "It appears he is trying to make the Oaken"

"WHAT!?" Toshiro and Rangiku shouted in unison.


The two Captains and two Lieutenants gave the blond a deadpan look, though the voluptuous Rangiku was giving him an amused look.

"What? You guys were shouting as well" Naruto answered sheepishly.

Toshiro turned towards the large screen with a twitching eyebrow, wondering why the Head Captain hadn't gone Ryujin Jakka on the blond's ass till now "So, that's his objective?"

"Yes, ever since their disappearance, we have launched an extensive investigation, scouring the Squad 5 Captain's rooms where Aizen lived, the Underground Assembly Hall and the living quarters of the Central 46 members where he hid himself after his fake death, and even the Dairiesho Archive. After spending countless hours of skimming through the Data, Captain Ukitake found something"

"The information he was looking at, what was it? Would it lead him to the location of the Oaken" Toshiro asked curiously.

"Not exactly, the location of the Oaken is a secret that has been passed from one Head Captain of the Gotei 13 to the next for generation. There has never been nor ever shall be a written document of its location. The information Aizen was looking at, dealt not with the location of the Oaken but the creation. He now possess the knowledge with which to create the Royal Key"

The silver haired Captain eyes widened in shock and horror.


Hueco Mundo, Las Noches

Patros, a blue haired Hollow with his right eye covered by his Hollow mask fragment, was an ordinary Arrancar in Aizen's army, walking towards the Throne room with conviction and determination in his every step. Ever since Aizen's appearance, Las Noches and Hueco Mundo had changed, not for the better actually.

In his honest opinion, why should a Shinigami be allowed to rule Hollows?

Why should an enemy be allowed to live among them as their King?

It made no sense!

The door to the Throne room was pushed open as he walked in with purpose. The inside of the room was as duel and dim as always, a large throne in the middle of the room with a small cylindrical structure beside it. Walking towards the throne with a frown, Patros smiled arrogantly when there was no one sitting on it.

The cylindrical structure was rumored to be the place where Aizen usually kept the Hogyoku, and apparently it was the truth since he could see the shining orb in the first step of the exposed end of the structure. Just as he was about to pick up the shinning orb, a monotone voice stopped him in his tracks.

"What are you doing?" He turned around blankly and saw the ever melancholic Arrancar, Ulquiorra standing in front of the gate "This is not a place you should be entering without Lord Aizen's permission, Patros"

"You know what? I'm sick of your suck up attitude" Patros answered without acknowledging the fact that he had broken into a room he shouldn't have.


"Aizen … always with Aizen. The Espada are following suit as well. I don't get it! It makes no sense! It's an unpleasant feeling; he is nothing but a mere Shinigami. Why should powerful Hollows take orders from a Shinigami? It makes no sense whatsoever" Patros started with a frown on his face "Hollows crush Shinigami and eat Souls!"

Ulquiorra sidestepped a punch to his head with an emotionless expression on his face, prompting the punch to sail overhead and collide with the wall beside him, causing spider webs cracks to appear in it "Tell me why? Our freedom was taken away for someone like him! You know he uses us Hollows as nothing but experiments"

The emotionless Arrancar didn't even blink "Yes I know, so what's your point?"

"Ever since he appeared, this place has changed. I have no intention of following a Shinigami" Patros answered with a scowl and walked towards the structure again, knowing the melancholic Arrancar would never be intimidated that easily.

"I see"

"Ulquiorra, why don't we use the Hogyoku ourselves and control the world, doesn't that make more sense?" He knew the answer to that particular question before even asking it.

"Don't bother, how can you control the world when you can't even become an Espada?" Ulquiorra answered blankly.

Patros sighed in resignation

"So I don't have your support?" Seeing the closed eyed and unyielding expression of the 4th Espada, he frowned "I see, then sorry to do this"

Ulquiorra's eyes widened in shock when pain exploded in his back, courtesy of a sword attack from a red haired teenager.

He turned around with a backhand at the ready; however, the teen vanished before his attack could connect. His eyes narrowed in pain when a sword pierced his chest from behind. He turned around only to see Patros vanish and appear before him with his hand on the handle of a yellow sword, a smug grin on his face.

"Y-you will never get away with this!" Ulquiorra managed to say in his pain induced state.

"It's really too bad" With one sword strike from Patros, the already wounded Espada was slashed down the middle and dropped to the ground in a bloody heap "Without a doubt, the Espada have fallen. I never really hated you though"

Menis _ a red haired teenager dressed in a white short shirt, covering only his chest and back, leaving his midriff as well as his arms exposed and a set of jaw resting on the upper left side of his head _ appeared beside the smug Patros "Easy"

"Yes, pretty pathetic for an Espada" Aldegor _ a black haired dressed in the standard Arrancar uniform with a half bull mask on his right side of the face _ said beside Menis

Patros walked up to the cylindrical structure and took the shinning orb sitting so innocently in the midst of its protective embrace "We are going to make Aizen regret the day he decided to strengthen us with the Hogyoku and then … I'll become King"


Uzumaki Mansion



Sitting on a rock near the training ground with her long seductive legs crossed over one another, Tsunade _dressed in a provocative crimson robe tightly hugging her voluptuous curves and barely containing her heaving bosom_ grinned in amusement as she watched Naruto train Rangiku in the Uzumaki Training Ground.

Today's training like most of the time was Rangiku trying to capture Naruto with constant Flash Steps as well as trying to draw blood without Naruto retaliating.

The problem was not because Rangiku was not able to catch him, but the fact that Naruto could not be caught, even she couldn't catch him if he didn't want to be caught, unless of course she used her charms to her advantage. Naruto was a man to offer you a kind of incentive you simply could not refuse. If you did, then that means you would be going against your very nature.

Naruto had promised Rangiku that if she managed to even touch him during the chase, be it by hands, swords or even Kido, she could buy all the dresses, cosmetics and anything she liked. Now if Rangiku was anyone else, she would've refused, but since she was Rangiku, she couldn't possibly refuse the tempting offer of being able to buy anything she wanted.

Just imagine the dresses and makeup she could buy with Naruto's unlimited money! She was practically drooling over the possibilities! However, while the possibilities of the offer itself were unlimited, the impossibility of catching Naruto was also unlimited!

That damn blond old geezer moved like a lightning bolt, or more like a flash of light! He was practically running circles around her even in Flash Step. She had tried using Haineko, thinking of using the ash to at least touch him, but then he had upped his speed even more, to the point when she could barely see where he was!




Rangiku huffed and wheezed in exhaustion, coming to a stop near a tree as she tried to keep herself standing on her legs, which was proving quite hard.

A shirtless Naruto appeared before her with a smug grin on his face "Please don't tell me you have forgotten my oh-so generous offer! Just think about all those dresses and jewels … just waiting for you to buy them! And the most awesome part is, you don't have to pay for it!"

Rangiku was almost ready to cry!

"It's official, you are one mean, sadistic and perverted old geezer!" She said with a tired glare

"Why are you calling me a pervert, you little brat?"

"You are walking around shirtless, you old geezer, what do you think that does to me when I get near you?" she asked with a deadpan. Could he really be that dense?

"Well, that doesn't exactly make me a pervert, it makes you a pervert for looking at me" Naruto replied with a grin while she blushed, knowing he was right.

Though, who could blame her? He was the perfect specimen of the opposite gender. She couldn't even think straight when he was walking around showcasing his body to everyone like that. His nude torso had driven her so crazy that she had thought of just jumping him during their training instead of catching him.

"S-shut up!"

"Well, fine, new offer!" Naruto announced, gaining the tired Lieutenant's attention.

"New offer?"

"Yes! Three Arrancars are about to appear near the center of Karakura Town, if you managed to kill two of them without releasing the Limiter placed on you, I'll let you buy anything you want, deal?" Naruto asked with a smug grin while she gave him a suspicious glare.

"What's the catch?"

"You catch on fast, good! Always look underneath the underneath" His eyes twitched when she muttered something about 'old geezers and old useless speeches' "You have to kill them in your current state"

"What!? Old man, have you gone complete bonkers in your old age? I know that old age erodes the awareness of one's mind, but I never thought it would be this bad. Should I be worried?"






Tsunade sighed in resignation, wondering how a peaceful and serene training session had gone wrong "Hey you two! Stop your fighting or the Arrancars would get what they want and leave before you even stop your bickering"

"Yeah, listen to her, would you old man?" Rangiku retorted with a cheeky grin, causing Naruto to twitch.

"Shut up, Old hag! Just go and kick those Arrancars assess or the deal is off!"

Naruto and Tsunade blinked in surprise when the tired and wheezing strawberry haired Shinigami shot towards the Arrancars like a bullet. Guess she was in no mood to have the deal nullified!

Getting up from the rock she was sitting on, the busty blonde sauntered towards her husband, her long silky blonde hair let loose over her slender back softly fluttered in the wind, seductively long legs flirtatiously peaked out from the slits of the crimson robe, tantalizingly wide hips wobbled from side to side, her heaving bosom happily danced in their flimsy restrains.

"Who knew she was that fast?" she asked nonchalantly as she approached a strangely quiet and contemplating Naruto.

Before she could comment on his strange mood, Naruto suddenly twisted around and wrapped his muscular arms around her narrow and slender waist, his wandering hands immediately finding their sweet home upon her plump cheeks.

An uncharacteristic and squeaky yelp escaped her pouty lips when Naruto pinched one of her rear cheeks and delivered a hard slap to the other. Recovering from the sudden show of forcefulness, she opened her mouth to reprimand him for being so 'violent', only to have her full and pouty lips captured by his own in a heated and passionate kiss.

One of Naruto's large hand left the 'safety' of her plump cheeks and found its place upon her supple and heaving bosom as he squeezed and fondled her like there was no tomorrow. Her body was assaulted from all sides! Her fleshy bosom was being molested, caressed, mauled and massaged by his rough-skinned hand!

Her plump rear cheeks were being squeezed, fondled and pinched! Her generously full, irresistibly pouty lips were being nibbled, sucked, licked and bitten like the world was about to end!

'What has gotten into him!?' the busty blonde thought in between muffled moans. Not that she was complaining, mind you, but Naruto was never this aggressive… well at least not always! She usually had to tempt him which would turn out to be a pleasantly bad idea because she would have trouble walking straight the next day!

"You sneaky little vixen! Do you think you can just sit there in an unbuttoned robe, shamelessly flaunting your 'merchandise' and expect to get away with it!?" Naruto declared in a rumbling husky tone as he withdrew from his breathless, gasping and puffing wife "Get ready 'cause you ain't leaving this training ground until I am done drilling you about proper manners, literally!"

The puffing and breathless Tsunade had no time to even register what Naruto had said _ since she was pretty dazed from his aggressive kiss _ before he pounced on her like a hungry lion tearing into a helpless and wounded deer!


Karakura Town

A spacial distortion appeared in the sky above the bustling town and three men stepped out of the dark embrace of the Garganta. Menis, Aldegor and Patros glanced around the town with indifferent expressions on their faces.

"It seems the Shinigamis have quickly sniffed us out and one of them is racing towards us faster than the others, though from the feel of his/her Spiritual Pressure, he/she is pretty weak" Menis stated with a wide grin.

"What a letdown! What should we do, Patros?" Aldegor commented smugly.

Patros didn't pay his subordinate any attention and walked forward "I want you to handle the Shinigamis, they look weak as hell. Deal with them, don't let them interrupt our investigation"

Aldegor gave his superior a suspicious look "Tell me, is it true that there is a Shinigami in this town who knows how to use the Hogyoku?"

"That's what we are here to find out. At this point, we've only obtained the Hogyoku, if we don't know how to use its power, then it's nothing but a paper weight" Patros answered calmly "Someone from Las Noches will come for us soon enough, that'll be the real battle. Act swiftly; we'll meet here again after the job is done!"

With that said and done, Patros vanished using Sonido, leaving behind his two subordinate to fight the approaching Shinigami.

Rangiku approached the two Arrancars with incredible speed, however instead of slowing down so she could talk with them for a moment; she slammed her Chakra enhanced fist into the larger one's face and sent him flying like a tennis ball.

"That's one down! Alright shorty! Time to get your ass kicked by yours truly" Rangiku stated with a large grin. Man it felt great to vent her anger on someone who at least stayed still! Or who was at the very least clothed!

"What did you say?!"

The other one flew towards them with a heavy frown on his face, the side of his face bleeding from the impact with the blonde's strong punch "That was a bad move Shinigami, one that will cost you your miserable life!"

"Alright, you two! Line up single file so that I can kick your asses in an orderly fashion! I have a whole town's shops to buy clothes from!"

"Why you…"

Before they could finish their sentence, Rangiku struck with the grace of a hungry predator.

One way or the other, the shops were going to be emptied by her! She was going to make that old geezer regret his offer of letting her buy anything she liked!


Urahara's Shop

Patros appeared above the humble looking shop via Sonido and slowly floated down. He blinked in surprise when he found the shop deserted with only a blond man with red bangs hanging in front of his eyes and three red marks on his cheeks, sitting on the porch of the shop calmly drinking tea.

His attire was admittedly quite outlandish … at least to him anyway. A long sleeveless coat opened at the front, red skin tight shirt and black leather pants as well as a black monk staff with several rings attached to its end, floating innocently beside him.

He walked up to the closed eyed man and stood a few steps away just in case of an attack

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Kisuke Urahara" Patros gave the blond a small glare when he didn't respond; instead kept the cup to his mouth without actually drinking any "Didn't you hear me? I said I'm looking for Kisuke Urahara; speak up before I kill you!"

His gritted his teeth in anger when the man didn't respond again.


His eye brow twitched when the red whiskered blond slowly opened his eyes and actually yawned "Wha?"

He couldn't believe that a mere human would have the audacity to sleep while he was talking to him. All this time, he had been talking while the human was sleeping?!

"You dare insult me?!" Patros stated angrily when he watched the man slowly wake up.

"Wha? What the hell is going on?" Naruto asked sleepily, wondering why the man in front of him was so angry.

Damn him! He had been having such a good dream about him and his busty blonde wife, not to mention that black haired Squad 4 Captain swimming in a glorious pool of ramen! Now, that entire dream was ruined because this mustache decided to ask him stupid questions!

Patros gritted his teeth in anger and drew his sword, instantly shooting a yellow blast of condensed Spiritual Energy and blasting away the front porch along with the still sleepy blond man "That'll teach you to be more respectful towards your superiors, stupid human!"

"Hey Mustache! Do you know how much Hat and Clogs will rant in my ears for destroying his shop?" a loud indignant voice said from behind, causing the Arrancar to jump up and put some distance between himself and the surprisingly alive irritating blond, with his staff floating beside him.

"How are you still alive?" he asked with a frown, pretty sure he had blasted the insulting human to smithereens.

Naruto pointed at him accusingly "Don't change the subject! Tell me, are you going to pay for this damage willingly or do I have to beat the crap out of you before making you pay?"

"What did you just say!?" the blue haired Arrancar asked threateningly, raining his Spiritual Pressure upon the area.

"I said how are you?" Naruto answered with a deadpan.

"Are you mocking me?!"

"Hey buddy, if I use hard language with you, you suddenly get all moody. And when I ask about your health, you think I'm mocking you? Are you nuts? Make up your mind, would you?" Naruto said indignantly.

Patros already knew he hated this human as soon as he met him. He never thought he would hate anyone more than he hated Aizen, but it seems this blond was proving him wrong "You are going to regret ever speaking to me that way, you foolish human!"

He vanished and appeared behind the freaked out blond, smirking in a self-satisfied manner as he slashed his sword. His eyes widened comically when the blond sidestepped his yellow blast attack and ran away like a headless chicken, waving his arms around while his staff flew after him as if it had a mind of its own.

Naruto stopped near the half destroyed front of the Urahara Shop and waved cheerfully with his staff at the shocked Arrancar "Is that all you've got?"

"Keep mocking me, it will make your death that much more painful!" the blue haired Arrancar stated with anger, not believing his eyes.

"Well, if you wanna fight then follow me … that is if you're not scared!" Naruto said with a grin and entered the shop. He was well aware the outside world was not a place to fight when Arrancars were concerned.

The Arrancar gritted his teeth in anger and followed the human to an interesting underground area. The irritating human was standing there with a smug grin on his red whisker marked face and staff in his hand "Wow Mustache, you are quite fast for an old man!"

"You are getting on my nerves, human! Before I kill you, tell me, what is your name?"

Naruto's eyes lit up in happiness "Did you just ask who I am? Well, I'll tell you!"

He did a comical kabuki dance with different poses, a sunset shinning brilliantly and water of a sea hitting the shores behind him "I'm the one who is known far and wide, my name carried by the winds, revered by men as the master and recognized by women as the Thee Man! … I'm the one and only Naruto Uzumaki-sama!"

Patros blinked in surprise, inwardly wondering if the man before him was crazy. It wouldn't be that farfetched since he had heard that humans go nuts due to tension all the time.

Naruto gave the man a look of pure rage "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT? ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?"

"Human, you just sealed your fate" Patros stated calmly, knowing the human would die soon. There was no need to get worked up by his silly taunts.

"ALRIGHT THAT'S IT PAL, GET READY CAUSE I'M ABOUT TO KICK YOUR STUPID ASS!" Naruto shouted in indignation and shook his fist in front of his face.

That's it! This human was going to die!

Patros reached for his sheathed sword and at once, unsheathed it as it released an enormous yellow blast straight towards the blond. His eyes widened to impossible proportion when the yellow blast was stopped in front of the man's hand without exploding "WHAT!?"

"Hey Mustache! Look at that, I can stop your lousy attacks with my hands, now ain't that cool?" Naruto asked with a grin, causing the blue haired Arrancar to snap out of his shocked state and glare at Naruto with hatred. The aforementioned blond swirled the energy around in his hand and threw it at the alarmed Arrancar twice the speed it had been sent at him.

Patros jumped up as his attack went on and collided with a boulder, instantly reducing it mere ash. His eyes widened in astonishment, knowing that his attack did not have the power to reduce a matter to ash. Looking at the dancing blond, he knew something was not right about him.

At first, when he had met the blond and seen that he was able to spot a Spirit being, he had tried to sense the limit of his Spiritual Energy, but had sensed nothing. He had been foolish to think that the human apparently had so little that it could not be even sensed.

Right now, he was forced to rethink his theory. Could it be that the blond man had so much energy that he could not sense it? Seeing him dance around with his staff, he was sure that wasn't the case.

"Not so tough now, are ya?" Naruto asked with smug grin on his face "Your Mustache attacks simply cannot harm my awesomeness!"

"There are no such things as Mustache attacks" Patros couldn't help but deadpan

"Sure there are. Which also reminds me, why do you have blue mustache? Are you nuts?"

Patros ignored the question and reached for his sword once again "Did you know that the attack I used against you was level 5, but this next attack will be level 20, so prepare yourself!"

"Bring it!"

Patros unsheathed his sword and released an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy condensed into a wide disk like form and shot it towards the blond man, resulting in a massive explosion that rocked the underground training area violently. He turned around dismissively, already assure of his victory, knowing no one would be able to withstand that much raw power.

"Where the hell do you think you are going? Who is going to pay for the shop if you high tail out of here, your grandpa?!"

He turned around with wide eyes, now pretty sure that something was not right about this whole situation. If he was able to withstand his level 20 attack, then obviously he was no ordinary human.

"I gotta ask you, why are you here anyway?" Naruto asked curiously.

"I'm here to find Kisuke Urahara"


"Not that it's any of your concern, but I'm here because I have heard that he knows a lot about the Hogyoku" Patros answered calmly "I want him to awaken it for me either willingly or by force"

He pulled out the glass box containing the shinning orb and showed it to Naruto who gave him a deadpan look "You do know that it's fake, right?"

Pateros's widened in shock, already starting to understand the pattern of this whole situation. He should've known that stealing the Hogyoku from Aizen wouldn't be that easy "What?"

"Wow, so someone made a sucker out of you? That's rich!" Naruto snickered and pointed a finger at him mockingly "Was it Four Eyes?"

Patros had the distinct feeling that the blond was talking about Aizen, which begged the question, how did he even know about the former Captain?

"How do you know Aizen?" he asked curiously.

"I and that four eyed dude go way back. He was about to get his ass handed to him in a silver platter and that is where I, the Great Naruto-sama interjected and saved his sorry ass from the prudish Shinigamis. In return for me saving his ass from being executed, he promised to invite me to that awesome dessert where you guys party all day long"

Patros was getting a headache from just listening to this guy, since nothing he said made sense! First of all, he somehow knew Aizen back when he had been still a Captain or when he was about to escape from Soul Society. Second, he knew about his origin as a Hollow and obviously about Hueco Mundo, however, he seemed to have been misled by Aizen in thinking that Hueco Mundo was a place for 'parties' as the human had put it.

The thought of all those soul hungry Hollows partying was funny even to him!

"This also reminds me, that four eye son of bitch still hasn't invited me over! So when you go back there, tell him that the Great Naruto-sama is coming for his two-faced ass!" Naruto said with a twitching eyebrow, insulted that Aizen hadn't invited him all this time.

"Who said anything about going back there?" Patros asked angrily, well aware that he couldn't just go back there after what he had done. Maybe stealing a fake Hogyoku wouldn't be that much of a big deal, but killing an Espada was just asking for execution. Since he couldn't go back, he might as well kill this annoying human to vent out his anger and frustration "Get ready human. I have played enough with you to last for two lifetimes, but now it's time to die!"

"Hey now wait a minute! I just told you a secret and you threaten me? Didn't your mother ever teach you any manners?" Naruto asked nervously, slowly backing away from the furious Arrancar.

The blue haired Hollow was enveloped in a yellow aura, Spiritual Pressure raining down upon the nervous blond as the Arrancar slowly and dramatically walked towards him with his hand on the sword's handle "Can't we just resolve this like normal people, like sit down and talk about old times over a cup of tea?"

"The time for talking has long passed!" Raising a hand towards the blond man, a condensed ball of red energy appeared in his hand "Cero!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the ball of raw Spiritual Energy shot towards the grinning Naruto. However, as soon as the ball reached the blond, he lifted his left foot and kicked the raw energy like a football, sending it directly at the unguarded Arrancar who received it head on, resulting in a massive explosion

"He shoots and goals! Booya!" Naruto commented with a wide grin, as if he was playing football and had just made a spectacular goal while he basked in the cheers of his invisible audience and fans.

His victory and dance of joy didn't last long as an enormous pressure rained down on the area, the debris and dust flew away to reveal a slightly singed and burned Arrancar with a furious expression on his face, Spiritual Energy oozing off of him in waves.

"You know what? Mustache! You are quite tough!"

"Now you've done it human!" Patros stated through gritted teeth, not believing that a mere human had just kicked his Cero like a football and had apparently increased the power behind it to shoot it back at him with twice the speed "I never thought I would be forced to use this against a human, but since you are the most annoying person I have ever had the misfortune to meet, I have no choice! Now bear witness to my true unrestrained power!"

Defile, Gerifalte!

Naruto watched with something akin to amusement when the Arrancar unsheathed his sword and released its hidden power, transforming himself to some sort of deformed creature. Its upper body was covered entirely in armor except the upper right side of his head with three holes in a triangle in its chest. His hands seemed to have transformed into a hinge-like copy of his sword, no doubt used for firing the same energy blast.

"Man and I thought you were ugly before!" Naruto commented after a minutes of silence when he saw the transformed Patros.

"You won't be talking that way once I reduce you to ashes, human!" The now transformed Arrancar retorted calmly, and without any warning opened his hinge-like hands, firing a wide stream of yellow energy straight towards Naruto who simply sidestepped.

"Mustache, are you sure you were trying to hit me cause if that's your aim, then I am sorry to say this, but my grandma can aim better than you!" Naruto mocked, conveniently overlooking the fact that he didn't even know who his grandma was.

"That was but a taste of what's to come next" Patros answered calmly, not showing his shock that his energy blast was sidestepped so easily "The next one will me more powerful!"

"Bring it, though you should cut your mustache since its blocking your view!" Naruto snickered when the Arrancar grunted in annoyance.

"Keep mocking me human!"

"Okay … your aim sucks and you're ugly!" Naruto sweatdropped when an enormous blast of energy was fired at him. He simply vanished and reappeared far away from the vicinity of the blast with a scowl on his face "Hey you asked!"

His expressions turned to one of true horror when he sensed the presence of the two Arrancars vanish, knowing what that meant. He would be crying over his empty wallet for months! As fun as this battle was, he knew he had to finish it now since if he knew Rangiku well enough, she would be nagging him to go to shopping with him this instance.

He should've placed more restrictions on her to make it harder for her to defeat those fools! If they were alive right now, he would've given them a piece of his mind for losing to his little moon and stars while she was tired and under restrictions!

Those fools had just cost him who knows how much money!

Without even looking at his opponent, he raised his muscular hand and blocked an unexpected drop kick from the shocked Arrancar "Playtime is over, time to die!"

His left hand was enveloped in red lightening, flashing and screeching randomly as Naruto rammed it straight to the Arrancar's chest and dropped his dead body to the ground, a look of horror and shock forever etched on his face.

As soon as the body touched the ground, another blast of condensed energy struck and reduced it to black mist, wiping away every single evidence of his existence.

Naruto turned around and prepared himself for the bankrupting of his life. Damn those two idiots for losing to her!


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