A dark shadowed figure raced across the rooftops of houses with another shadowed figure shortly behind. They both stopped on the roof of a big, tall, grey building. One figure put a bag down and opened it to reveal tools and weapons. The first figure grabbed a handful of daggers and a knife from the bag and walked to the edge of the building. He dropped the weapons off the edge as two more figures caught them on the ground. They soon disappeared into the dark alley behind the building. The two figures on the roof took grenades out of the bag and threw them high in the air. Suddenly the grenades were grabbed by a winged figure before it flew off. The second figure on the roof attached a bomb to the building and the two figures ducked for cover. The bomb went off without leaving a single trail of distraction. Instead a smooth hole was left behind. It looked as if the whole was ment to be there. The first figure dropped down into the building.

He stepped into the light. He was very tall with long claw like fingers, black messed up hair, and black and white stripes that covered his body. One of the most noticeable things about him was his stripped cone nose. The second figure jumped down to join his friend. He wasn't as tall but was above average height. He wore jeans and a grey sweatshirt. He had dark grey skin and you weren't able to see his face because it was hidden under a blue mask with two, solid, painted, black eyes that seemed to bleed. After a few seconds of observing their surroundings, the taller one spoke.

Laughing Jack: Where are they?! They were supposed to disable the alarms. The lights should be on.

The masked one responded.

Eyeless Jack: Just wait a second ok! Give them some time. We were off schedule by about 2 minutes. We just need to stay still until the lights come on.

Screams were heard from somewhere nearby. The two guys scanned the darkness trying to locate the direction the screams came from. Suddenly a male's voice was heard.

?: Yeah don't want to trigger the alarms like last time LJ.

A female's voice was heard closer.

?: You're one to talk Jeffery. Remember when we went to city to take out that old rich man? You almost got us caught trying to show off your knife throwing "skills".

Eyeless Jack: That's enough you two. Did you disable the alarms or did you stop to see who could kill more guards?

Jeff The Killer: Both actually.

The lights went on and two people suddenly appeared in front of them. They both had bleach white skin and black hair. The male wore a white hoodie that was stained with blood and jeans. His hair was longer than Laughing Jack's but not by much. His was also stained with blood and his mouth was cut into a wide grin.

?: Jeff insisted that we had a competition.

The female wore black boots, red and black striped leggings, a black skirt, and a purple hoodie that was also stained in blood. Her long hair was in a ponytail tied with a red ribbon. A part of her hair that wasn't in the ponytail, covered her left eye. It was dyed hot pink at the end to the middle. She wore a dark pink mask with two, solid, black, painted eyes that seemed to bleed just like Eyeless Jack's. Only instead of black dripping tears, her mask had sharp blood red tears. She moved her mask to reveal a bloody grin that was also cut into her face.

Nina The Killer: Of course I won. Right Jeff?

Jeff crossed his arms and rolled his eyes.

Jeff: You only won because I let you.

Nina: Well thanks for letting me kill 24 men when you took your time to just kill one.

Eyeless Jack: Nina, Jeff that's enough. We need to hurry up before someone realizes what happened.

The four took out black bags and rushed around the room filling their bags with weapons and riches. They quickly all met back in the middle.

Eyeless Jack: Okay everyone ready?

Before anyone could speak the door burst open and police officers flooded in surrounding the four, guns aimed.

Officer: Stop right there you monsters! We've got you surrounded! Put your hands up and drop the bags!

Nina pulled her mask down and Jeff yawned. Eyeless Jack looked up and then at the officer and smiled under his mask.

Eyeless Jack: We would love to stay officers but we really should be getting home. Don't want Slender to worry about us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice?

Laughing Jack looked at a gold watch he had grabbed.

Laughing Jack: 10 seconds

Officer: You aren't going anywhere! You will pay for your crimes you evil monsters!

Jeff and Laughing Jack both frowned.

Laughing Jack: That wasn't very nice.

Jeff: Yeah don't you like playing with us?

The two grinned darkly and laughed.


Eyeless Jack: Hard way it is then.

Something dropped down through the hole in the roof. It went off and made a bright flash of light that made all the officers cover their eyes. When they opened them again the four were gone along with all the weapons and riches.

Officers: You will pay for this you monsters! You hear me?! You will suffer a fate worse than death!

But the four were already long gone by now. They all held onto a long chain that was carried by a winged figure. Nina took her mask off and put it in her bag. She took a deep breath.

Nina: I always love a bit of chaos and murder in the morning.

She let go of the chain and fell back.

Eyeless Jack: Nina!

Her leg was wrapped around with the chain as she swung upside down. She giggled and Jeff rolled his eyes again.

Jeff: You act just like a little kid.

Nina looked up and grinned at him.

Nina: I'm younger than you are old man.

Jeff: I hope you fall to your death.

Nina: You would like that wouldn't you?

Jeff: Yes, yes I would!

Laughing Jack: I wish you two would both fall! Then I wouldn't have to listen to your arguing. You act like two siblings fighting over a toy.

Laughing Jack was right about one part. Nina and Jeff acted like siblings. They fought a lot but they still needed each other. Like an older brother, Jeff could be very protective of Nina. He always asked her where she was going when she left the mansion and who she was hanging out with. Nina acted like the younger sister, she would cause trouble by doing things to Jeff. But like a sister, she was very picky about what was best for Jeff. She would judge every girl he met and kept him from making stupid mistakes.

Screecher: You all can be a bit too much sometimes.

The winged figure looked down at them. She was about average height, had long wavy black hair with streaks of dark purple, and two black angel wings. Her skin was light grey she wore a black crop top, grey shorts, and white boots. Stitches wrapped around her body like snakes and her white pupils stood out in her solid black eyes. She wore black lipstick and had two sharp dark purple streaks under her eyes. Finally, she wore a black choker with a silver skull with two silver wings on both sides of it.

[sorry if that was a lot. I forgot to add small things in at the beginning and I was too lazy to add them in so I just added it to the end.]

Eyeless Jack reached his other hand out to Nina. She took it and he pulled her back up. She smiled at him and he smiled under his mask. He realized that he was still holding her hand and started blushing, but his mask hid it. Nina realized it to and blushed a bit too. He let go.

Eyeless Jack: Sorry about that. I just didn't want you to fall.

Nina: No it's fine. And thanks for the hand. I was thinking about how I was going to get back up.

Eyeless Jack: Heh no problem.

Eyeless Jack felt something hit him on the back of his head. He looked up to see Jeff putting his bag on his other shoulder. He looked down at Eyeless Jack and looked innocent.

Jeff: Oh I'm sorry. Did I hit you with my bag? I forgot you were there. Sorry about that buddy.

Eyeless Jack looked back at Nina to see her glaring at Jeff as he tried to look innocent. Eyeless Jack didn't want to have another fight so he quickly put an end to it.

Eyeless Jack: I'm fine. It was just an accident. Don't worry about it.

Nina's glare disappeared and she didn't look up at Jeff and Eyeless Jack for the rest of the ride back home.

Hope you guys enjoyed that chapter! I know it was mostly character description but that's what it's like with all my stories. I always make sure to describe the character so that the reader can picture the story as it goes on along with the characters. This is a story I hope to work on more this summer along with my others. Stick around for more chapters for some of my other stories. Thanks again! Mangle out!