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Black Siren:



Andrus Tolero

Chapter 1:


Everyone knew once they had turned away that spook that they would probably be getting no help from the government, and for most of them, that was just fine. It was a well-known fact that most of them saw the government as, at best, incompetent, and with this regard, they knew the government was going to just let the Dominators do as they wished. With the rest of the gathered heroes prepping for the battle against the Dominators and planning how to deal with them, Oliver slipped away and headed directly for S.T.A.R. Labs. They knew the Dominators were targeting metahumans, and since they weren't going to just hand over Barry (despite the other man's intent to do exactly that) that meant any metahuman would be in danger. While they couldn't do much about the meta's being held in Iron Heights, Oliver knew that Barry still kept some of his more dangerous enemies in the pipeline, and right now, they needed dangerous. With Supergirl and the Legends here, Oliver was confident that they could keep the more dangerous ones who were still in the pipeline from becoming a threat to the public.

The first obstacle Oliver found when he entered S.T.A.R. Labs was the presence of Wally West and H.R. Wells. He hung back for a moment, listening to the two of them talk with each other. Despite the injury he had received, Wally wanted to help but was being blocked by his father, sister, and Barry. Oliver sighed inaudibly at hearing this; he had done the same thing to Laurel and to Thea, trying to keep them as far from the fight as possible. He knew how that had ended; Laurel was dead, and Thea was broken because of the Pit and her training with Malcolm, training she'd taken because Oliver hadn't been truthful with her and she had fallen right into her father's grasp. Oliver stepped into the Cortex, causing Wally and H.R. to look up. "Barry and your family are wrong," Oliver said, causing both men's eyes to widen (and Wally to look hopeful). "Sure, you might not be able to fight the Dominators, but that doesn't mean you can't help, Wally. If the Dominators come out in force, people will be in harm's way. You are fast enough you can get them out of there in time, Wally."

"Thanks, Mr. Queen," Wally said. "I-I just want to help. But can I ask. . . why are you here?"

"To recruit any of the meta's in the pipeline," Oliver said simply. "The Dominators are targeting all metas, and I think they deserve a chance to defend themselves. Don't you? With Supergirl and the Legends, I think we have more than enough to handle any of them."

"Actually, there's only one meta in the pipeline," Wally said. "Barry didn't want to tell you about them." Oliver's eyes narrowed at this, and Wally gulped. "Uh, but if you think they can help, I'll take you down now," Wally added hurriedly. He suddenly realized why Barry and Joe tangled so much over Barry's friendship with the Green Arrow. The man was intense, and they weren't even fighting. Wally didn't want to know what Green Arrow looked like when he was going full-bore in a fight; he knew Oliver had saved his ass when he got knocked out by their mind-controlled allies.

Oliver followed Wally down to the pipeline. "Who is this meta?" Oliver asked. "Why would Barry hide them from me, specifically?"

Wally looked over at the man. "She calls herself Black Siren," Wally said. "She's. . . she's the Earth-2 Laurel Lance."

Oliver's mouth opened slightly in shock before his lips thinned. Wally winced and was glad he wasn't Barry Allen right now. He brought up the cell that Black Siren was being held in and moved it into position. Oliver fingered the modulator in his pocket and turned it on after a moment of hesitation. He nodded to Wally, who opened the pipeline. "Leave us," Oliver told Wally, who scampered away as Black Siren stretched leisurely before standing.

"So, what's this?" Black Siren asked, eying the figure who was standing in the shadows. "You're not one of Red's little pets, I can tell that much. Those shoulders look so climbable. You let me out and I can show you a good time."

"Why were you locked in here in the first place?" Oliver asked, thankful for the voice modulator. "Why weren't you returned to Earth-2?"

"No idea," Black Siren said. "Red let everyone else go, but kept me around. Dunno why. From what I hear, he and my poor little doppelganger didn't exactly know each other very well, and I doubt Robert wants a reminder of his son around him in this world."

"Robert?" Oliver asked.

"Green Arrow, the Hood, whatever he's calling himself these days," Black Siren said dismissively. "Only reason I even know about my little doppelganger is because Zoom assured me that I wouldn't have to deal with the entropy problem."

"Entropy problem?"

"Why do you think all those metas who came through before me killed their doppelgangers?" Black Siren asked. "Two of us can't exist in the same dimension for an extended period of time, not in close proximity at any rate."

"So you know nothing about what happened ten years ago," Oliver said. "You think it's the same as what happened on your world. I'm guessing Oliver Queen died with your sister, and Robert Queen survived?"

"Sister?" Black Siren asked, raising an eyebrow. "I don't have a sister. Only child here. Its why me, Ollie, and Tommy got along so well. We were only children." *1*

"That must be one of the differences, then," Oliver said, even as he realized that Malcolm and his mother must not have had an affair in Black Siren's world. "In this world, you had a sister: Sara. She went on the Gambit with Oliver. Both of them ended up becoming something else. Oliver became the Green Arrow in this world, and Sara calls herself the White Canary. The Laurel Lance of this world gave her that name."

"Oh, that's so cute," Black Siren said mockingly, but Oliver noted her voice catch slightly. "So, Ollie was a bit of a philanderer like his dad here, huh?"

Oliver took only a moment to make the decision. He turned off his modulator and stepped forward. Black Siren's expression morphed into one of shock. "Sorry to say I was," Oliver said softly. "But to be fair. . . Laurel wasn't willing to see that I wasn't ready for the level of commitment she wanted. And I think five years of torture and becoming a killer are more than enough payment on my soul for what I did to her."

A/N: So, Oliver and Black Siren meet for the first time in a very different fashion.

Coming up: Oliver frees the Siren and asks for her help with the Dominators, offering to force Barry to take her back to Earth-2 as payment for her help; Oliver confronts Barry, and the Siren meets the sister she never had.

Chapter Notes:

*1* I know that its been suggested by KC that Black Siren knew doppelgangers of everyone, but TBH I remember John Barrowman saying that Katie's one of the few who, like him, has their own head-canon they act from. While the Arrow writers have clearly pandered to Barrowman in the past with dialogue choices (and even Thea being Malcolm's daughter), they've never seemed to have much respect for Katie or the roles she plays on these shows, so I don't expect Katie's head-canon to make the cut as far as these morons are concerned.

Challenge Info:

Plot: Oliver Queen is well-known for working with criminals as needed. With the threat of the Dominators looming for all metahumans, he seeks out metahumans still being held in the pipeline. . . and discovers a familiar face.


Oliver, seeking allies against the Dominators in the pipeline, discovers Black Siren and releases her to help them.

Black Siren joins Team Arrow, but does not roll over for anyone, not even Oliver. This causes friction in the team. Hehehehe. . . .

Oliver and Barry's friendship must be fractured because of this revelation.

Oliver/E-2 Laurel pairing. How/when is up to the writer.

Flashbacks must show E-2 Laurel's descent following the Gambit's destruction. Gonna have fun with this one!

Writer's Choice:

How Sara responds to Black Siren is up to the writer; if positively, she joins Oliver in giving Barry/Team Flash the cold shoulder; if negatively, there MUST be a confrontation between the Siren and Sara. Positively; I ain't Guggenheim who has apparently decided to make Sara into a selfish little tart every time it comes to honoring Laurel or saving her.

Black Siren helping TA by going undercover with Prometheus. Nope.

If Dinah Drake/Tina Boland still shows up, she joins Prometheus' team. Yep.

An explanation that doesn't involve multiple Earths given for why Laurel Lance is apparently alive.

Earth-2 Dark Archer (who must be Tommy Merlyn) or Green Arrow arrives on Earth-1, hunting Black Siren for some reason. *grins*

Black Siren works with all three teams: Flash, Arrow, Legends as needed. If this happens, she must begin with Team Arrow.

If Chase still tortures Oliver to make him confess he's a monster, BLACK SIREN must be the one to reach him, not Felicity Smoak. Of course.

Felicity leaves Team Arrow, not willing to deal with Black Siren's 'insubordinate behavior' or the fact that someone who looks like Oliver's first love is alive and well while Billy is dead. *snickering* Olicity fans shall not like this.


Olicity. There's plenty of this on the site already.

Quentin not finding out about Black Siren.

Dinah Drake being on Team Arrow.

Oliver and/or Sara being just fine with Barry keeping the SIren's existence a secret.

Black Siren joining Chase just because.