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Chapter 15:

Black Siren vs Red Canary

The two metas circled one another even as Ragman, moving quietly, pulled Evelyn away from danger and Curtis sent out an S.O.S. with his tablet to Thea, Roy, and Oliver, explaining the situation. "So, you're the infamous Dinah Laurel Lance," Red Canary said. "Gotta say, not all that impressed. But then, I guess so long as your blonde and cut a lithe figure, people'll ignore the important areas."

"You mean like personality? Wit? Brains?" Black Siren replied with a smirk. "Clearly, I got those in spades, too, sweetie. Now, let's dance." The two began fighting, Black Siren depending on her training from Tommy Merlyn while Red Canary used the techniques taught to her by Talia al Ghul. "At least your form's good," Black Siren said as she dodged a punch, "but in the end, there's a lot more that counts." She gave a quick, concentrated sonic whistle which struck Red Canary in the side, disrupting her attack, and Black Siren delivered a roundhouse kick to the distracted woman's jaw. "Tactics, for one," Black Siren said, using the rising Red Canary as a launching pad to grab a low hanging length of rebar that had come loose during Red Canary's earlier attack, one end blunt and the other jagged. She whirled and swung the length of rebar like a staff, taking out Red Canary's footing. "Surroundings, for another."

Red Canary wasn't to be taken down so easily, though, and she delivered a quick sonic attack of her own, throwing Black Siren away from her and causing her to drop the rebar. Red Canary snatched it up and moved in on Black Siren as the other woman stood, and stabbed at the Black Siren's exposed stomach with the sharpened edge of the rebar staff. Black Siren dodged, but the rebar still cut into her side briefly before dislodging, leaving a hefty, bleeding gash in her side. Red Canary grinned fiercely at the sight of her opponent bleeding. Black Siren delivered a forward kick to her opponent's midsection, but was Red Canary danced away and then unleashed her sonic screech, which blasted Black Siren backwards onto a work table where Curtis had been working on some new arrows for Oliver to use. Black Siren winced as one of the arrowheads jabbed painfully into the small of her back as she rolled over it, and her gaze fell on a device that had been swept off the table from her impact. She palmed it quickly, forming a fist to keep Red Canary from seeing what was in her hand, and approached the Red Canary, dodging behind a pillar to avoid the initial sonic scream before sending one of her own. This sent Red Canary spiraling backwards into the motor pool, which suited the plan Black Siren had in mind just fine.

Activating the explosive she had swiped, Black Siren flung it into the motor pool, where it landed between the recovering Red Canary and an oil drum. As Red Canary stood, the explosive went off, and the oil drum went up in flames, flames that enfulfed the Red Canary from behind. Her sonic scream became a wail of pain, which brought the lights over the nerve center crashing down as the flaming woman flailed and tried to put herself out before collapsing in agony, her cries becoming fainter as she burned until finally nothing remained.

"I'm trying really hard not to make a quip about cooked birds right now," Curtis said, his stomach churning from the smell of burning human flesh.

"That would be good," Rory snapped, glaring at him for his lack of brain-to-mouth filter before turning back to check on Evelyn. Black Siren grabbed a fire extinguisher, followed by Curtis a moment later, and set to getting rid of the blaze even as Thea and Roy entered, ready for a fight that had just ended.


Talia smirked from where she was seated on Oliver's desk. "You handled the reporters well, Oliver," she told him. "Like a true politician. But I am no reporter."

"I understand Adrian's vendetta against me," Oliver said as he circled around behind his desk, and Talia stood and turned to face him, "but you? What have I done to earn your willingness to aid a man like him, a man who would murder innocents when you gave me the path to defend them?"

"You killed his father," Talia said coolly. "Just as you did mine. I never told you my full name, did I?"

"No, you didn't," Oliver said, but a sneaking suspicion was beginning to form in his mind, and if he was right, he had a feeling he knew what this was all really about.

"It's Talia al Ghul," Talia told him coolly, but proudly.

"Ra's was your father," Oliver said. "But I'm guessing, since Nyssa was the Heir, you and he parted ways."

"We did, but he was still my father when you killed him," Talia told him.

"How much of this is from loyalty to Ra's," Oliver began, "and how much is from the fact that I didn't take the role of the Demon's Head or give it to a worthy successor?"

Talia's nostrils flared for a moment, before her expression became once more neutral. "Very clever, Oliver. Yes, my loyalty to my father has not waned, but moreso my loyalty to that which he swore his life to. You gave the power first to Malcolm Merlyn, who cared little for it beyond his own gratification and whatever plans he intended once he had fully-consolidated his power, and then to my sister, who disbanded the League and destroyed the ring."

"You mean this ring?" Oliver said, pulling the Ring of the Demon from his pocket. He had retrieved it and kept it with him, debating between resurrecting the League as he observed more and more problems taking hold in the world. Talia couldn't hide her surprise at the sight. "Nyssa destroyed a forgery. Malcolm never learned the truth about the Ring, and therefore he never knew it couldn't be destroyed by normal means." Oliver offered it to Talia. "The world needs the League of Assassins," he said quietly, "I realize that now. But I cannot be the Demon's Head, Talia. I have too many commitments. But you. . . you trained to be the Demon's Head at one time, I'm sure. You've committed your life to fighting in the shadows to serve the common good, to act as a balance against corruption. You deserve the Ring, Talia, more than I or Nyssa ever could."

Talia took the Ring from her former student, examining it closely to ensure that this was not a forgery and he was lying to save his skin. But no, she felt the power sleeping within it, the power to recall the League's forces if she so desired. She slipped the ring on her finger. "I will call off my vendetta against you, Oliver," she told, "but your team, or what's left of it, will not be able to call on the League as you have in the past. We are not mongrels to be called upon to defend a master. We are a society with our own code, or own laws, and we will not bow to anyone, even those who have given us aid. The most you can expect is that we will spare your city so long as you are its guardian."

Talia left the office, and Oliver sat down in his chair, sighing with relief. The fight was over, and they had won without the city becoming a war zone like in years passed. But what had Talia just said? Your team, or what's left of it. Oliver stood again and prepared to ditch his guards so he could check on his team at the Bunker.


It was night-time, and Green Arrow was joined on his patrol by Black Siren. The two of them took up a perch on the rooftop of Palmer Technologies, the former Queen Consolidated, and looked out at the city. Green Arrow turned to Black Siren, who he could tell was feeling conflicted. "You didn't risk the redemption you've been seeking, Dinah," he told her quietly. "You did what you had to do to protect the team and yourself. Some enemies simply cannot be bargained or reasoned with. Some of them just want to watch the world burn, and I think this Red Canary was one of them. If you had held back, she would have killed you, then the rest of the team, one-by-one, all because she liked the killing."

"Ollie-" Black Siren began, then shook her head. "Sorry, I shouldn't call you that."

"I don't mind," Green Arrow said, "and you've earned the right. You've fought by my side, protected the team, and protected the city. You've earned the right to call me by the name you know me by best, even if its a different version."

"Ollie," Black Siren began again, this time a bit more confident, "I'm just sorry I couldn't be there when Talia confronted you. It went well, I know, but what if it hadn't?"

"We could live our lives thinking of what ifs, Dinah," Green Arrow said softly. "But doing that would make us worse than our enemies, because we'd be distracted as their plans moved forward." He placed a hand on her chin, getting her to look at him. "You've proven that there's plenty of Laurel Lance still in you, and that's someone I want at my side. You should take the name Black Canary, if you want. Some would argue you don't deserve it, but you've earned it as far as I'm concerned. . . pretty bird."

Black Siren's heart fluttered in her chest. It was a nickname her Ollie had given her when they were younger, because of how agile and graceful she was. He had told her she was like a bird, and that he loved that about her. That this Ollie had the same name for her reminded her that there were plenty of similarities between the two. The main difference being this one was on par with her in fighting skill and was willing to fight against injustice, like she was, while the Ollie she had known had wanted to coast through life.

The two stared at one another for a moment longer, then began to draw close to each other. A moment later, their lips met, and it was like the world had exploded as they deepened their connection, pouring their feelings for one another, feelings that had been building for months based on both their interactions and the similarities in looks to their deceased partners, into the kiss. After what seemed like an eternity, the two pulled away, and there was a smile on both their faces.

In the next instant, though, their moment of happiness was reduced to tragedy as Black Siren vanished in a streak of golden lightning and a whoosh of air, leaving Green Arrow touching only air where Black Siren's cheek had been. His fingers twitched for a moment, as though still stroking her cheek, and then they clenched into a fist. He uttered only one word.


To Be Continued In: "Black Siren: Retribution"