Inspirational Idea.

Again, I'm surprised no-one has tried this crossover before, I mean can you imagine what would happen if Naruto was in the Hyper Police world, especially with a fox-girl with the same name as Sakura from his own world, but anyway this is a one-shot inspiration, just to get everyone interested in writing their own thing.

This is purely for inspirational ideas.

Wasteland. (183 years before Hyper Police starts.)

A 9 year old Naruto didn't know where he was, one minute he was hiding in a forest trying to escape the civilian mob, the next thing he know was a bright red light and he finds himself, face-down, in this slightly dry Wasteland.

Looking around while on all fours, he tries to stand, tries being the operative word, for some reason he felt off balanced, he didn't know what was happening, trying again, though carefully this time, he feels something moving behind him, looking back, he see's nine red tails, coming out of him, shocked and wide-eyed, he started panicking, he started trying to runaway from the tails, but because their apart of him, and when he tried running he ended up running on all fours.

After a few minutes or so, Naruto was out of breath trying to run from the "things" above his butt, looking at his hand, he then noticed he had claws, though at the moment they felt dull, but he then gave his fingers a few flexes and they became very sharp. (A.N. Think Teen Wolf claws)

Looking around with a sad look on his face, he see's a puddle, shining in the moon light, moving on all fours, he slowly made his way to the puddle, looking into it, he see's his reflection, he now has red fox ears where his human ears should be, his hair was now red and slightly long to the back of his neck, though still spiky, his eyes were now slitted but still blue, and now he had fangs, opening his mouth as wide as he can, his mouth was like a fox's mouth, not in shape but in size when open.

Looking down at his body, he noticed he was now wearing rags, his white t-shirt was torn apart, the only thing keeping it on him was the neck-hole, his black shorts were teared at the ends and with burn marks, but luckily the can still be wearable, if you can call them that.

He noticed his arms were no longer malnourished or to the bone, but at the right size a 9 year old should be, after the 9 year old's been training, not that he knew that, flexing his index claw to make it shape, he cut the neck part of his tattered t-shirt off, with it just dropping off, leaving him in just his still usable shorts, his body looked stronger now, for a 9 year old, though he didn't know a 9 year old is suppose to have 6 pack abs.

The thing is, he ended up in the Wasteland because of a certain fox, wanting to get Naruto, but mostly himself, out of the Elemental Nations altogether, but there was a slight problem, he didn't take in the account of the new world's "rules," meaning, him and Naruto have merged together, becoming this worlds version of a Kitsune, of course because of Naruto's age at the moment, Naruto was in control, but slowly both the fox and boy will become one, though by the looks of things, Naruto will be in control of himself and the fox will just be apart of Naruto's personality.

After Naruto finished looking at his reflection, he says to himself, "What's going on, why do I look like this, more importantly, WHERE THE HELL AM I!?" Yelling at the end.

Though he wished he didn't, because after his yell, a slow moving giant looked in his direction, which Naruto noticed, how couldn't he, it was a giant monster, the giant slowly makes it's way towards Naruto, all the while growling out loud, "FOOOOOD!" Which caused Naruto to start running on all fours, leaving a dust trail in his wake, which confused the giant, since the big thing was slow and dim, now realizing that the food was too quick for it to catch, the giant went back to what it was doing.

For Naruto, he kept running, having a quick look back, he doesn't see the giant anymore, so skidding to a halt, he looks around and finds himself somewhere else, he knew he was fast, since he can outrun adults and the one or two Jonins, but he was never that fast before, whatever brought him here, not only made him stronger, but apparently faster too.

Slowly standing up, now trying to get use to the balance of his new nine-tails, he thinks to himself, "Ok, I guess I'll have to live here, though minus the giant thing, it's damn better than living in the village," Since he was an orphan, he hears all sorts of languages, "I guess I'll have to learn to live here, yeah, this way I can get stronger to protect myself better, and if I find more of those giant-things when I'm strong enough, I'll be able to fight them, and who knows I might end up being king here!"

Given that he's still only 9 years old Naruto needed to better himself, so with that, he trained himself, learning what he can do with his new strength, speed and claws, not only that but his senses were better, making him a better hunter.

183 Years Later.

After Naruto finished his training and hunting, he became a powerful being, no-one knows who Naruto is because all they saw was a red blur, giving him the nickname, that once belonged to his mother's, "The Red Death," not that he knew who she was, Naruto, now at the age of 192, though he looks 20, was wearing dark jeans, a dark orange muscle long-sleeved shirt, with a brown leather aiden pearce jacket, that he stole from a town after, and over all that, he's wearing a hooded light brown cloak, that was blowing in the winds.

Under the hood he was eyeing the Tokyo ward of Shinjuku, with a smirk on his face, Naruto says to himself, "Well, looks like I found another interesting place, let's hope they've got Ramen."

With that, he starts flying towards Shinjuku, not really caring what the name of the place is called. Since his arrival he managed to learn that he could fly and do other things that is world's version of the Kitsune can do, he also found out he was a fire-type of a Kitsune, since he found out there was different types of Kitsunes out in the world, not that he visited them.

On his flight towards the city, if he'd stayed a bit longer, he would've run into a certain female Kitsune with long silvery hair and silvery 9 tails, well 8 and 1/5 tails if you want to get technical about it, though she was moaning about said tails, "Oh why won't the last one tail hurry up grow out now, huh, wait, what's that smell!?"

Leaving her tails be, for the time being, she puts her nose in the air and starts sniffing, sniffing one way, then sniffing another, she then widens her eyes in shock and stops sniffing, "No doubt about it, there is another Kitsune that entered pass here, and by the smell of it, it was about 10, maybe 15 minutes ago, but there's something else, hmm, (sniff, sniff, sniff,) OH MY GOD! IT'S A MALE KITSUNE, after all this time I've finally found someone my own kind and it's a male to boot!" The female Kitsune was bouncing on her feet now, "And by the smell of it, he's alone, (Shrill,) this could be my big chance, because not only am I looking for something to boost my powers to make me a proper nine-tails, but I'm also looking for a darling husband!"

She was soon in her dreamland with her eyes closed, while holding her hands together as if her prayers have been answered, opening her eyes, suddenly realizing where she was, she shakes her head and says to herself, "I can't start thinking about the future just yet, I first need to fined him, ah, I mean fined a right person to consume so I can have my full power, ah hahah, yeah~" Starting out with her Osaka dialect, then finishing with a more feminine voice.

Then thought to herself, "Though that doesn't mean I can't fined my man WHILE looking." Giggling to herself and flying off into the city.

A Ramen Bar.

Naruto was on his 28th bowl now, but as he was eating he suddenly felt a chill go up his spine, making his tails stand on end.

The chef, wondering what wrong with his new cash cow- I mean customer, asked Naruto in a gruff voice, "Hey Kid, are you alright, ya look like a ghost instead of a Kitsune?"

Naruto shaking himself to relax, gave the chef a mock glare, making the chef smirk slightly, "Ah no worries, just felt like somethings about to happen, anyway, Oji-Chan one more bowl!" Somehow drawing a crowd, since only ogres or certain monsters can eat like that.

Though Naruto should've kept his guard up because in the next few days not even he would predict what's about to happen to him.

To Be Continued.

There you have it, a Naruto/Hyper Police Crossover Inspirational One-Shot Idea, I hope someone takes this up because I wrote the challenge before this, so, hopefully, it'll get more people interested in writing this Crossover.

This is purely for inspirational, I enjoy helping others by giving them ideas, ether how a story goes or if a certain idea sounds good for them.

I Do Not Own Naruto Or Hyper Police.