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Naruto Hyper Police Crossover


Chapter 2

Market Place.

After having his fill and paying for them, Naruto was on his way, though he couldn't help but think, "Thank Kami for sealing jutsus, even if they are basic, though I can't help but wonder how is it I know Basic sealing," Turns out, Kyuubi knew at lest some sealing, since he was sealed in two Uzumaki women before Naruto and with nothing better to do, the fox listened and learned as best as he can.

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto continued on, "Oh well, with these seals I'll be able to store my money, supplies and my specially made Orihalcon Katana."


When Naruto reached the age of 19, since after reaching that age he stopped aging, he and his devil's luck, won a few casino's here and there, but not only that he found a vain of pure Orihalcon, in a cave he was camping in, since he wanted to use the money for emergencies, like Ramen eating, he dug up as much of the material as he could, thankfully he knew sealing when he reached 15, so sealing up the orihalcon, he went searching for a master blacksmith.

After a few months he found someone, but before he asked about the orihalcon, during those few months, Naruto decided that it would be better to learn how to be a blacksmith, that way he can ether make his own things, so for the next 5 to 6 years, he learned all he could from the master blacksmith, since, to the blacksmith, Naruto was like a sponge, soaking up knowledge on everything, and as a graduation celebration, they both made Naruto's Orihalcon Katana.

Ever since then Naruto trained extensively with his katana, he even found an abandon shrine dedicated to the art and style of the Katana, of course most of the scrolls were too old to read from, or some just crumbled to dust, though he managed to find one that was perfectly preserved, though slightly worn out at the edges, so as a precaution he wrote the art and style on a new scroll that he was carrying, which for him became studying.

Since he wrote everything in the scroll he managed to memorizes everything in it, but he still kept the scroll, just in-case he needed to brush up or something, so for the next 10 to 14 years, he trained his body to learn everything he memorized in the scroll, apparently what was written in the scroll was that the practitioners of this style use a combination of immense speed and agility, battojutsu, and acquired, observation-based pseudo-clairvoyance that permits a practitioner to anticipate an opponent's movements. Both offensive and defensive maneuvers are executed with minimal movement to increase a practitioner's ability to counter-attack and to conserve energy.

Then on the last year of his training Naruto fully understood the reason why the style was called "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu" Or "Flying Heaven Govern Sword-Style."

After learning his style, he spent the remaining years, ether as a unlicensed bounty hunter, a Private Investigator(P.I.) or a police consultant, but because of his speed no-one ever knew how he caught the criminals and when the guilty were caught all they said was 'All I saw was a red blur, and before I knew it all my guys were on the ground bleeding to death,' which is where he got the nickname "The Red Death" from.

End Flashback.

Shaking his head from the trip down memory lane, he stretches his arms up and was about to continue his tour around the city, looking up at the tall hill or tree-like peak, Naruto thinks to himself, "Hmm, ya know, I think that spire-thing would be the perfect place to set camp, that way I don't have to pay for a place to live and because of my fox-fire naturally running through my body, I don't have to worry about getting cold."

So with that in mind, Naruto flew so fast a lot of people thought he just vanished, but he was really flying that fast.

Getting to an out-crop, Naruto floated down sitting Indian style, looking towards the setting sun, Naruto let out a tired yawn, showing his fangs, rubbing the back of his head, he exclaims, "Man, I've been walking around all day, from walking to this place, then flying around for a bit to eat, now that my stomach's satisfied, I'll have a nice sleep, plus from up here I can see everything that's happening in this place."

Getting himself comfortable, Naruto laid down, putting his hands behind his head to go to sleep, it turns out, from time to time, Naruto becomes lazy, a trait he got from the Kyuubi after the merging, he can be alert when he wants to be, hell even when he's asleep he's still alert, since he spent all his years alone, not only did Naruto get Kyuubi's laziness, but he also got Kyuubi's negative emotion sensing ability, though he thought it was just his trait, anyway, with that ability on while he's asleep, he doesn't have to worry about someone sneaking up on him.

9 Nights Later. (Not Sure When episode 6 happened.)

Naruto was surprised to hear rumors about a shoot-out with the MPC killing someone, then he hears about a silver-haired Kitsune working at place called "Police Company" which is an actual licence bounty hunter HQ, of course hearing about the Kitsune was about 4 days ago.

After thinking things over, on that day, Naruto thought it'd be better to renew his licence, or in this case actually apply for a licence, though he wasn't ready to face the silver vixen just yet, but maybe later, of course he managed to pass all the tests easily, since he had years of experience it was bound to happen.

Then he began working for the "Police Company" on the quiet for the time being, meaning Mudagami visits him for jobs, with the agreement being that until Naruto understands all the people he maybe working with, he'll just be an anonymous bounty hunter, with years of being on his own Naruto learned how to remain undetected, even by sensors, and especially Kitsunes.

He was just flying around when he was passing a suburbs, not a bad neighborhood, nice and peaceful, that is until a bolt of lightning shot up near where he was flying, but luckily he managed to dodge, not to mention that because he wasn't touching the ground he didn't get electrocuted. (A.N. Got that from Tango and Cash Movie, not sure if it's true.)

Looking at where the "bolt" originated from, Naruto saw a werewolf, on the ground, practically burned to a crisp, while carrying a cat-girl on his back.

Landing down, never noticing the silver vixen Sakura, though she did notice him.

Naruto walks close to the downed werewolf, "Oi~ hello, are you still alive, Wolf-Man?" The alleged "Wolf-Man" twitched a little, though if it's from the name or the electric current running through his veins was anybodies guess.

Before Naruto could do anything, he was tackled down by an excited Sakura, "OH MY GOD IT'S YOU, your the one who sent I smelled when I got here, you're another Kitsune, hang on a minute," Naruto was in a daze, but then suddenly he was even more dazed, since Sakura flipped him on his stomach, "Let's see here, one, two, three, four," Naruto felt something uncomfortable, looking towards his back, he saw Sakura was counting all of his tails.

Before he could even try anything Sakura was finish counting, "Seven, eight, nine... WHAT NINE TAILS, you're a MALE nine tailed fox!?"

Naruto taking a deep breath stood up, interrupting Sakura's rant, "Before we begin our story, how about we help these two out first."

Sakura, looking towards where the male kitsune was pointing to, couldn't help but sweat-drop, still laying unconscious, one from warm milk cat-nip, the other from electrocution, Sakura agreed, luckily they were close to Natsuki's home so with Sakura quickly taking the cat-girl and flying into the house, not wanting to get shocked herself, Naruto put Batanen into a fireman's carry and flew after the silver vixen.

After getting the two settled, with Batanen wanting to be near Natsuki, that left Naruto and Sakura alone, well minus the 100s of cats laying around.

Naruto removed his hood, which made Sakura "hungry" for how handsome this Kitsune was.

Naruto starts by introducing himself, with Sakura doing the same, they both began their own tale, though Naruto left out how he found himself in this world, with Sakura doing the same-thing, how she wants to get her last tail fully grown, though she left out wanting to consume Natsuki to get it.

Naruto then began telling Sakura about his adventures, from where he's been to what he learned, even about how he trained in his sword skills, even showing her his Orihalcon Katana, which she was amazed at such a thing, he even told her about how he got it.

Soon after, the both of them were really tired, but not wanting to move, Naruto curled up into a ball and went to sleep, Sakura seeing Naruto going to sleep, could only agree with him about sleep, so doing the same thing, Sakura curled up into a ball and fell asleep, all the while thinking, "Just you wait Naruto, I'm gonna have you for my husband before you know it."

Since she found out Naruto was a swordsman, but not as rigid as the old samurai, it made her even more interested in him for reasons she didn't understand, though it was more to do with Naruto's personality and relaxed persona, not to mention those deep blue slited eyes, making her smile, not to mention starting to have a dream about red or silver haired kits running around playing, with Naruto holding her lovingly, with Natsuki congratulating both of them on their marriage.

With Naruto shivering slightly, and trying to get more comfortable.

To Be Continued.

I hope everyone enjoyed this and I felt that with Naruto's strength and speed I thought the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu would work for him, also I always thought it was a cool style, since Dark Slayer Style is more for Devil Lords to know.

Also I thought that instead of aging slowly, since Naruto was a human first, he'd gradually become like Sakura, which was why he was a young man at 19 instead of a young boy.

Also I was thinking that Sakunoshin, the time traveling samurai, could end up with Naoko, kinda like that whole episode where Sakura travels through time to kill Kasumi. Besides I think Naoko is much more fitting for Sakunoshin, since in that timeline they both did have a child together and maybe the two would become bounty hunters together, pretty much like Natsuki and Sakura, one fighting up close, while the other covers them with shots.

Not to mention both Naruto and Sakunoshin could become sparing partners, since Sakunoshin can cut Orihalcon with a steel blade.

This is purely for inspirational, I enjoy helping others by giving them ideas, ether how a story goes or if a certain idea sounds good for them.

I Do Not Own Naruto Or Hyper Police. (Or Rurouni Kenshi Or Tango and Cash.)