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"No, Draco! The virgin's blood comes before the unicorn tears," Theo Nott grumbled as he smacked Draco Malfoy's hand away from the cauldron. Theo muttered to himself about how incompetent the rest of the third generationers were. The Dark Lord had been gone for five years, and most of his inner circle were either dead or imprisoned. Even so, Theo had grand ideas. He wanted the muggles gone from earth, and the mudbloods in their proper place - subjugated below the purebloods. And he was going to make it happen.

He had spent the last five years of his life on this project, tracking down ancient text after ancient text, traveling to far-flung locations, and learning forbidden subjects. His plan was to bring the Dark Lord, and as much of his inner circle as possible, back to life, specifically immortal life. Theo had been second in his year at Hogwarts, behind the mudblood Granger, so he knew he could do it. He just had to figure out how.

And he had. Now five years later, he knew exactly how to bring them all back. It involved a tedious potion that took six months to brew in order to bind the Dark Lord and his most loyal followers to the living plane. The ritual had to be done at a veil site, and the closest one was in the Department of Mysteries (DoM) at the Ministry of Magic. After breaking into the Ministry and calling forth as many of the Death Eaters he could, he would finish the incantation that would involve a sacrificing a human who was in love with the brewer of the potion.

Theo picked Hermione Granger as his sacrifice. It made Theo's heart happy when he thought about the irony using the brains of the Golden Trio - Potter's mudblood - as the instrument to bring the Dark Lord back to life. He had spent the last year and a half wooing her. He had her convinced he was in love with her, and that he was the perfect, reformed Death Eater boyfriend. Theo chuckled at the thought that he could ever be in love with a mudblood. After a year of wooing Granger, Theo began on the potion. It would be complete in only a few more weeks. Then he just had to get the potion and Granger down into the DoM, and the wizarding world would never know what hit them.

"Theo, it's turning a ruby red, is that right?" Draco interrupted his thoughts. Theo checked his notes. Ruby red wasn't quite right. It was supposed to be more of a dull, brick red at this stage.

"Give it one more anticlockwise stir," Theo stated. And with that last stir, the potion let out a small poof of steam and dulled to the brick red listed in his notes.

"Perfect," Theo mumbled as he dropped precisely three and a half unicorn tears into the cauldron.

Four more anticlockwise stirs and the potion had to simmer for another three days before they could add the last ingredient. Then they'd let it slow roil for two weeks.

"We're getting so close, Draco," Theo said, smiling at his long-time friend. Draco returned the grin.

"I'm looking forward to seeing my father again," Draco replied. Lucius Malfoy, a second generationer, had been one of the many Death Eaters killed in the final battle.

"I just hope he's close enough to the veil to hear the call," Theo commented. The potion wasn't perfect. They were only targeting the Dark Lord and anyone who had the Dark Mark who was close enough to be called over. If they weren't close to the Dark Lord in the afterlife, or if they had moved on, there was no way they would be called back.

"He will be, he was the Dark Lord's lieutenant for two wars," Draco replied assuredly. Theo just nodded in response. Theo's own father was in Azkaban and a first generation follower. Thoros Nott had gone to Hogwarts with the Dark Lord. Theo was proud of his lineage and connection to the Dark Lord. The first order of business when the Dark Lord was resurrected was to break into Azkaban and release the imprisoned Death Eaters.

The third generationers had nearly all been pardoned or let off with very light community service sentences. The thinking in the Wizengamot at the time was that most of them had been underage when they took the Mark and had been overtly influenced by at least one if not two generations of Death Eaters before them. Theo felt himself chuckle again at the thought. Sure, they had all taken the Dark Mark earlier than their parents before them, but that didn't mean that they didn't want it. Theo still dreamed of his first kill, and it wasn't a nightmare.

Weeks later, the potion was complete. Theo could hardly contain his excitement when he went to pick up Granger for their date. He had no plans to actually take her out on a date, but instead, he planned to Stupefy her and then portkey with her directly to the DoM. He had an Unspeakable who owed him a favor, hence the portkey connected him directly to a restricted area of the Ministry. As it was a Friday night, he hoped nobody would discover Granger missing until Monday morning. By then it would be too late. The Dark Lord would be alive, along with most of his inner circle.

"Theo!" Granger said as she opened her door. She flung her arms around his neck and gave him a deep kiss. Theo responded as any red-blooded male would. He thought mudbloods were beneath him, but he wasn't above fucking one to get what he wanted, and for a mudblood, Granger was at least good looking.

"Let me grab my shoes and then we'll go," Granger told him as she turned away. As soon as her back was turned, Theo let the Stupefy loose and she crumpled to the floor. Theo pulled an old, broken quill used for the Portkey from his pocket and eyed his watch. Three, he grasped Granger's ankle... two, he braced himself... one, he and Granger were whisked away.

Theo landed hard on the floor of the DoM as Granger's skull cracked against the stone with a sickening thud.

"Circe!" Draco cried at the noise and whirled around with his wand pointed in their direction. He lowered it when he recognized them. Theo looked around the Death Chamber. He hadn't ever been here before but had heard it described to him. It was a small amphitheater with several rows of circular seating around a raised dais. The only thing on the dais was an arch with a veil hanging from it that fluttered slightly. And Draco who was standing on the platform.

Theo was glad to see Draco had prepared the space in front of the veiled arch. A pentagram was drawn on the floor with the potion they had spent so long creating, and the whole stage was circled with a ring of salt. They had portkeyed directly into the circle which meant they could begin immediately. Theo levitated Granger's body to the center of the pentagram.

With a wave of Theo's wand, the candles at the points of the pentagram lit. He muttered an incantation under his breath and the potion-drawn pentagram began to glow a sinister, sickly green.

"With me now, Draco," Theo said quietly.

Together they began to chant, "Dominus Voldemort: veni ad illam velum. Transire et vivat. Amplecti incorruptionem quaerentibus vitam amplecteretur. Mors comestores: veni ad illam velum. Transire et vivat. Amplecti incorruptionem quaerentibus vitam amplecteretur. Dominus Voldemort, mulier est anima tua accipe fratribus suis. Hoc dici quod anima tua. Mors comestores, mulier est anima tua accipe fratribus suis. Hoc dici quod anima tua," over and over again they chanted. The longer they chanted, the more the power built in the room. The air became oppressive and hot, crackling with energy that made their hair stand on end.

Soon Theo and Draco were both sweating from the effort of pulling souls from beyond the veil. The veil, which had been fluttering and muttering darkly when they entered, was now whipping back and forth in an unfelt wind. Screaming and moaning was heard throughout the Death Chamber. A little longer, Theo thought. He could feel an impressive force on the other side of the veil. He and Draco were mentally pulling and pulling it forward, like an oversized game of tug the rope. They pulled from one end and something else pulled from inside the veil.

Suddenly, the tension snapped with a twang that reverberated throughout the chamber. A wave of power emanated from the arch and the veil. The veil stood straight out from the arch and hovered over Granger. The blast was so forceful it knocked both Theo and Draco off their feet, backward across the floor and almost disturbing the circle of salt behind them. Theo recovered more quickly than Draco and hauled them both forward a few feet. They couldn't break the circle now as it was all that was protecting them.

Just as suddenly as it began, the wave of power dissipated, and the veil fluttered over Granger, brushing her body softly, before hanging very still in the archway. Nothing moved for several moments and Theo thought that they had failed. Then, as seconds slipped slowly by, the edge of the veil moved. A pale hand pushed it to the side and Rabastan Lestrange walked out of the arch from behind the veil into the Death Chamber; Rodolphus Lestrange followed him. Thorfinn Rowle and Antonin Dolohov then crossed into the room.

The veil went still again, and the four men stood quietly in front of it looking around the chamber, eyeing the scene before them. Each of these men had fallen in the second war. Theo was ecstatic at his success. All his hard work had paid off. Then Dolohov's hand flicked, and another man walked through the veil. This was a man that neither Theo nor Draco recognized. He appeared to be in his fifties. He was tall and he had dark, wavy hair, with dark eyes to match.

The dark-eyed man embraced each of the men in front of him and softly said something to each of them. They were all grinning foolishly, but Theo and Draco were too far away to hear what was said. Theo stood and pulled Draco up behind him. He wasn't sure, but he suspected this other man was the Dark Lord - the Dark Lord his father had known.

"Who called us forth?" the strange man asked, looking at Theo and Draco. His voice was resonant and hypnotic.

"We did, my Lord," Draco replied, bowing deeply as Theo did the same.

"Do you know who I am?" the strange man asked. "I do not recognize either of you."

"We know who we intended to call, and we hope you are him," Theo replied. "We know the men you stand with."

"You know my followers? You," he pointed to Draco, "look like Abraxas. Are you his kin?"

"His grandson, my Lord," Draco replied. Theo knew from seeing Abraxas' portrait at Malfoy Manor that Draco was the spitting image of his grandfather: tall, thin, with ice-blue eyes and white-blond hair that hung to his collar. The strange man nodded.

"I'm Tom Riddle, although you may know me as Lord Voldemort," the strange man told them.

Theo and Draco dropped to their knees, "We did it!" Draco cried to Theo in excitement.

"What exactly did you do?" The Dark Lord asked and stepped forward into the pentagram.

That was a mistake.

The instant he crossed the potioned pentagram, Tom Riddle's body dissolved and a sharp, loud scream reverberated through the chamber. The dissolved pieces of the Dark Lord were flung violently back through the arch and past the veil.

Theo and Draco froze in shock. They had not anticipated that reaction by the potioned pentagram. The other four men were equally stunned and very wary. Theo scrambled forward and cast a Scourgify at the pentagram, and the potion and candles disappeared immediately. Rabastan stepped forward, tentatively, to where the pentagram had been. Each man held his breath, but nothing happened.

"Shite, shite, shite!" Theo cried out as he walked up to the veil, kicking the side of the arch. "Six months and a dead mudblood, and we still don't have the Dark Lord."

"Theo?" a very quiet, confused, female voice murmured. Theo whirled to Granger and cast another Stupefy at her.

"Fuck, the mudblood isn't dead. FUCK!" Theo raged. Draco hurried over to his friend and attempted to calm him down.

"We can try again for the Dark Lord, right? We'll start on the potion again tomorrow," Draco started.

"I don't know if it will work a second time! He was supposed to be immortal! If I just killed someone who is immortal, who knows if he even has enough of a soul left to call forth again! And what about Granger? What are we going to do with her? I must have gotten something wrong if she isn't dead, Draco," Theo hissed. "She's supposed to be dead!"

"Maybe you didn't need a human sacrifice-" Theo cut Draco off again.

"If I didn't need a human sacrifice, then why would I have spent the last year and a half wooing the bitch? She is supposed to be dead. I should just kill her and be done with it," Theo turned and aimed his wand at Granger.

"No!" Rodolphus Lestrange shouted and pushed Theo's wand arm down. "I'm rather happy to be back among the living. Who knows what will happen to us," he pointed to his brother and the other two newly alive Death Eaters, "if you kill her."

Theo nodded tightly but clearly wasn't happy about it. "Fine, but she can't leave us. We will have to take her back to Nott Hall and put her in the dungeon. Draco, grab her wand, she usually keeps it in a holster on her right arm."

Theo turned back to the arch and glared at it fiercely. Logically, he knew it wasn't his fault. It was the Dark Lord's fault for being impatient and commandeering. Theo hadn't known what would happen if someone crossed the potioned pentagram, but he also hadn't been willing to try it for himself either. He glanced around the room one last time as Draco cast a Scourgify at the salt circle and hefted Granger onto his shoulder.

Theo pulled out another portkey, a small hand mirror this time. He held it out to the group of men. Once each of them had a hand on it, he tapped it with his wand with a muttered, "Portus." With a strong pull behind each of their navels, they were gone.

The Death Chamber looked like it did before they had arrived, the veil fluttering lightly in the arch as a mutter ran through the chamber just out of earshot. If one listened closely to that mutter, they would hear a scream buried deep inside.

Final note - the spell Theo and Draco chant was translated into Latin via Google Translate. And here is the original English: Lord Voldemort: Come to the veil. Cross over and live. Embrace immortality, embrace eternal life. Death Eaters: Come to the veil. Cross over and live. Embrace immortality, embrace eternal life. Lord Voldemort: Take this woman's soul as your own. Claim this soul as your own. Death Eaters: Take this woman's soul as your own. Claim this soul as your own.