A/N: Needed to write something and didn't want to just put up an A/N (it is at the bottom) without anything behind it… so I guess you guys get a treat. BTW, an omake it may be, but the basics are still set in-universe .

I felt them when the shallow bowl came into range: the insects associated with decay, rot, and the carcasses they were infesting. Not many, but more than the zero that there should've been.

Creeping through the jungle though, the cause became evident enough and coming up on the edge of the small clearing in the dense jungle I watched a small ball of multi-colored fluff tear into an unidentifiable dinosaur.

I must have watched it for a few minutes before the wind shifted and it turned to look at me, just staring before it made an odd little waddle and ducked down to wiggled back and forth. Two stubby wings tipped with short claws grasped at the air before pulling into its chest.

It was… adorable. I wanted to pet it and snuggle with it and name it george— I reached into a pocket before my hand snapped back.

No. Taylor, no… you shouldn't go down there, you don't know what it is… I fully stepped out of from behind the tree and reached into my pocket for my snack bag.

Taylor… no. No!

Its tail gave a little wiggle and when a wing came up to wipe at its muzzle the restraint crumbled.

Taylor, YES!

The baby dinosaur watched me as I approached the edge of the bowl; ducking down and watching me from behind a carcass. But kneeling down and pulling out I strip of dried meat I waited and eventually it came out of hiding and approached.

The downy head cocked, looking from me to the dried meat. It shuffled forward, making loud, snuffling noises as it sniffed at the meat before its head snapped forward. I jerked my hand back as it tilted its head back, gnawing on the strip with little nubs of white while I grimaced at the twisted fingers hidden within the leather glove.

Definitely broken, but reaching within to tap into that well, they straightened out; the damage was erased in a haze of green smoke.

Eventually, the ball of fluff finished off its treat and walked back to me, leaving little chicken foot imprints in the soil. Something nagged at me about them, but… nothing. Nothing that stood out at least.

"So cute you are."

It burbled at me, and reaching out I let it sniff at my gloved hand nipped while I pulled back. Smelling the dried meat no doubt.

Pulling out another strip I let it gnaw on that while reaching out again and wove a little White and Green into my fingers as I reached out to stroke its head, finding a soft cleft just above its fluffy muzzle. The wisps of smoke sank into the animal, doing their job and rather than bite my hand it leaned into it and kept chewing.

"What are you though? And where's your mama?" I cocked my head and stared at it critically, looking at the footprints and trying to remember why they looked so familiar.

Nothing… although, it was a baby, so maybe if I just thought of them as bigger?

Then the giant chicken came into range and its massive head momentarily superimposed itself over the babies. The larger footprints overlaying the miniature.

I swallowed. "Ah, yes. I see… so that's your mama." My hand stilled as I removed the fluff and compared it to the bastard… or, well, bitch I suppose. "Well shit."

Something crashed in the jungle and an all too familiar roar tore through the jungle.


At this point, I'm pretty certain I just suck at writing interludes and I think anyone who's followed my other fics would probably agree… I mean, there was also a bit of biting off more than I could chew to it with what I was/am trying to do and am reconsidering some aspects to simplify it, but by the flying spaghetti monster I didn't think it would be so hard to work out a few setup scenes that didn't come off as exposition dumps. (sighs) So anyway, yeah, just thought I'd give yall an update on how things are going. I'm working on it, it is coming along, buts its slow going and getting the narration right between the various scenes was/is being a pain in the ass to the point that I'm just trying to get it rounded out so I can use it as a reference to rewrite the thing from start to finish.

Also, for those who might be interested, I'm also working on the next snip for Networked (A Certain Scientific Railgun SI) which is coming along nicely as well (after I got over my walking-down-the-hall itis. So there's that.

Edit: Also there's classes that're turning out to be more of a buzzkill than expected. That's one of my big time sinks at the moment.