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Legends of Tomorrow: 2x7 (part 4 of the great Arrow verse crossover).

It was a stormy night as the heroes stood inside a warehouse. The heroes in question were teams, Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl. Why were they there? They were there because the soon to officially be President of Earth 1/was vice President but the President got killed so now she has to take his job, was honoring the heroes who saved the earth from aliens. Though those in audience where just Military.

On the stage, stood the heroes. The President stood in the middle. On the right side of her stood; The Atom (Ray Palmer), Firestorm (Professor Stein and Jax), Steel (Nate Haywod), Flash (Barry Allen) and Supergirl (Kara Danvers). On the right side stood; The Arrow (Oliver Queen), Vixen (Amaya Jiwe), White Canary (Sara Lance), Heat Wave (Mick Rory) and Spartan (John Diggle).

"Many responsibilities have fallen to me since the President passing at the begging of this crisis," the President began, "Sobering, sad, responsibilities." She paused. "This is not one of them. Today it is my distinct honor to bestow upon you a small acknowledgement of the great debt the world owes to you all."

Rory leaned over and whispered into Sara's ear, "Is it just me or is she really hot?" he asked as the President continued to speak.

"Although your efforts must remain a secret."

Sara glanced over at her teammate and then at the new President. "She's hot," the blonde replied simply.

"Know that metahuman or not, masked or not, each and every one of you is a hero," the President finished as the audience began to clap and then stood up.


After that, the heroes, all changed into civilian clothes, it was time to celebrate.

Felicity opened a bottle of champagne and the cork went flying. "Oh!" she exclaimed happily and then began pouring.

"Thank you," Barry said.

Sara walked by with some stronger licker. "Let's go drink," she said to her teammate as she and a few of them walked off.

Barry and Oliver walked off together and then it was just Ray and Kara standing next to Felicity.

"It's like looking into a mirror," Felicity remarked as Kara walked away. Kara and Felicity did look alike when both had their hair pulled back in pony tails and when they were wearing glasses.

Ray looked at Kara hard. "Hay, you know what's funny? She really kinda looks like my cousin," he said. (For those of you who don't know, that is a reference to Superman returns because the actor who plays Ray, Brandon Routh also plays Superman in Superman Returns. BTW, I am calling that earth 'Earth 6'). "Except my cousin would never dress like that and her hair is shortened," Ray added.

Felicity looked up at Ray with a strange look on her face as Ray looked down at her. His face with that same strange look.


Cisco walked over as Kara, Oliver and Barry were doing a group hug. He smiled and waited until they were done. "Hay, Kara."

She turned around, wine glass in hand.

He held up a box. "I made you something."

"What!" Kara exclaimed happily as she walked over and took the box. "Cisco," she said with a smile and opened the box. "What, eh," she stopped when she pulled out the small metal device that was in the box. "What is it?"

Cisco smiled. "Oh, it's an interdimensional extrapolator."

"Oh," Kara responded, still very much confused.

"It creates small breaches so you can use it to cross over to our universe anytime you need to."

"Oh, my God, that's amazing!"

"I also included communication functionality. So, if you ever need any help, you can always contact the team," Cisco explained.

Kara smiled. "Oh, thank you!" she exclaimed and then gave him a hug.

Suddenly, Cisco was vibing.

He was a watcher. There was Ray working on, what Cisco assumed was the Atom suit. Ray was just building it, so it must be the past, that and he was in Palmer Inc. From that information, Cisco was able to gather that it was the past of Ray of Earth 1. The it being Earth 1 things was just something Cisco could feel.

Ray sat there just working on his suit.

The door opened and someone who looked a lot like Kara walked in. Scrap that, she could be Kara.

Said girl walked on and over to Ray. She had shoulder length blonde hair which was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing glasses. She had on a little black dress, pearls around her neck and heels on her feet. "Still trying to get yourself killed?" she asked.

Cisco just stood there, watching. She looked just like Kara, only with shorter hair and a better taste of fashion.

"I wouldn't call it that," Ray replied while not looking up from his work. "What are you doing here?"

"I was at a work party that was nearby, thought I'd come and say hi," she replied. "You know Anna wouldn't want you to do this."

He jerked his head up and turned around. "You know that you're not supposed to talk about Anna," he snapped.

She flung her hair back. "I'm your cousin, it's my job to make sure you don't go and kill yourself."

Before Ray could respond, the door opened and Felicity walked in. "You know about his Deathwish too?"

The Kara look alike nodded her head. "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"She's my girlfriend," Ray replied to the shock of the still unnamed young lady.

She looked at him. "Girlfriend?"

Felicity held out her hand. "Sorry, I'm Felicity Smoke, and you might you be?"

She rolled her eyes. "Figures that Ray didn't tell you about me. Did he tell you about Sydney?"

"Who's Sydney?" Felicity asked as Ray groaned.

She smiled. "His brother, that he hates."

"Because he is an ass," Ray responded. He sighed. "Felicity, I would like you to meet my cousin, Keira Grant."

A light flipped on in Felicity's head. "Oh, nice to meet you. Ray never mentioned that he had a cousin or a brother for that matter."

Keira laughed. "It's alright, my dear Ray-Ray can be so neglectful."

"Ray-Ray?" Felicity asked Ray with her eyebrows raised.

Ray just shrunk back in his seat (not actual shrunk, the suit's not completed yet).

"So, it's Kara?"

Keira shook her head. "No, Keira, like Keira Knightly. My mother-in-law calls me Kara all the time."

With that Cisco was back in reality. He was standing in the same spot. Kara, Barry and Oliver where facing him, none of them touching him. But Cisco just kept thinking. It was the past of this earth and he knew it but that girl, Keira, looked just like Kara. Then it hit him, she was Kara's earth 1 human doppelganger, unless she really was an alien.

"Are you okay?" Kara asked confused.

"What did you just see?" Barry asked worried.

"Keira," Cisco muttered.

Kara laughed. "That's funny because Miss. Grant calls me that. She's strange. I swear she wanted to set me up with her son."

"Grant," Cisco repeated slowly.

"Are you okay?" Kara asked as she put her hand on Cisco's arm.

And then suddenly it was happing again.

This time Cisco was watching somewhere that was not Earth 1 nor any other earth he had ever been/vibed.

Standing in a placed, which looked like it was made of ice, stood Ray. Expect he wasn't Ray. This must be this new earth's Ray doppelganger. Kara had shown everyone photos of her and her cousin, Superman. This Ray was wearing a superman type costume (like that which Kara of earth 38's cousin's costume. Though Earth 38's Superman costume looked lot better than this one as this superman was wearing what looked to be red underwear on the outside).

Then she walked in, this earth's Kara. She looked just like earth 38 Kara. Then Cisco decided to name this earth 'Earth 6' (Superman returns came out in 2006. I checked and at the moment there is no earth 6).

Earth 6 Kara walked over to Earth 6 Ray/Superman. She looked angry. "So, you're back?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

Ray/Superman sighed and turned around. "Kara," he started.

"No," she interrupted. "You were gone for how long. It yielded no results. I needed you, earth needed you and you left!"

Ray/Superman walked over to Earth 6 Kara. "Kara, I had to go see."

"You could have let me come?"

"Earth needed someone to protect it."

"I failed at that. September 11 2001, you were already gone, well terrorist flew planes into the World Trade Center. So many people died. I couldn't save them because I was. Because my powers had gone. Well, at least temporarily. And you weren't here," she explained tearfully.

Ray/Superman looked sad. Like he was sorry, "Kara," he tried again.

She shook her head. "And you get back and what do you do? You don't come see me, you send an email. Wow, Kal, so mature!"

He sighed. "Kara, I'm sorry."

She changed the subject. "So, you have a son?"

He nodded his head. "Did you know?"

She scoffed. "Why would Lois have any reason to talk to Clark Kent's little cousin? She could have and should have talked to Supergirl but she didn't. I had no idea. Jimmy told me she pregnant but I didn't even know the two of you were a thing," Earth 6 Kara explained.

Ray/Superman sighed. "Look, Kara, I'm sorry. Did you want to meet my son, Jason?"

"Does he know that you're his father?"

"Lois told him and Richard, her fiancé. She said Richard wasn't too happy about it but he's going following Lois' wishes and letting me be a part of my son's life," Ray/Superman explained. "I would like you to be a part of Jason's life as well."

Earth 6 Kara sighed. "Fine!" she said sharply and then softened. "I would like to meet him."

Suddenly, just as sudden as before, Cisco was back. This time pretty much the whole of the teams were standing around him. He had vibed twice in the span of just a few minutes. "You!" Cisco shouted at Kara and walked back a step. "Don't touch me again."

"Cisco, what did you see?" Catlin asked in concern.

Cisco lifted his right hand and began to shake it with his index finger pointing out.

"What did you see?" Barry asked.

Cisco pointed his finger at Ray. "You, Kara, look alike cousin who calls you 'Ray-Ray'."

Ray's face went white, Felicity started to laugh and between laughs said, "Oh, remember her!" while the rest there just looked at Ray. "Ray-Ray?" they asked.

But Cisco was not done. "And then I was back but then Kara touched me again and I was in another earth, which I am calling Earth 6, okay."

"Okay," Barry replied.

"There, Ray was Superman."

"I was Superman?"

"Ray was Superman!" Kara exclaimed. "Where I was I?"

"Very angry," Cisco responded. "Very angry."

"Were Ray and I cousins?"

Cisco nodded his head. "Yeah, and you were mad because for some, reason, unknown to me he left earth for a while. Which left Kara defending it on her own. And she left 9/11 happen and she couldn't save the day because she had temporarily lost her powers and oh, Superman was gone!"

"That happened to me once," Kara said slowly. "The temporarily losing my powers things, not what ever 9/11 is," she added when the confused looks of everyone there told her to. "Well then what happened?"

"You started talking about Superman's son with some Lois Lane, oh and that neither of you knew about," Cisco said.

"I had a son?" Ray exclaimed. "That I didn't know about?"

Everyone turned to look at Kara,

She shrugged and held up her hands. "Don't look at me. As far as I know my cousin doesn't have any kids and he lives with Lois."

"So, that was your second vibe?" Iris asked.

Cisco nodded his head. "Yeah, the first one was just Ray's cousin, who looked just like Kara, coming and saying how he was crazy to make the atom suit and of course calling him 'Ray-Ray'."

Felicity laughed. "I remember that. And Now that I think about it, Kara does look a lot like Ray's cousin."

"So, Ray-Ray, huh?" Rory asked with amusement.

"Did someone say 'Ray-Ray'?" a high-pitched voice asked.

They all turned and stood there shocked. "I'm so sorry I'm late, Ray-Ray," she started. "First, Katy wouldn't go to sleep and then I caught in the storm. But you know I was invited because I am military and you are my cousin."

Cisco looked over and saw Keira aka this earth's Kara aka Ray's cousin and then he fainted.

"Is he going to be okay?" Keira asked.

Barry looked down. "Yeah, he'll be fine…"

Ray sighed. "Why did you call me that?"

She smiled. "Oh, am I embarrassing you? Good, it's my job."

Felicity held out her hand. "Hi, I don't know if you remember me, I'm…"

"I know who you are, you're Felicity Smoke, Ray-Ray's ex," she said with a huge smile and then faced the group. "I'm Keira Grant, Ray's cousin."

"Grant like Kate Grant?" Kara asked. She was not too fazed by her doppelganger.

"Yeah, she's my mother-in-law," Keira explained and then stopped short. "Why does she look just like me? Why does she have face?"

"Are you human?" Kara asked.

Keira looked over at Kara as if the asker was crazy. "Yeah, I'm human."

"Eh, well, you see, I'm your doppelganger form another earth."

"My what now?"

"Well, you see," Kara started to explain and then stopped. "Wait, Kate Grant? You married her son!"

"And that's shocking how?" Keira asked with her hands on her hips.

"I married Miss. Grant's son," Kara muttered and then fainted.

"Wait, shouldn't I be the one freaking out about my look alike?"

"Well, apparently my look alike where's red underwear on the outside while saving people," Ray deadpanned.

"Red underwear on the outside?" Keira asked. She gasped. "Super Ray-Ray!"

"What?" everyone asked.

Keira laughed. "Oh, it was just this game we played when we were kids. Ray was called Super Ray-Ray who went around saving the citizens of Met City from the evil Doctor Sid and Ray-Ray used to where red underwear over his pants!"

Ray looked completely horrified. "I am never living this down."

Sara started to laugh. "Nope, never, I am going to talk about Super Ray-Ray all day long."

And that was a day that no one would ever forget.

A/N. I hope you enjoyed this lol. I had a lot of fun writing this. This whole Idea came about because Ray comments that Kara looks a lot like his cousin. And as I explained above, the actor who plays Ray, plays Superman in Superman returns. So, I thought it would be funny to elaborate there. I wanted to see two things. Ray as Superman and Kara as Supergirl together and then this cousin that Ray talked about. I achieved both and the result is hilarious. I thought it would be funny to name Ray's cousin, Keira because that's what Miss. Grant calls Kara.

I really hope you enjoyed the story. I need some help from you guys. If you have What if, story ideas that you want me to write, then PM or tell me about them in the review. I have some funny stories in my head but I need more. If you know the episode, please tell me that as well. The only thing I have to say is that I will not being doing any gay story lines so please don't ask for them because I won't do them.

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