Dimitrov didn't know how long he slept. Consciousness came and went, each awakening adding a vague idea of what was going on. The first thing he recalled was being carried, which hurt like hell. His legs dangled over someone's arms, and his back was supported by their other. The back that was still burning with a hellfire pain. He groaned, wanting to tell his savior what was going on, but the same feeling of calm washed over him, and his protests were swept away as he drifted off to sleep.

The second time he woke up, he was laying down. His whole body was burning with pains now. He was hungry, and dehydrated, along with his fever that was still ongoing. Of course, those were all dull sensations in comparison. Someone was squeezing his cuts together, as if trying to seal them. He screamed, trying to jerk up, but he was tied down. He kicked his feet around, but they were bound down as well. Terrified, he began to panic heavily.

"Stop!" He screamed, to which whoever was hurting him, or maybe he was helping, swore.

"Sh, it's alright, I promise it will be over soon." Came a voice from above him. Dimitrov violently jerked again, trying to escape, until a heavy hand fell on his head.

"Go back to sleep." It said, and though Dimitrov fought it, the sensation of sleep made his eyes heavy once more.

The third time Dimitrov woke up, it was with a start. He went to sit up, but found he was still restrained, but the burn that had been in his back had cooled down to a dull numb, which Dimitrov was quietly grateful for, though, it brought about the other pains he had been ignoring in favor of it, including his stomach, and his head.

He looked around, but he couldn't move too much with ropes tied to his limbs and laying on his stomach. Despite wanting to cry out in fear and anger, he was quiet, trying to listen for whoever was holding him down. He heard a quiet humming nearby, and the crackling of a fire.

"You're awake?" The voice asked, making Dimitrov grow tense, having wanted to keep the element of surprise on him, but that was suddenly thrown out the window. He debated about whether or not he should play sleep, but didn't think it would matter much either way.

"Why am I tied up?" Dimitrov asked, pulling on the restrains again. He could hear the figure move around behind him, and he suddenly regretted speaking up. He did not want to anger the monster he could assume the other being was. The thing that had saved him, had been the thing that everyone had ran in fear from.

"Because, I know you'd freak out if you weren't, and I needed you to stay still while I fixed you up." It said. It's footsteps carried it over to Dimitrov, and suddenly, a body was sitting next to him, away from his face, but close enough that he could feel the being's knee lightly touching his back. He tried to pull away.

"Just get it over with, I don't want to be toyed with." Dimitrov yelled, fighting despite his words. He was tired of toying around with death. He knew today was the day he was supposed to die, he just wanted it over with. He couldn't keep doing this dance. He had done it so many times in his life now. He was tired. He knew it was a bit pathetic, to give up on life at such a young age, but what did he have to live for anymore?

"I don't want to kill you, if that's what you mean." The voice said. Dimitrov was not convinced. Of course he wanted to.

That's what vampires did.

"What? Do you want a fight? Well, sorry, I don't have that in me." Dimitrov said, before whipping his head around to see what it was he was talking to.

The first thing he saw was the other's clothes. They were an out of style fashion, and didn't look well taken care of either. His white shirt bore stains and blood, probably Dimitrov's. As he looked up, he found a mop of strawberry hair and red eyes that were looking right back at his. It was the first time he could get a good view of them. Haunting, was the word that came to mind, though another one danced at the edge of his mind, though he couldn't quite place it.

The moment their eyes met though, he jerked his gaze away, and he looked once more at the dirt below him. He hadn't even been given the courtesy of a bed or a table. Why would this creature save him?

A long silence was between them, forcing Dimitrov to chew on his last words. They weren't wrong, persay. He didn't have much fight in him, but it was such a defeatist attitude, that he kind of regretted it. He should fight, if for no other reason than to beat the shit out of the being that destroyed his life.

"I've beaten monsters like you, untie me, and we can walk away from this." It was a bargain he had no leverage on, especially if the vampire didn't believe his threats. And, perhaps threats weren't the most effective way of going about this, but Dimitrov was in a strange situation. He didn't know what he should do, and he hated no knowing.

Red Eyes smiled brightly. For a moment, Dimitrov figured it's true colors were about to show, and that would be the last thing he ever saw, until it broke into high pitched laughter, practically squealing in delight.

"You're a riot!" He cried, tipping onto his back in his fit of giggles. Dimitrov didn't know how to respond, a wave of color flooding his face out of anger and embarrassment, before he slammed his hands on the ground.

"I DEMAND you tell me why I'm here!" Dimitrov yelled, feeling like a young child throwing a fit. If this was a mind game, it was working. The Bulgarian was tired of it. If the vampire was going to harm him, he should have done it by now. Why fix his wounds? Why keep him imprisoned? It's like playing with one's food.

The vampire continued to laugh though, even wiping away tears from his eyes. He stood up, and walked towards the fire, leaving Dimitrov flustered and pissed. He flipped his head away so he wouldn't have to look at the other anymore, and began to stew in his anger. He didn't understand, and he didn't want to anymore. Whatever happened, happened at this point. Nor freedom or revenge stewed in his mind, the only thing he could think about was how angry he was.

And hungry.

In fact, starved. Without the distraction of fear or pain to subdue him, he was beginning to notice other sensations. His back felt strange. Where the slashes had fallen felt tight and numb. The vampire must have stitched him up somehow, since Dimitrov wasn't one to assume that a monster would be able to know the finer arts of sewing or medicine. Though, the evidence seemed to disagree, considering how amazing it felt compared to the burning pain it had been before.

His head also ached, as if he had been hit hard. He couldn't remember being struck, but that very well could have been a sign for said attack. Whatever had happened, it was what was causing him the most pains, which was saying something.

"Well, if you aren't going to kill me, can you at least feed me?" Dimitrov grumbled, still refusing to turn and look towards the other. There was a passing of time, one where Dimitrov felt terribly vulnerable, before the voice spoke up.

"Do you promise to be nicer?" The other asked, in a tone that was playful, and drove the Bulgarian stupid angry.

"Nevermind, I'd rather starve." Dimitrov said, feeling a bit vindictive in his words, and a small wave of pride washed over him for being so brave, but it was quickly washed away when the creature simply laughed once more.

"It takes a human about 10 days to starve to death. The wolves would probably get ya before that would happen. Or, if we want to get really dramatic, maybe some fairies will take pity on you, and take you in as a man-slave." The voice rambled on, making the other roll his eyes, not amused, and the idea of death was slowly becoming a bit more ideal.

"Is this how you catch victims? You annoy them to death?" Dimitrov asked, again sounding snide and snobbish. However, before he could finish off the sentence's breath, the vampire appeared before his sight in a flash of smoke.

"No, I usually toy with them first."

The sudden appearance of the creature made Dimitrov jolt back. Had he been freed he'd have been on his feet and stanced to fight. But, as it was, he merely hurt his wrists and body, his limbs trying to move but being unable to. He grunted as he landed back on his stomach, but not a groan of pain escaped him before the vampire was once more on his back, rolling in a fit of laughter.

"You're a devil! Let me go!" Dimitrov yelled, once more slamming his fists on the ground, his headache growing worse and worse the longer he remained in the red eyed creatures sight.

It took a moment for the laughter to stop, but it finally subsided once more. "You should have seen yourself! I think my magic spooked you more than my words did!" Dimitrov didn't not watch the other as he rose up, and began to approach the human.

He did however, noticed that the ties around his wrist were loosening, before growing slack against him. When one arm was feared he stretched it out and twisted it, making sure his limbs would still work like they should. Everything seemed perfectly fine.

"I figured I would stop playing with you, we have a lot to talk about." The vampire said, moving around to the otherside. Dimitrov didn't say or do anything, not wanting to have this thing suddenly change it's mind.

Once Dimitrov was completely free he stood up, stretching his body and getting a feel for his wounds. Hhid back felt strange, but not unbearable.

The other looked Dimitrov over carefully, checking to make sure he hadn't missed anything, before continuing on.

"We ought to talk about what I did to you, I'm sure you want to know, and you're probably wondering why I saved you and why I haven't-" The vampire was suddenly cut off as Dimitrov lunged at it.

Dimitrov pushed it to the ground and quickly pressed all of his weight onto it. The vampire hissed in pain and surprise when the other man's hands were suddenly wrapped around his neck.

Dimitrov resisted the urge to simply squeeze as hard as he could, breathing heavily to try and calm down his anger and adrenaline. The vampire squirmed underneath him, but didn't seem to be putting up too much of a fight. A tightness could be felt in Dimitrov's throat, but he coughed it up to nerves. He had been in fights before, but never with something as dangerous as this beast. The red eyed fiend was grasping at Dimitrov's wrists, trying to relieve the pressure. There was an unknown fear in the other that the Bulgarian could sense. It was intense, but deeper than fear of losing one's life. He wasn't sure how he sensed it, but he pushed it away from his mind, not wanting to lose focus.

"I see you're still angry…" The creature mustered out, trying to remain calm. Dimitrov narrowed his eyes.

"I don't know why you brought me here, or why you kept me alive, but it was a mistake to come alone, beast." Dimitrov squeezed tighter. The vampire squeaked and gasped, but the tightness in Dimitrov's own throat grew tighter as well, making him cough lightly once more and release a bit of his grip.

"You're going to hurt yourself!" The vampire said below him, his voice frantic. He wiggled a bit more under Dimitrov, trying to get away, but still Dimitrov would not relinquish him.

Dimitrov wasn't sure he would be able to offer to the vampire the same kind of mercy he was shown. Perhaps if he killed the beast, and returned back home, his people would forgive him. He would prove himself a hero, or at least he could show them that he wasn't out to hurt them like they seem to believe. They thought him cursed by God, but he could show them his true colors, and they would love him again.

Or, and here was why he hesitated, they would take his slaying of the vampire as another bad omen, and they would shun him further, or worse. He knew Father Slavkov had the town convinced his word was true. If he wanted Dimitrov dead...It would be done so. He may not be shown any mercy from his own people. What irony.

The vampire had stopped moving and was instead staring up at the man who was staring at nothing, lost in his own thoughts. Whole the supernatural creature surly had the power to overcome the human, he instead spoke up once more.

"I will answer any question you have, truthfully, on vampire code!" The creature said, a smile creeping on his face. Dimitrov's eyes shifted towards the face. He stared blankly at it a moment, still processing.

Once the moment passed though, a large heavy fist met a red eye.

Two loud yells erupted into the air. Dimitrov fell back covering one of his eyes, while the other's hand shot up to nurse his owns. Dimitrov swore loudly, while the vampire, though in pain, took advantage of the opportunity and quickly stood up.

"You idiot!" The vampire yelled, rubbing his already swelling eye. Dimitrov was still swearing, unable to fathom how the vampire had managed to clock him at the exact same time he did. Dimitrov moved his hand away from his face, also noticing swelling already. He looked toward the vampire. He noticed a light glowing from his hand over the eye he had just punched.

"You know, if we had just talked before all this choking crap, I could have told you that we feel each other's pain!" The vampire grumbled, seeming more annoyed than pissed. Dimitrov stared in confusion, not completely understanding.

"What the HELL does that mean?!" He asked, making another lunge at the vampire, but he was quicker to escape this time.

"My magic, it's making us feel the same pain. It's a side affect from my healing spell." The vampire said, still holding his eyes. "And stop jumping at me! I'm trying to heal us."

"No! Stop healing me!" Dimitrov yelled, fed up with this Vampire's seemingly kind gesture. "I don't know what kind of games you're getting at, but I won't have it!" He lunged once more, missing again, and falling to the floor. He grunted, but noticed that the swelling in his eye was slowly starting to fade.

"God, you're stubborn! And you call ME annoying!" The redhead huffed, before taking a moment to concentrate on his spel. Dimitrov was taking a moment too, catching his breath and relishing in the relief his eye was feeling. Though he had argued against it, he couldn't say that it didn't feel better to be healed. He just hated how it was being done.

"You are the most annoying creature I've ever met!" Dmitrov yelled, before finally crossing his arms. He knew there wasn't anything he could do. Any attack he would land on the vampire would only hurt him, because of magic apparently. And the Vampire was determined to keep Dimitrov healthy and alive. It was frustrating.

They both stood their ground for a few minutes. Their eyes were both back to normally, though Dimitrov felt a bit numb in it. He rubbed it a few times to make sure that he hadn't actually been cursed. But he continued to see fine, and the only thing that could keep his attention was the thin rail of red hair that was keeping him company.

"Tell me everything." Dimitrov said in a commanding voice. The vampire looked at him, his eyes shining in the firelight. Dimitrov realized that the sun had started to go down then. Any sort of travel he could do would have to wait until tomorrow. And while he was determined to go home, he would still get as many answers as he could.

The vampire took a hesitant step forward towards the makeshift camp he had set up earlier. Bread sat beside a log he had been sitting on earlier. He walked to the seat.

"Well, let's start off with introductions, eh? My name's Vladimir."